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  1. I wanted to find out more about this kind of Swivel Knife and Blade because of the very elegant signature on an art piece I saw. I like to know about what's tools are out there, both new and old, so I can decide what tools i would use. I do mostly stamping with Scouts and not much knife work. But who knows, one day I might make something worth signing my name to and this kind of tool would be handy. I'll just add it to the list of stuff I want to get and if I run across a good deal on ebay or something I might pick one up. Thanks for all the input. Dale
  2. Yeah, I was just searching and found an Excel Swivel Knife. It has the same kind of blade. The one I saw looked exactly like a regular swivel knife for leather but had the rotating blade.
  3. I was recently in Tandy and saw a signature made in leather on a project. I asked the artist how they made it and they showed me a swivel knife that had a blade that swivels instead of the barrel. In all the swivel knives I've seen, the blade is fixed to the barrel and to make a curve you rotated the barrel with your thumb and middle finger. This one had a barrel that didn't swivel. The blade did. She explained that using it was more like writing with a pen. Whichever way you pushed or pulled, the blade turned in that direction. What kind of swivel knife is that? Thanks, Dale
  4. Can you delete or archive this post? I have an updated list I'm going to post soon.
  5. I just bought some leather tools on ebay and these two swivel knives are in the set. From the photo, can anyone tell me anything about them? Thanks, Dale
  6. I am putting a couple sets of leather tools together for use in Scouting. I am having a difficult time getting some of the stamps. Below is a PDF file of the updated list (3/1/21) of all the stamps I need. If you have any of these stamps pleeeeeeeease contact me. The 2 stamps in pink I also need for my personal collection. Thanks, Dale Stamps Needed for Scouts 2021 03 01.pdf
  7. They are hard to come by. The beaver stamp is usually available on ebay. I wouldn't pay more than $30.00 for it though. I'm trying to put together several sets of Scout leather stamps myself. I'll try to let you know if I run across any that I don't need. Maybe you can do the same. What stamps do you have? Thanks, Dale
  8. I just got one of the greyhound stamps last week. I need another one. I have 2 sets of stamps I use for Scouts so I need 2 of each of those stamps. I also need a lot of other stamps but I'm trying to get these stamps 1st.
  9. I am looking for the leather stamps in the photos below. I am trying to get these to use in Scouts and not resell. The price listed is what I'm willing to pay. There are a lot more stamps I need. But I want to start with these. If you have any please contact me.
  10. I just got 8537 and 8540 so I only need the other two.
  11. I need the following 4 Craftool 3D stamps: 8488 - Barrel Racer 8536 - Rearing Horse 8537 - Running Horse 8540 - Wild Cat Before you tell me that #8540 is the "Live to Ride" stamp, It isn't. The 8540 "Live to Ride" stamp was a Leather Factory stamp and not Craftool. The following photo shows it exists even though many people told me otherwise. I will pay a reasonable amount for them. Thanks, Dale
  12. I need the 2D/3D Scout stamps shown in the photo. I am assisting both the Las Vegas Area Council (BSA) and the Anchorage Council (BSA) Between the two councils they have 7 sets of leather tools that they either loan out to Packs and Troops or use at Summer Camps. In addition there are a few that I still need for my own Scout set that I use for Leatherwork Merit Badge classes that I teach. Some stamps I only need 1 or 2 of and others I need as many as 8. If you have any of these and are not using them, please consider contacting me to possibly sell or donate to us. Thanks, Dale
  13. I am looking for the Midas 2D/3D leather stamps to use in Scouts. My best guess is that I still need around 70-80 of them. If you have any to sell, please message me with some photos and the price you are asking. Thanks, Dale
  14. I'm getting very close to having a complete set of all Craftool, Midas and The Leather Factory 2D/3D stamps.  Once I have them all I plan on providing a list including stamp Impressions.  Where would I post that?  It may take a while since I procrastinate.

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      I think the post should go here: 

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      I looked at the description for "Stamping" but it is geometric and alphabet and number stamps.  Misses all the others!


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