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  1. Here is how I came up with the patterns I use. Normally I allow half the width of the gun plus the leather of the thickness in a pancak style holster, well with the Avenger I could not do that so I came up with a new formula, it works for me but your mileage may vary. I take the width of the gun and add 3/4" to it, I still use the same stitch line measurements I would in a pancake holster around the trigger and lower part of the frame but the added 3/4 allows for the holster to wrap around the gun. I use 8-9 oz. leather and this may need to be adjusted if you use lighter or heavier leather.
  2. I like simple and that is a nice holster. One of these days I will make a good oen for my Ruger GP100
  3. Beautiful work. I have never had a holster finish turn out that nice, some day perhaps
  4. It is hard to say. I make two tone holster and dye them before I stitch them together. I have had them do that and I use Alcohol based dyes so I don't think it is the dye. I attributed it to the leather and stretching the fibers but I have only had on holster do that so my experience is limited. If you have any of that leather levft over you might take some small pieces and conduct a test to try and ron out the cause.
  5. I am not trying to hijack the thread but may I ask a question, for those more experienced holster makers is it better to have the straps come from the bottom or the top. I have seen it both ways and always thought it would be easier to remove and put on if the straps came from the bottom, on the other hand it would, to me, secure the weapon better if they came form the top.
  6. How did you die it? I made up some vinagroon and died a holster, once it was black I dunked it in the baking soda and water mixture, when it started to dry the white started coming out, thought at first it was the leather, Tandy brand, took a scrap piece and did it again, this time though I did not rinse it and there was no white residue, the only thing I could figure was I used too much baking soda and the leather soaked it up and then it leached out when it dried.
  7. I like that, the colors are awesome. I have made a pancake folster for my SR1911 and when I obtain some more leather I am goiing to attempt the Avenger Style.
  8. Welcome back, good to see you are doing well.
  9. That is a nice holster and belt. I have been thinking of trying my hand at that style, I tihnk there is one in Al Stohlmans holster book.
  10. That is very nice. One of these days I am going to give that style of holster a try.
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