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  1. jynelle

    Juki LS 341-N

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to buy a used JUKI LS-341-N and wondering if anyone can point out it's advantages or disadvantages. Also, what improvements were made in the new (and improved?) JUKI LS 1341-N model? Thanks for any thoughts you might have, Janet
  2. Thanks! I'll go ahead and order from them--much appreciate your response!
  3. Hi friends, I've just started working with LCI Clear-Lac (brushing it on full-strength) and would like to thin it a bit. Does anyone have a source for LCI thinner? And/or does the DYO thinner sold at Panhandle Leather work with the LCI Clear-lac? Thanks, Jynelle
  4. Hi folks, Perhaps you can share how you might go about adhering (leather) appliques to the side of a leather bag. I am following the glue process with stitching the pieces together--but find that without glue, the pointed tips of my applique are curling up. So my goal is to adhere the utmost "tips" of these appliques so they don't pull up with wear. What I'm currently doing (that's not working!) : Currently, I'm running a scribe around the applique, then carefully applying contact cement (with a small paintbrush) to the bag--keeping inside the stencil lines but going right up them. I then apply contact cement to the applique, wait until everything is tacky, and press together. The tips of the applique are adhering well, but there's a small messy glue seepage around many of the edges. No luck removing it with either contact cement thinner or a rubber eraser. ***Are there spray-on contact cements that might work--just spraying onto the applique?? ...Or any other thoughts?? Thanks! Jynelle
  5. jynelle

    Best Leather Suppliers In Nyc

    Thanks for your input! Jynelle
  6. jynelle

    Best Leather Suppliers In Nyc

    Can anyone recommend leather suppliers in NYC??