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  1. I check ebay at least 10 times a day looking for these stamps. This is only a partial list of what I need. There are actually 31 different stamps I'm looking for.
  2. I no longer need Craftool 8488 - Barrel Rider.
  3. I have other stamps I'm looking for. There are a total of 45 stamps I need (some are duplicates). A lot of them are Scout related stamps. Do you have any of those? I no longer need the Alligator Stamp.
  4. Any of the ones shown in the photos. Which ones do you have? Dale
  5. Any of the ones shown in the photos. Which ones do you have? Dale
  6. I would be glad to take them if they are still available. I am gathering tools for Scouts. We currently don't use edge bevelers for the Leatherwork Merit Badge but I want to start an intermediate class to offer a couple times a year that the Scouts would make projects from scratch. If you have any other leather tools to donate, please let me know. There is a lot I'm still trying to get. Thanks, Dale Prezgay 702-768-3335
  7. I am looking for these stamps and I'm willing to pay $50.00 each for them, including shipping. Please contact me if you have any available for sale. Thanks, Dale
  8. I wanted to find out more about this kind of Swivel Knife and Blade because of the very elegant signature on an art piece I saw. I like to know about what's tools are out there, both new and old, so I can decide what tools i would use. I do mostly stamping with Scouts and not much knife work. But who knows, one day I might make something worth signing my name to and this kind of tool would be handy. I'll just add it to the list of stuff I want to get and if I run across a good deal on ebay or something I might pick one up. Thanks for all the input. Dale
  9. Yeah, I was just searching and found an Excel Swivel Knife. It has the same kind of blade. The one I saw looked exactly like a regular swivel knife for leather but had the rotating blade.
  10. I was recently in Tandy and saw a signature made in leather on a project. I asked the artist how they made it and they showed me a swivel knife that had a blade that swivels instead of the barrel. In all the swivel knives I've seen, the blade is fixed to the barrel and to make a curve you rotated the barrel with your thumb and middle finger. This one had a barrel that didn't swivel. The blade did. She explained that using it was more like writing with a pen. Whichever way you pushed or pulled, the blade turned in that direction. What kind of swivel knife is that? Thanks, Dale
  11. Can you delete or archive this post? I have an updated list I'm going to post soon.
  12. I just bought some leather tools on ebay and these two swivel knives are in the set. From the photo, can anyone tell me anything about them? Thanks, Dale
  13. I am putting a couple sets of leather tools together for use in Scouting. I am having a difficult time getting some of the stamps. Below is a PDF file of the updated list (3/1/21) of all the stamps I need. If you have any of these stamps pleeeeeeeease contact me. The 2 stamps in pink I also need for my personal collection. Thanks, Dale Stamps Needed for Scouts 2021 03 01.pdf
  14. They are hard to come by. The beaver stamp is usually available on ebay. I wouldn't pay more than $30.00 for it though. I'm trying to put together several sets of Scout leather stamps myself. I'll try to let you know if I run across any that I don't need. Maybe you can do the same. What stamps do you have? Thanks, Dale
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