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  1. No, the fiddling started when I couldn’t get the machine to sew properly from the moment it arrived. It arrived skipping stitches and not pulling the bottom thread into the piece. I called Techsew and they said to adjust the tension, which I have done countless times. I called again and got the same advice. I’ve been trying to get it to work for 5 months with no luck. I didn’t know if someone had a similar issue and could say, “yeah, all you need to do is...” In all fairness to Techsew, there was minor damage in transit and they took care of that issue with no problems. I’ll just give them another call and see what we can figure out. Thanks for all of the replies!
  2. I understand. Just hate to drop more money on a brand new machine and was hoping someone had a suggestion. I’ll double check the needle as suggested by kgg.
  3. Hi all. I purchased a Techsew 3650 back in January and it has never functioned properly. No matter what I do, it either skips stitches or the thread bunches up on the bottom. Yesterday I was trying to sew a piece and a part fell off the back of the machine and the bobbin fell out. I’ve tried calling Techsew, but all they did was tell me to adjust the tension (even though I said I’ve fiddled with the tension nonstop since I bought it). The “manual” is literally just a few brief pages with less than helpful diagrams. I’m definitely at my wit’s end with it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this thing adjusted properly? I really hope I don’t have a $1500 boat anchor...
  4. Looks like alligator or some Caiman crocodile. I have gotten some very nice grain pattern like that from the areas around the legs on the Caiman skins.
  5. I have made many holsters for the P226, but they are all molded to fit the handgun, so I don't know how you could make one without a dummy gun for a mold. They are essentially the same size as other full-size handguns like the Beretta 92 and Glock 17, so if you are doing a generic fit and have access to one of those you may be able to pull it off.
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