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  1. Do you still have the a.w. Maier saddle?

  2. Tanthathide9

    New Rawhide Whip Done

    Can u explain how u made your transitions. Did u taper your lace or did u braid it more like a Mexican whip. The whip I been trying to copy was done from the tip to the handle and he split his lace as he went up his desired length. How did u construct yours? What type of core did u use? Beautiful work
  3. Tanthathide9

    A.w. Maier Saddle

    Thanks for the reply. The leather is still darn good as far as a whole. There's wear but no major repairs. To make it rideable Fleece stitching would be my biggest concerns. Thanks again it'll be fun
  4. Tanthathide9

    A.w. Maier Saddle

    These are pictures of the saddle in question
  5. Mother in law gave me this saddle just was curious to the history and what it might be worth. If it's of value I may have someone with more experience restore it before it tore into it. Gave it to me as a practice saddle. I searched the maker and said it's like a late 1800s to 1930s saddle maker. Leather for most part still seems good. Latigo and saddle strings need replaced but i haven't really dove into it yet. Pictures to come.
  6. Tanthathide9

    Tallow Concoction For Rawhide

    I have kept the rendered fat in a mason jar in my garage I live in texas and the fat has not gone rancid to answer ur question. I chose a mason jar to deter critters. They sure like it. This same jar has been in same jar since I started the post and smells like it was just rendered....
  7. Tanthathide9

    Bullwhip Cores

    Yessir thank you. I lashed the rope to the handle and braided the rawhide core on top of it....i can agree where it kinks now that you mention the rigidness of the rawhide as opposed to the rope. Its smoother and might've caused the braid to ride up...atleast thats how i'm thinking of it lol. I used the rawhide string for a core on a quirt i didn't really want much weight to it since it was for my daughter and was really surprised with the stiffness just the lashed strings would bring me. You definitely shed some light on a few things for me. Thank you all for your help
  8. Tanthathide9

    Bullwhip Cores

    Yessir I'm familiar with rawhide I kept string moist and tempered good throughout process not too wet and definitely not too dry. Reason I ask about cores is cause I used half a cotton rope on 3ft of it and the rest braided rawhide and it's where the rope is is where it's kinky. So I was asking in hopes of THAT being my issue so I can find a better solution. I've heard of speedometer cable being used up to extension cords. Whatever was around for using. As from what I read u want the weight in the body of the whip not the handle as in a quirt. I must add that when I did try breaking it in before I passed it on it did get better but there was still a small curl to the top where it acted like it wanted to coil up if that makes sense. Please let me know if I'm giving yall the right info to help Tip not top. It curled at the tip of the whip
  9. Tanthathide9

    Bullwhip Cores

    10 4 thanks any who for trying
  10. Tanthathide9

    Bullwhip Cores

  11. Tanthathide9

    Bullwhip Cores

    Curious if anybody has tried to use anything outside of ordinary for a bullwhip core for those that have used or know of people who do use them. Also i made my first whip a while back and noticed it was kinda kinky. Questions: Do you let it try coiled up, straight possibly with a little weight on one end? Does it need to be "broke in" for instance like the reata is done in the B.G. Book where mary fields is pulling it through the fence post? Should that be done also cause when i tried cracking it where i was "kinking up" it would just get caught up in itself. after use it was starting to get more life to it but i was curious after the fact if i should've broke it in before. thanks to all who can help.
  12. Tanthathide9

    8Ft Bullwhip

    I actually started from the end and worked back towards the handle. Started with 4 strands and the rest of my strands I used in the core for about 2.5 ft then I had some sash cord 3/8 in diameter for another 2.5. The sash was attached to the handle which was cover 2 ft from the handle in an 8braid just like in bruce grants book. Once I got to the base of the handle I had to improvise with a back braid cause along the way from my 8 to 10 transition I busted a strand so it went from 8 to 12 and yeah...I hope this made sense let me know if I can clarify. It was my first attempt
  13. Tanthathide9

    How I cut string

    Thays rawhide not leather
  14. Tanthathide9

    Salted Hide

    10-4 buck thank ya kindly I dont know how long it sat in the salt but it definitely wasnt 1/2 hr but we'll see
  15. Tanthathide9

    Salted Hide

    Was fortunate enough to be given a hide. Bad thing is I went to pick it up and apparently they have a "hide room" which in my mind was a big walk in freezer instead it was more like a 3 sided cinder block shed with a 2 ft retaining wall and 1000lbs of salt for the hides they sell to someone. Obviously not the first choice for rawhidin it. But I told the man id take it so I couldn't fall back on my word. I dont k ow how long it had been salted but it seem like it was pretty thirsty but there was still play in it once I removed fat and meat. I know how its bad for the hide but long story short can it be salvaged. If u can give me a time frame like 2 days in salt would hurt it then im good. Im in unchartered waters now just need some help. Its such a beautiful hereford hide id really hate it to go to waste itll find a use but for braiding idk. Thanks yall