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  1. Takk Trox.. That fellow is both smart and patient. I typically take care of problems with an American Wrench. Mine come in 1lb., 2lb and finally 5lb - if the prior two do not handle the problem. Thanks again. Cheers. Jim
  2. I have a light Brother automatic - servo ..a Adler with a SERVPRO servo ..and a half dozen machines with clutches. The Brother and Adler servo motors work great. I decided to convert a couple of other daily machines because they do not run hours straight. On/Off would be a better way to run them, besides who needs the constant noise. My Consew 206RBs can sew about anything ..So, Consew/Consew made sense. Eh-Eh. Everybody hates them. They don't seem to have a rheostat ..nearly pure ON or OFF. You get a choice of: ON s-l-o-w .. or 'Oh S__', a runaway machine. I can feather the pedal, but my ladies cannot. You cannot get the motor to crawl unless you have the lightest touch or backed off to '3-stitches-per-minute'. I have been walking around bitching for a couple of weeks ..now that I have said it out loud, maybe I can forget it. More 'boat anchors' for the collection.... Jim The Servpro and Consew appear to use similar castings ..and maybe the Adler, because it is a very heavy machine, works better.
  3. .. thanks Kevin. I'm on to it. ...
  4. Thanks .. I found them, but need to call at a better time and/or find an email for them. Their email is covered over in one browser and does not even come up on another. Thanks again. Jim
  5. I cannot seem to either find a punch .. or someone who can machine these for me. This is like a 13-15oz hide, button size needs to be 1-1.25" ..with four holes. I can take 1,000 today.. but the price of the hide needs to be the major cost. I cannot afford to pay someone to knock these out by hand. (..maybe India or PAK.) I'd appreciate any ideas where to go for such an item. Thanks Jim Cancil
  6. Mogwild.. From what I know - they're all Chinese. I have a 'Premier' by Consew in a carton that I have not opened to see if it's different than the other two I have. One on the Adler 105 looks much the same as I mounted on the 206RB but seems to be more gradual. ..perhaps because I run it slow. Both are pulley-to-pulley with no reduction between. 50.. Ya, I am familiar with the speed control. Like you, I do not like to blast thru my work. Tends to overhead needles, loose control of the material, etc.. But unlike the Adler, I do run the 206 reasonably fast. I'll crack the carton on the Consew motor and see what it looks like... Jim
  7. I have a couple of Consew 206s which have had clutch motors for years. I have a couple of other machines with servo motors and frankly like the fact that a servo motor is not running 100% of the time. What I do not like is that there seems to be 'no clutch' .. there's no gradual start. The gas pedal is all - or nothing. Maybe you have figured a workaround? (the lever arm seems really short too...) Jim
  8. I need to find a 1-1.5" circle punch .. with four 1/8" internal punches. I may not be able to 'get there from here'... as I could see, the internal punches would plug quickly. Perhaps I could get a 4x1/8" ..then punch the outer circle in a second step. I may need to make a lot of these... Any suggestions in finding a source would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim jim@wetstuff.com
  9. I buy them off Ebay. The yard sale searchers seem to find a lot. I got up to 1-7/8's inch recently. (a hand held punch) Jim
  10. JimC

    Sheep Skin

    Ben, I came here today to ask the same question... came up with a different answer, as I could not find those 'wool skins' on the other site mentioned here. I did find some Black hides for $40 with free, UPS shipping at: http://www.theleatherguy.org/ ...it's on their second page of sheepskin listings. I bought a couple to get a sniff. They were also in Minnesota, so it only ships half the country for me. Jim
  11. Thanks Tomas... Maybe you know where I can find a 'hinged foot' for my 105? Cheers. Jim
  12. Also got Bob at Toledo Sew Mach to send me one of his modified servo motors. Got a 51" narrow V-belt .. and it all works. I love servo motors, I am funny about the gratuitous noise of a constantly running motor. Jim
  13. ... this is an old thread, but I just recently got a 105-64. While looking for thread, needles, etc. I found the manual for sale: http://www.campbell-...16v5jm7&x=0&y=0 Jim
  14. I had not dealt with Robeson Sewing Machine in Tennessee before, but they had an Adler at a good price. With no developed expectations, I figured I would probably need TIG and a rolling toolbox before I got to sew... To my surprise, UPS Freight (I avoid regular Ground) rolled up with this! Yes, I was expecting the machine, just not careful attention to what happens between their shipping dock and my front door. The small print always says; "F-off. Take it up with the trucker." .. but the reality is, the shipper has to consider the trucker just found out his dispatcher - is dispatching the trucker's wife... or the guy running the forklift will certainly spear the base of a table held down with butcher's twine. In the age of the internet where we can rage about poor service, we should also pile on praise when merited. I have not had a machine this heavy in here for 20+yrs... A new toy that looks like a lot of fun. (I tell my wife it is 'work'.) Cheers. Jim
  15. I have been sewing a long time but am venturing into heavy work. (my usual threads over the years are Poly 69 and 135) ...but I am curious about Linen. In what situations is it better that nylon or poly. Thanks. Jim
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