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  1. Mine finally arrived today. They were worth the wait. But it took a long time. Wish Ed had said in the beginning how long it was going to take up front
  2. I am very happy to report that I have just re-checked the tracking number that Ed gave me. Two days ago it just had two entries and looked like it had been picked up, now it has quite a few more entries and it shows that it is on its way internationally from Miami. So I am very happy, it appears that my order is on the way to me. I am really looking forward to getting them.
  3. Hi All, I live in Australia and I too have ordered and paid for a full set of Dremel burnishers through Ed Stiles on 8th September. After payment I waited patiently for the 2 weeks to pass that I was told it would take for my order to be despatched, I have since emailed him quite a few times. Finally got word from him that they would be sent on the 24th September and that he would send tracking details. After a couple more emails I finally got the tracking number for a parcel sent on 30th September, but it wasn't mine, it was for a parcel which was picked up on Monday in Lyn Haven Florida. I have already sent two emails to Ed asking for my tracking number and haven't heard anything yet. I am willing to be patient if I have to as long as I get what I paid for. i am starting to worry that I might have been ripped off. I live in hope that I'm wrong and that it is really on the way to me, but I have no way of knowing without a correct tracking number. I will keep emailing him everyday and hope that he replies with the tracking number. I really hope that I get an email from him in the morning with my tracking details, I am really looking forward to getting my burnishers as I am really keen to get started burnishing. I will watch this post with interest, I really hope you get your burnishers kjcreamer as hopefully that will mean that mine are on the way to me.
  4. Thanks everyone, thats great advise and it has really helped me decide what I should do.
  5. Hi All I have been asked to make some custom wind deflectors for a Honda Shadow Motorcycle. The job is pretty straight forward and I know exactly how I will tackle it. I have been asked to supply a cost and I'm not sure how to cost it out. I figure it will take maybe two to three hours. I was thinking that I will get the price for the leather and other bits and pieces I need for the job and then multiply that cost by 2 and that will be what I charge. Any thoughts??? Is there an "accepted' rate per hour for this type of work. There will be very little "handmade" to this job it will mostly involve cutting out to a pattern I have made, punching holes for the lacing and then machine stitching the edges.
  6. Hi All I have been asked by a friend to make some 3" leather washers for the wheels of a horse drawn spring cart that he is restoring. I want to make sure that anything I make is up to the task and strong. But I am coming up with all sorts of questions that I am not sure how to answer I am hoping there is someone out there with some experience in this can give me some advise. Is there a particular sort of leather that is better for this sort of job, I mostly have veg tanned cow leather in various weights. Is there a recommended width (or weight) of leather. I thought to use perhaps some harness leather I have My first thoughts are just to use a wing divider to the necessary measurements but I see that there are a couple of leather washer cutters on ebay for about $20.00 US. Would it be worthwhile to buy one of these? Lefflers here in Australia have a couple of Dixon Leather washer cutters but they are way too expensive at around $200 AUS. Any advise you can give would be greatly appreciated Thanks Stitch
  7. Hi Nutty Don't really have anything specific as such at the moment, was just interested if there was anyone on the forum who dealt with harness and was hoping to maybe see some photos and explanations of specific projects/jobs in hand. I am just starting out in leatherwork, I have working heavy horses and got interested in leatherwork because I have found that it is better and cheaper to repair my gear myself. I started making harness by pulling old gear apart and trying to replicate it. But I wasn't really happy with what I was making, it was strong but to me looked home made I wanted it to look a bit more professional. So I spent a couple of days at a local Saddler's school, learnt heaps and got well and truly hooked on leatherwork and hand stitching. The guy that ran the school was a saddler and had only done a small amount of harness work, he taught me heaps about leather and hand stitching but only a little about harness. Seems to me that most harness is just straps in various widths and methods of construction so I am interested in how other harness makers do their stuff such as breeching, back bands, winkers, traces etc.
  8. Just wondering if anyone out there makes horse harness. I am specifically interested in heavy horse harness such as winkers, breeching, back bands, leather traces etc. But really any horse harness at all. Does anyone do this?
  9. Thank you for all your help and suggestions everyone. I am happy to say that I now have two razorsharp edgers that cut the leather like butter. I had to shape the #3 (the #2 was fine) and I was really worried that I might ruin the tool but all it took was some 800 to 1500 grit sandpaper on the edge of a metal ruler which worked really well. I then used a leather strop with some chrome metal polish. I can't believe the difference it has made they are now really lovely to use. It worked so well that I did the same with a couple of other tools with fantastic results. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the offer and advice, I will hang on to my Dixons, as you are right, it is worth the effort to learn the correct technique for sharpening them. This will force the issue for me which is a good thing. As to the ebay store they are a Dixon reseller with a number of Dixon tools for sale. Their price was slightly better than buying direct from Dixon in England and a lot cheaper than buying them from an Australian dealer.
  11. Thanks for that Bruce, I have just gotten a reply back from the supplier in England, their reply was that their saddler commented that the tool just needs to be dressed to requirements by drawing the underside of the tool on a sharpening stone until I reach the depth and angle of cut required and that this is normal with new saddlery tools. I suppose I assumed that when buying a new specific sized tool as in a #2 and #3 that it would be machined accurately to that specific size. Having to sharpen it to "my requirements" sorta seems to defeat the purpose of having different sizes. Just as a side note I have a cheap #2 hobby edge beveller which I have used a lot and never sharpened and it does a lovely job, the only reason I wanted to replace it was because it is a bit short and I thought the longer Dixon Professional tool would be better to use. Anyway enough of my complaining, thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated. I will certainly have a go at sharpening my new tools as you recommended, hopefully they will be the tools I hoped for. If not, I always have the cheapy to fall back on I suppose. Thanks again
  12. This is the number 2. Mine have a dark reddish stained handle whereas the one in your photo Bruce are a light stained handle, other than that they look the same
  13. ]Thanks for your thoughts Bill and Bruce. I purchased them through ebay from a lady in England who sells leatherworking tool. Now that you have confirmed what I thought about them being sharp I have contacted her back and have asked for replacement tools, I am waiting to hear what she says. They do look like the photo you attached Bruce but it is very hard to see the tip in your photo so can't really say how they compare. I have taken a couple of close ups of the tip of each tool and I will try to attach it so I can get your opinion if you'd be so kind. This is the Number 3
  14. Hi All How can I sharpen my new Dixon Edge Shave? I have just purchased 2 brand new Dixon Edge Shaves a #2 and #3. Trouble is they are both blunt and just chew the edge, can anyone tell me how to sharpen them or should I take them to a professional knife sharpener? I have had to go back to using my cheap #2 edge beveller which I have never sharpened and actually does a pretty good job. I have also noticed that my cheap edge beveller has a very distinct section cut out at the tip whereas the Dixon edge shavers have only a slight dent in the edge of the tip. Is this right or are they faulty? I bought the Dixons because I thought they would do a better job of the edge shaving, I'm beginning to think I've wasted my money. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  15. Fantastic Everyone, Thats answered my question really well. I think it will be worth my while to wait till I save some money and purchase both. From what you guys have given me here it here it will cost me a lot less than I thought it would. Thanks heaps Enkess
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