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  1. While going through the old barns of a farm inherited by my husband we found an old Calvary saddle. I know enough about them to know what it was but not much beyond that. A friend who is a Calvary buff suggested that it is a 1900's McClellan. My husband has a rich military heritage and we assume it belonged to somebody in the family as we have discovered other military (Civil War and on) relics. I am intending to do a full restoration of the saddle to either ride in myself, or keep as a family heirloom. I have done a few minor tack restorations but this will be my biggest project yet and as you can see from the pictures it needs a lot of work. I would appreciate any tips, tricks, or suggestions. Where in the world do I start! I will try to get some better pictures as these were taken when we discovered the saddle from my phone!
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