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  1. dprezgay

    "Must have" stamps?

    My advice is to: Go to a business that installs granite countertops and ask to take a small (at least 12"x12") piece of granite. From Tandy get the $70.00 set (55402-00) Deluxe Carving Leathercraft Set. Follow the instructions and watch lots of videos online. Buy project kits of things to make for yourself and family and do them. If you have a local Tandy, go to their free classes. Only add tools as you need them. Ebay is a great place to pick up used tools. But watch the prices and shipping costs. A Cautionary Tale Hi, My name is Dale and I'm a leather tool hoarder. I am currently doing an inventory of my leather tools and this is what I have: over 450 unique Craftool handle stamps over 175 unique Craftool No-Letter stamps All 84 of the Craftool Pro handle stamps Around 200 Craft Japan stamps Around 200 handle stamps that I don't know who made them Every Craftool handle stamp set. 10 different zodiac stamp sets 701 2D/3D stamps (I am only missing 3 Craftool, 6 Leather Factory, and 32 Midas stamps) All of the Craftool 2D/3D stamp sets All of the Craftool and Midas alphabet and number stamp sets. Plus over a dozen from other brands In addition to all that is listed above. I have over 1,000 duplicate handle stamps and over 1,400 duplicate 2D/3D stamps. And that's after I donated hundreds of stamps to our local BSA council I haven't even started on the rest of my tools yet. But there are boxes of them. But in my defense. I was planning on doing some group classes for up to 40 kids and I didn't want to use my personal stamps. Yeah, that's my excuse.
  2. dprezgay

    Looking for the following 3D stamps

    I look at ebay many times a day. Most of what I want is listed there. But I have a hard time spending the 25.00 to 80.00 for a single stamp. That's why I put "reasonable price" in this thread. I'm hoping someone out there hates to sell on ebay as much as I do and has stamps they no longer use and that I need. This isn't a complete list of the 3D stamps I need. I actually need a total of 36 Craftool stamps (most between 8500 and 8550), 26 of The Leather Factory stamps, and 171 Midas stamps. I do have over 700 extra 3D stamps that i bought over the years that I would be willing to do some bartering with though.
  3. dprezgay

    Looking for the following 3D stamps

    Thanks Rockoboy. I'm probably going to get 2 sets of their aussie stamps soon. I'm trying to get one complete set of the 3d stamps (craftool, midas and the leather factory) for use in Scouts and another for our scout summer camp. For about 8 years I've been compiling a list of all the 3d stamps I can find and I've identified 741 stamps from the three companies listed above. So, for two sets I will need 1,482 stamps. I'm down to needing: # Needed Craftool 36 Midas 171 The Leather Factory 26 So I only need 233 stamps to complete both sets. I found places I can get 62 of the midas stamps. But the rest I am probably going to buy on ebay or here. Dale
  4. dprezgay

    Looking for the following 3D stamps

    I am looking for the following 2D/3D leather stamps at a reasonable price: Craftool: 8523 Flag of Israel 8524 Star of David 8536 Rearing Horse The Leather Factory: 8501 Eagle Head 8502 Deer Head 8504 Cougar Head 8507 Wolf Head 8517 Eagle on a Branch 8540 Wild Cat 8546 Bear Facing Right Midas: 8234 Wild Boar 8299 Wood Duck Left 8307 Deer Family 8339 Kangaroo with Joey 8344 Religious Fish 8347 Flower 8368 Leopard 8375 Semi Truck 8379 Cowboy Boots Please let me know if you have any of these. Thanks, Dale
  5. dprezgay

    Leather Display Ideas

    If you've read any of my other posts, you know what I am trying to do with working with Scouts and other youth groups. This year I plan on running the Leatherwork Merit Badge at our Summer Camp. One of the things I'm trying to do is to put together several displays that I can hang up around the facility to show the kids some interesting leathers. I'd like to thank Kevin and Rusty at Springfield Leather for generously donating leathers from different animals (lamb, a few caiman, a couple snake, lizard, bison, elk, deer, ostrich, elephant, pig, shark and carp). See Photo I need some suggestions on how to display these. So this is what I'm asking for: Suggestions about how to actually display them. What information should I include on the display. Other types of leather, if you can donate them. PM me for my address. I first thought about putting them in a display cabinet behind glass. But I ruled that out since it would be very heavy and I want to be able to add more as I get them and I think it is important that they be able to touch them. I could create a single board for each sample and link them together to form a display to hang. I could mount them on large sheets of plywood to hang or create a floor display with 2 pieces of plywood, back to back, and the bottom spread out. I could put them in a binder with each type on a different page. I'm not a big fan of this idea since a binder, or certain pages, could easily "disappear". I could just pass them around during the initial class when talking about different types of leather. This would be the easiest but I would have the same problem as above. I could make a big "quilt" like display with just a small name plate stating the type of leather. This would be the most difficult, but might be the best. Any help would be appreciated, especially with additional leather samples. Thanks, Dale .
  6. dprezgay


    I need some help. I'm going to be running the Leatherworking Merit Badge classes at our BSA Summer Camp this year. The council has about 2,000 rounders so I guess that is going to be one project for them to do. I hate the standard flower pattern that is always used at Tandy so I want to have a bunch of patterns for the kids to choose from. The kids will each have the following: Swivel Knife Stylus A104 B200 C431 P206 S724 V407 V707 X511 Plus appropriate tools to use the above items. A large variety of 3D stamps and alphabets Guidelines for the challenges: Photograph each step of tooling. After completing the final tooling and photographing, any finish of your choice (that is available from Tandy) can be applied. Designs can be as simple or complex as you want but remember we are dealing with ages 11 to 17. Email me the patterns and photos. And, I would like you to send me a finished piece and I will make a display of them. Put your name on the back of each submission. Dale Prezgay 4800 Crimson Glory Lane Las Vegas, NV 89130 dprezgay@yahoo.com Please include your name, business name, email, website, list of tools used, finish and finish technique used and any other important info needed to complete the design. NOTE: The patterns submitted are intended for use in leatherworking training. However, I would like to put together a PDF about how to run a Leatherworking Merit Badge class and include patterns and photos of the items you submit. Giving proper credit, of course. Here are the Challenges: Feel free to do more than one of the challenges, but please do at least #1. #1. Create a pattern for a 3.25" Rounder using 1 or more of the above listed tools only. #2. Create a pattern for a 3.25" Rounder using any Craftool stamps. #3. Create a pattern for a 3.25" Rounder using only a swivel knife. #4. Anything goes - Create a pattern for a 3.25" Rounder using any leather stamps and tools from any maker. Any boarder, lacing, stitching, etc. This is a chance to really show off. #5 Key FOB, wristband and bookmark designs using the criteria from Challenges #1 to #4. Also post photos here as I'm sure everyone else wants to see them too. Thanks for any help you can give me. Dale
  7. dprezgay

    Question about Zodiac Stamps

  8. dprezgay

    Question about Zodiac Stamps

    I understand that they are the same company. My question is, are the impressions of the zodiac stamps from Baron Tool and Baron Tool LA EXACTLY the same? Thanks, Dale
  9. dprezgay

    Question about Zodiac Stamps

    Thanks for the response. The reason I ask is that I have a set of zodiac stamps that include both BARON and BARONTOOL LA in it. Some of the BARON stamps have a circle base and on the others, the base is loosely shaped around the stamp design. I'm thinking that the "round" BARON stamps are older stamps. The "shaped" BARON stamps are newer. And the "shaped" BARONTOOL LA tools are even newer. But they may or may not be the same design. I have 9 different sets of zodiac stamps (both Western and Chinese). Some are full handle stamps and others use a separate handle like an alphabet set. 1 Set is made out of that black plastic material that needs a press in order to use them. I intend on making a chart on a large piece of leather and framing it, one day.
  10. dprezgay

    Wanted for Scouts

    This is an update to the leather tools I need for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. (I'll do another post of my progress on leather tools for our Girl Scout Council at a later date). PLEASE LET OTHER LEATHERWORKERS KNOW ABOUT THIS POST. I am currently looking for donations of the tools listed below. NOTE: First of all, I do realize that it is unlikely that I'm going to get everyone in the forum to clean out all their unused leather tools and send them to me. Leather tools are expensive. What I would like is that all the people that read this, think about picking out a few tools that they don't use anymore and send them to me. Maybe you've upgraded to Barry King or another maker. Maybe you have some 3D stamps you know you will never use again. Even if you are going to sell them, you can afford to take a few out and send them my way. If I could get 100 people to do this it's worth the effort. My posts are already much too long so If you would like to discuss any of this with me, send me a message with your phone number and I would be happy to explain, in great detail, what I am trying to do. This all started with me helping out with a Leatherworking Merit Badge class last May and I noticed how incomplete their tool set was and the horrible condition they were in. But once I started looking at their leather tools and programs, it turned into a rabbit hole. I am trying to get our Local (Las Vegas) BSA Council's leather tools in shape. The leather tools that they had were in such poor condition that I had to throw many of them away. It doesn't look like they have any tools or stamps that are less than 20 years old. I donated over 300 stamps to put together some sets of tools for the Day Camps that they put on. Even with what I donated, they are still very much incomplete. These tool sets are loaned to the different districts in our council when they run a Day Camp which are held between May and October. In addition, these sets are loaned out for merit badge classes. I also inventoried the leather tools at the Boy Scout summer camp and was astonished how little they had. I ended up leaving many of my tools and stamps for them to use last summer just so they would have a good selection of 3d stamps and alphabets to choose from. There is a lot they need, just to do basic projects. They don't even have a hole punch or rivet setter. There is a 3rd program called Scout Reach. It is designed to provide opportunities for at-risk children to get a taste of some scouting activities and hopefully get some of them to join the Cub Scout Pack at their school. I looked at their tools and there is almost nothing left. Some of the stamps were so damaged that I couldn't even identify what the stamp was to begin with. They have not included leathercraft in this program for about 2 years. But they very much want to. So after I get the Day Camps and Summer Camp tool sets together, I will concentrate on Scout Reach. Because of the way non-profits work, items purchased for a particular program must stay with that program. Here is what has changed since the last request I posted.: They built a park next to the Council Office and need 1 additional set for day camps that they will keep there and not loan out. I juggled tools around from different programs (even though I wasn't supposed to) in order to spread out excess tools from 1 to another. I talked to the "Grand Poobaa" at the council office and except for about $1,000 budgeted for the new, Park Day Camp, there is no money for leather tools. This set will remain on premises, and not be loaned out. I received about a dozen packages containing a wide variety of leather tools. Most of it is going to the Summer Camp. See bottom of post for a list of priorities on use of cash and gift card donations. If you send anything please text me and let me know If you would like to make a cash donation, my Paypal ID is: dprezgay@yahoo.com Checks can be made out to: Las Vegas Area Council BSA and sent to one of the address below. Please include a letter specifying that it is to be used on leather tools and supplies, and include my name and phone number to contact when they receive the check. My address is: Dale Prezgay 4800 Crimson Glory Lane Las Vegas, NV 89130 702-768-3335 If you want to send directly to our Scout office, the address is: Donald Reynolds Scouting Resource Center 7220 Paradise Rd Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-736-4366 ATTN: Edgar Almodovar I can get you a donation letter from our Council if you request it. ALL DONATIONS MADE THROUGH PAYPAL, OR by GIFT CARD, WILL RECEIVE A DONATION LETTER. Please include your address so I can have it sent to you. I can also use gift cards from Tandy, Home Depot (for mobile carts for the leather tools), Springfield Leather, Hobby Lobby. NOTHING RECEIVED WILL BE SOLD. If we can't use it then I try to trade for what we need or I will find another home for it at another Boy or Girl Scout Council. So, this is what we still need: Supplies and Tools: We need leather scraps. All shapes, sizes, thicknesses, species. Anything we can use that is at least large enough to make key fobs, rounders, etc.. Old leathercraft kits you aren't going to use. Hardware items like rivets, key rings, conchos and any other hardware you want to send our way. Any size and finish. Please put them in separate plastic bags. Setters to go with the different fasteners. Craftool Hand Press with any Press Dies. I would like to get a couple for the Summer Camp. Hammer/Mallet Dies in the shape of key fob patterns, rounders, coin purse. Anything they can make a project out of. Clicker Die Cutting Boards - They are usually red. Heavy Mauls - 3lbs and up - If you have any of these hanging around, even if they are in poor shape. We will try to repair them to use. Hole Punches - Oval and Round. All sizes. End Punches Bag Punches Lacing and sewing chisels Thread and Lace Awls Needles for lacing and sewing. Lacing-Stitching Ponies - I'd like to get about 12 of these for Summer Camp. Wood Tool Racks Leathercraft Hammers Wing Dividers Stitching Groovers Books, Patterns, Stencils and Craftaids. Day Camps/ Park Day Camp Summer Camp Merit Badge Classes Poundo Boards 6"x6" 32 44 0 Poundo Boards 12"x12" 0 0 16 Wood, Plastic or Rawhide Mallets/Mauls 8 20 0 Rotary Punch 0 6 4 Snap/Rivet Setters sets 24 8 6 Edge Slickers 24 0 24 #2 or #3 Edge Bevelers 24 0 8 Leather Scissors 8 4 8 Tool Handles - Large (for 3D Stamps) 43 20 8 Tool Handles - Small (for 3D Stamps) 78 44 24 Swivel knives 0 0 23 Craftool or Midas: 1"Standard Alphabet Set 0 1 1 3/4" Standard Alphabet Set 1 2 1 3/4" Standard Number Set 4 2 1 1/2" Alphabet Set 0 0 0 1/2" Number Set 0 0 0 3/4" Wood Alphabet Set 1 2 2 1/2" Wood Alphabet Set 5 2 2 Other Alphabet and Number Sets No Yes Yes I would like to get as many different alphabet and number sets as possible. Especially for Summer Camp Springfield Leather: 3/8" Standard Alphabet Set 5 3 2 1/4" Standard Alphabet Set 5 3 2 T8133 - 3/8" Alphabet/Number Set 5 3 2 T8137 - 1/4" Alphabet/Number Set 5 3 2 3D - Stamp Storage Boxes 20 12 40 Handle Stamps: We need all kinds of handle stamps. The Cub Scouts use mostly stamps that are a complete image. Like a star, fish, flower, etc... Craftool makes some and Craft Japan has a lot of them. Basic Tool, and Baron Tool have a lot too. Really any stamps would be great. The Summer Camp needs all kinds of handle stamps. I'm trying to put together 24 sets of the "Basic 10 Tools". I need 23-Swivel Knives, 23-8059's (stylus), 10-A104's, 8-B200's, 4-C431's, 6-P206's, 14-S724's, 18-V407's, 22-V707's and 24-X511's For the Summer Camp, I would like to eventually get at least 1 complete set of all Craftool letter, no-letter and Craftool Pro stamps so the kids can make any design from any of the Tandy books and Craftaids. I would also like to get some Midas/Kelly Tool stamps and any from all other brand of leather stamps. On the off chance I receive donations of some premium stamps (Barry King, Linnell, etc...) I will save them for some intermediate and advanced classes I want to offer starting in 2020 or 2021.. I would also like some homemade tools to show the kids. You know, the old timer ones made from nails and bolts and steel rods and such. I have about 6 and they are pretty basic ones, so I would like to have more to show them. ANY LEATHER STAMP, ANY BRAND - We will use them. Day Camps/ Park Day Camp Summer Camp Merit Badge Classes Handle Stamp Sets: This is what I'm looking for but other stamp sets will be sent to the Summer Camp. 69005-00 Large Barb Wire 5 2 2 69005-50 Small Barb Wire 1 2 2 69010-00 Meander Stamp Set 5 2 2 69006-00 Star, Rope Barb Wire Set 0 2 2 69008-00 Geometric Circle Stamp Set 0 0 1 69011-00 Geometric # Stamp 0 0 1 69012-00 Chain Link Stamp Set 0 2 2 69012-50 Mini Chain Link Stamp Set 0 2 2 69016-50 1/8" Rope Stamp Set 0 0 1 69017-00 Triangle Weave Stamp Set 0 0 1 69018-00 Circle Weave Stamp Set 0 0 1 69019-00 Square Weave Stamp Set 0 0 1 69020-00 Diamond Wicker Stamp Set 0 0 1 69022-00 Geometric Border Stamp Set 0 0 1 69024-00 Cross Stamp Set 5 1 1 69034-00 Scroll Stamp Set 0 0 1 69035-00 Steampunk Gear set 5 2 1 69100-00 Armed Services Stamp Set 5 1 1 Baron Tool Smiley Face - Big Eyes: 891 5 1 1 892 5 1 1 893 5 1 1 Baron Tool Smiley Face - Small Eyes: 881 5 1 1 882 5 1 1 883 5 1 1 Craftool 2D/3D Stamp Sets: 8161-00 Celtic Stamp Set 5 1 1 8156-00 Emoji Stamp Set 5 1 1 8162-00 Floral Stamp Set 0 1 1 8158-00 Sports Stamp Set 5 1 1 8165-00 Christmas Stamp Set 0 1 1 8160-00 Native American Stamp Set 5 1 1 8159-00 Cartoon Stamp Set 5 1 1 8167-00 Text Terms Set 5 1 1 8164-00 Inspirational Stamp Set 5 1 1 8500-00 Mini Stamp Set 1 5 1 1 8501-00 Mini Stamp Set 2 5 1 1 8197-00 Zodiac Stamp Set 0 0 1 This is an older set 8163-00 Geometric Stamp Set 0 1 1 8149-00 Chinese Character Set 0 0 1 Midas: 3550 Mini Stamp Set 1 5 1 1 3551 Mini Stamp Set 2 5 1 1 Hobby Lobby: 1/4" Funtime Stamp Set 8 2 2 1/4" Bugs Stamp Set 8 2 2 1/4" Adventure Stamp Set 8 2 2 1/4" Tracks Stamp Set 8 2 2 2D and 3D Stamps: Craftool 5/8" 3D Stamps: #8800 to #8871 5 Sets 1 Set 1 Set I really need these for the Cub Scouts. They have a really hard time trying to get a good impression with the larger stamps. Scout Related Stamps: Cub Scout: Handle Stamp K594 Peace Sign 10 2 2 8532 - 2 Finger Peace Sign 5 1 1 Cub Scout 1 2 2 Cub Scout (Background 2) 5 2 2 8445 Tiger Cub 1 2 2 8442 Bobcat 1 2 2 8441 Wolf 1 2 2 8443 Bear 1 2 2 8444 Webelos 1 2 2 8440 Arrow of Light 1 2 2 Boy Scout: 8214 or 8402 Eagle Emblem 5 4 2 8409, 8506 or 8543 BSA Eagle 5 4 2 8508 or 8545 OA Indian Head 5 2 2 8511 or 8411 OA Round w/Arrow 5 2 2 Wood Badge: 8544 or 8410 Axe & Log 0 1 0 8412 Fox 0 1 1 8413 Buffalo 0 1 1 8414 Antelope 0 1 1 8415 Bear 0 1 1 8416 Owl 0 1 1 8417 Bobwhite 0 1 1 8418 Beaver 0 1 0 8419 Eagle 0 1 1 Girl Scouts: Yes some leaders are also working with GS or have kids involved in GS. 8483 Girl Scout Contemporary 0 1 1 8484 Girl Scout Trefoil 0 1 1 8485 Girl Scout Daisy 0 1 1 8486 Girl Scout Brownie 0 1 1 Other 2D/3D Stamps: For the Day Camp Sets I am trying to get all Craftool stamps currently being made plus some select discontinued stamps (mostly Native American, religion related, sports and military stamps) I am trying to put together 4 complete sets of 2D/3D leather stamps made by Craftool, The Leather Factory and Midas, for the following: 1 set that I am putting together to teach classes at Scouts, youth groups, schools, etc. 1 set for BSA Summer Camp 1 Set for the Park Day Camp 1 Set for Girl Scouts There is about 739 different stamps that were made by the three manufacturers listed above. That's a total of 2,956 stamps. I still need over 1,700 to meet this goal. I'm also trying to get 1 complete set as extras so I can replace any missing stamps when I do an inventory each year. However I am not making a great effort on this and not included in the above calculations. The one's I have came from other sets I bought on ebay that were included with the one's I wanted or got them real cheap when Tandy discontinues and clearances them. If you want to donate to a specific program like Summer Camp or Girl Scouts then specify that in the package that is sent. Instead of listing which 2D & 3D stamps I need, these are the ones I DON'T Need: Craftool 8203 Spade Craftool 8209 Mason Symbol Craftool 8214 Mushroom Craftool 8215 Frog Craftool 8216 Owl Craftool 8216 4-H Craftool 8217 Butterfly Craftool 8218 Deer Craftool 8219 Eastern Star Craftool 8220 Large Left Foot Craftool 8222 Horse Head Craftool 8223 Frog Craftool 8302 Moose Craftool 8306 Flying Duck Right Craftool 8307 Elk Craftool 8308 Pheasant Flying Craftool 8309 Deer Leaping Craftool 8317 2 Rifles Crossed Craftool 8323 Cattails Craftool 8325 Desert Bush Craftool 8326 Mountain with Clouds Craftool 8329 Pine Trees Craftool 8337 Rainbow with Clouds Craftool 8339 Unicorn Head Craftool 8343 Right Cougar Head Craftool 8351 Eagle Harley Type Craftool 8356 Semi Truck Craftool 8359 Skull and Crossbones Craftool 8366 Leaping Deer Left Craftool 8367 Left Facing Bear Craftool 8369 Eagle with Talons Left Craftool 8383 Right Bison Head Craftool 8412 Teddy Bear Boy Craftool 8421 Log Cabin Craftool 8427 Cougar Head Craftool 8461 Zebra Craftool 8463 Panther Craftool 8464 Dolphin Craftool 8465 Lion Craftool 8467 Elephant Craftool 8468 Hippo Craftool 8473 Spurs Craftool 8476 Mountain - Devil's Towers Craftool 8477 Horse Stopping Craftool 8481 Stage Coach Craftool 8482 Stage Coach Horses Craftool 8490 Basketweave Strap End Craftool 8648 Sphinx Front Craftool 8673 Skull Key Craftool 8683 Scarab Craftool 8685 Ankh All other 2D & 3D stamps not listed above we need. Priorities on Cash and Gift Card Donations Home Depot Gift Cards (I need around 1,400.00 total) Day Camp - 5 Ridgid Pro Gear Cart Tool Boxes 59.00 each 295.00 plus tax. Day Camp - 5 Ridgid Pro Tool Boxes 39.00 each 195.00 plus tax. Day Camp - 5 Ridgid Pro Organizers 29.00 each 145.00 plus tax. Day Camp - 5 Ridgid Pro Box 19.97 each 100.00 plus tax. Summer Camp - 3 Ridgid Pro Tool Boxes 39.00 each 117.00 plus tax. Summer Camp - 2 to 4 Small Part Organizers. I haven't decided on a model yet. Summer Camp - Large Locking Rolling Job Box - Around 400.00 plus tax. Currently leather tools are mixed with other merit badge supplies and is already full. This is needed because we will be getting more leather tools and to keep the leather tools separate. Springfield Leather Gift Card (I need around 1,300.00 total) Day Camp - Alphabet and Number Sets listed above 696.00 plus shipping Summer Camp - Alphabet and Number Sets listed above 174.00 Plus shipping 3d Stamp Boxes - A lot of these are to replace damaged boxes for alphabet sets they already have. 432.00 Plus shipping Hobby Lobby Gift Card 1/4" stamps listed above Around 500.00 plus tax Tandy Gift Card All needed mallets, poundo boards, tool handles for the 3 programs above Day Camp - 1/4" & 5/8" 2D and 3D stamps Day Camp - 2D and 3D stamp sets starting with Native American Symbols, Emoji, Cartoon, Sports Summer Camp - Same order as Day Camps All current large 2D and 3D stamps to fill in what is missing from what we already have for all programs. Cash Donations After using all gift cards, I will make purchases in the following order from the gift card lists above: Tandy - The 1st 4 items listed Springfield Leather Tandy - The last item listed Hobby Lobby Home Depot Cash will then be used almost exclusively to purchase new tools and supplies needed for each program. In addition I will be watching ebay and a number of other sites for good deals on leather tools. Like I stated before. Any Leather tools and Supplies that are donated will not be sold. But if we purchase any tools on ebay and it turns out that we don't need them we may sell those in order to get other needed tools. If you read all the way to the end your amazing Thanks, Dale
  11. dprezgay

    Question about Zodiac Stamps

    I just received some zodiac leather stamps that I bought on ebay. Some are labeled BARON and some are labeled BARONTOOLLA. Are they from the same molds and interchangeable or are they actually 2 distinct sets of stamps? Dale
  12. Here is a photo. The Wood Badge ones are in the right two columns. The OA stamps are in the middle. The Boy Scout ones are the three on the far left.
  13. dprezgay

    Need help getting tools for Scouts

    I need help getting my gofundme campaign going. I am trying to raise money to purchase leather tools for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. I posted a topic in this section a while back and got some very good donations of tools and supplies. But I need a lot more. the link is https://www.gofundme.com/cdwdkpzg I didn't know this, but gofundme requires you to upload your friends from Facebook. The problem is I don't use Facebook so I have no friends. Please take a look at it and if you are willing, send this link to as many leatherworkers and friends that may be interested in helping me. And ask them to please pass it along. A lot of people on this forum never get to this section so it is difficult to get in contact with them. With your help we can make this a successful campaign. Also if you wish to donate leather stamps and tools, please send to the address below. Thank you so much, Dale Prezgay 4800 Crimson Glory Lane Las Vegas, NV 89130
  14. i will try to get a photo up soon.
  15. I wish I had extras for you. Only have 1 complete set myself and need to get 5 more sets. there are a few GS stamps on ebay that I can't afford right now. if you can get them less than 25.00 each that is pretty good. good luck. dale