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  1. Keep them coming. I'm seeing a lot of good ideas and I want to thank you all. So keep posting your ideas as I'm sure others will benefit from them.
  2. It. I had this discussion with with the Grand Pubaa of our council about many years ago. I was disappointed about the quality of the merit badge classes my son was taking at camp. I sat in on some of the classes and was shocked at what I saw. It was a whole big thing. Back then we only had 3 hours with the kids. Prior to me they worked mostly with scraps of suede donated by a company that had a lot of it. They used rounders and sometimes mystery bracelets. I got them started using the kits from the Scout store. Then I started bringing 4-6 different dyes and the saddle lac. It took me about 8 classes to get everything finished within the 4 hours. But I need 2 helpers and enlist the parents to help with making the lanyard. I follow strict time management for each task and have specific stamping designs they have to use. Did I mention that they schedule 20 scouts per class, 2 classes per day over a Saturday and Sunday. It is very rushed and by the end of the weekend I'm totally drained. I've been planning to teach the classes outside the merit badge events and either doing an all day class or break it up over 2 days. This way we will have the time to make the projects without a kit. I should have it all worked out by next spring.
  3. Using a hair dryer is a great idea. I should have been clearer on the projects. Currently we use a Leatherwork Merit badge kit sold through the BSA trading post. The kit comes with with a neckerchief slide that is laced. The 2nd is a small knife holder with a belt loop. Everything is prepunched.
  4. I work with Scouts mostly on small projects. I have at most 4 hours to complete all the requirements for the Leatherwork Merit badge. The 1st hour or so is discussions on various related topics and tool demonstrations. So 3 hours is the time they have to complete their projects. Including hand sewing. What can I do to really speed up the drying time between tooling then dying then applying top coat then sewing. There is definitely not enough time to allow the proper time for each of these steps. I normally use Saddle Lac because it dries super fast but if I teach in California I'm not sure I can use it since it's not available for sale there. I've been using the Tandy Professional dyes instead of the All-in-One type of finishes because of the color options. I live in Las Vegas and can leave it in the sun after each step. But there are issues if the weather isn't cooperating, especially if it's windy, and I use fans for indoor classes. I'm wondering about other options available no matter how crazy. Here are some ideas I'm spitballing: Microwave Convection oven Food dehydrator Warming mats like the kind used when starting seeds in the winter Heat lamps or heat emitters like the ones used for reptiles Build something that uses a combination of 2 or more of the above. I don't have any idea how the leather would react to any of the above ideas. We don't want to end up with leather that gets too hard or curls too much I'd like to get you opinions along with any additional ideas you have. Thanks, Dale
  5. We are looking for donations of alphabet and number sets for Scouts. They can be complete or incomplete. Any and all sets are welcome as every year some get lost or damaged. We would also welcome any other leather stamps and tools you would care to donate. These will be donated to either the Las Vegas Area Council or the Greater Alaska Council in Anchorage. I don't itemize but if you want me to get you a donation letter I will. Call me and we can talk about what you need. Please send to: Dale Prezgay 4800 Crimson Glory Ln Las Vegas, NV 89130 702-768-3335 Thanks, Dale
  6. I have 2 sets of stamps that I use for teaching the Leatherwork Merit Badge. One in Las Vegas and the other in Anchorage. I'm looking for stamps from the list shown below. If you have any of these please contact me ASAP as I would like to have them for this season. Thanks, Dale
  7. Please delete or archive this post. I am starting an updated one. Thanks, Dale
  8. Thanks. There are 2 different armadillo stamps with the same number, 8262. I already have that one. I need the other one. I check eBay at least 5 times a day looking for them. I use multiple searches for each stamp I need. I hoping that someone that has any of these, but doesn't use them anymore, would consider parting with them. Thanks, Dale
  9. I'm looking for these stamps for use in Scouts. I have 2 sets of stamps, one in Las Vegas and the other I'm taking to Alaska next week. If you have them please contact me. Thanks, Dale
  10. I just got the semi truck stamp. But I need the rest of them.
  11. Here is my latest list as of today. Please let me know if you have any of them. Thanks, Dale
  12. I have 3 different sets of leather tools. My personal set, a set that I use with Scouts in Las Vegas and a set I'm in the process of taking to Anchorage to use with Scouts up there. Because of my OCD I wanted to have all the 2d/3d stamps from Craftool, Midas and The Leather Factory for my personal collection. I stocked the other 2 sets with the extras I acquired along the way. For over 15 years, I have built a spreadsheet that included every one of those stamps I was able to identify. I then did the same for the alphabet sets, the 2d/3d stamp sets and the handled stamp sets. Here are the different leather stamp sets I keep track of: My Personal Set My Las Vegas Scout Set My Alaska Scout Set 5 sets of leather tools owned by the Las Vegas BSA (of which I've donated thousands of dollars in leather tools). I also have columns for the 3 Summer Camp sets that the BSA Council in Alaska have. But I have not been able to inventory them yet. I've mainly focused on the 2d/3d stamps. I have been able to identify 778 different, numbered 2d/3d stamps. A few years ago I started buying very aggressively. I would often have to buy larger sets just to get a few that I needed. Then it happened. Over a couple of weeks I was able to fill in a lot of stamps for all 3 of my sets. Especially the Midas stamps. I was now needing less than 50 stamps for my personal set and less than 200 stamps for the 2 Scout sets. I'm now down to this 1 page list of 2d/3d stamps to complete all 3 sets. Which is amazing, if you ask me. I did find someone that has about half of the stamps on the list but they keep changing their mind about selling or keeping them. And thanks for the offer, but right now it's all about completing the 3 sets (OCD remember). I will keep you in mind when I'm ready to have some stamps made. Dale
  13. This is an updated list of the stamps I'm looking for, to use in Scouts. I'm having a really hard time trying to get these stamps. especially the Scout related ones. So, If you have any of them you want to sell, trade or donate, please let me know ASAP. If you want to trade, I have hundreds of the 2D/3D stamps available to trade. Let me know what you are looking for Thanks, Dale Stamps Needed for Scouts 08 20 2022.pdf
  14. If you use USPS priority Mail flat-rate boxes, It's the same price to ship to anywhere in the USA.
  15. I am still looking for these stamps for use in Scouts. Please contact me ASAP if you have them. Thanks, Dale
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