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  1. Very nice, I like the center braid and love the colour. Any tips on the braiding you have for a newbie?
  2. Thank you all for your time and efforts with this. Thanks for that little tidbit, im pretty sure its as you said the model is, both a clone and japanese. Helps narrow things down Indeed, this was my initial thoughts as well, but since I have no experience in sewing machines, I have come here seeking the expertise of all of you, and yo0u have given me a lot to ponder on. I shall still see what can be done with it since, in all honesty, the machine was free, so no big deal if it does not do a thing for me or not. I appreciate the response, and as Wayne E stated, comments and info from great members like you are invaluable both money wise and time, to those of us that havent had that much experience with these kinds of things. Thank you. Wayne E, you are absolutely correct, not just to Wizcrafts response, but overall this place has saved myself, and im pretty sire all of us a lot of headache, time and money inthe long run because of great members like you all that are willing to share and help fellow members out with things that may be out of there limits. Thank you all for your time, you are all grand
  3. TSGLeather


    this is quite interesting, would you be able to comment on it as to what it is other than a blue owl? Would it be a bag? or some sort of pouch? or is it just an art piece as an owl? either way, I like it.
  4. Hello all, I apologize for the horrible picture, but it was all i could get on short notice. I came across this pretty lady, still runs, a bit dusty but its nice. I just wanted to know if any of you would be able to identify it since i cannot find any tags stating its model or version. Also would like to know if it is appropriate for some leather work, I dont see it doing anything heavy, but if it does, great!. but more intended for light to medium jobs so i dont have to do it by hand and save me some time. Again, sorry for the poor picture, but I hope posting on here, the wonderful plethora of knowledge amongst all of you could be able to identify it. Thank you all again for your time
  5. Im loving your work, you are a true artist and a big inspiration to the rest of us on the site to do better and be more. I really enjoy your lacing style, im not sure if you have covered it or not but what is the technique used to do this particular lace look, its fantastic! Thank you for the tutorial.
  6. Thats absolutely beautiful man! Great work! Im sure its going to look grand
  7. Welcome to the network, As a start, id probably say like most on here would, would be to check out the tandy leather factory nearest you and they can set you up with what you need, they are basically the one stop shop for all your leather needs from tools, leather and know how. Their tools arent the highest quality that is available but they are the worst out there either and are great for a starter to learn. They can advise you as to what you would need to get you started, they have kits with the basic starter set of tools and projects to help you along or you can forgo all that and just get the tools separate and start on your own project, as well as having great staff that can also guide you at how to do things. Also visit the website at tandyleatherfactory.com to see the products list as well as they have free online tutorials and videos to see what you are getting into, id say watch them first to see mostly what you'd be interested in you you can see what tools you'd actually need and which ones you can either forgo or improvise. They also have the new site of leathercraftlibrary.com for more pay and free tutorials, patterns, how to's and other things. To compliment that just surf these forums, check out the how to's, ask questions and hopefully the people on here will be able to help you out and you'll be on your way to making premo leather items. I hope that this helps, and that when you are ready, post up some of the things you are working on. See you around this site, TSG
  8. Some really nice carving, I like the eagle heads and face portraits, and some pretty nice coloring in that full dance portrait. Although im not really liking the last one, mostly the carving on the man, he looks more like leather than the stuff its carved on. You have good talent, id say just need some refinement in the finishing skills though, I know im in need of the same since im not the greatest at the carving side either. Good work
  9. Yup, thats what a crap load of burnishing looks like, in box form. I can just feel the carpel tunnel set in from this one, but overall still fun to make, I like making boxes Thanks for the reply
  10. Thanks for the response Resqman, the button was the final icing on the cake and fun to make as well, I think it tied it together. Thanks again for the feedback!
  11. Here is my second attempt at making a box out of leather, its a simple design but pretty functional. Made with 10oz veg tan leather including the hinge which swings on a 1/4" wooden dowel, then dyed midnight blue with a bit of a silver highlight to give it a starry appearance. hope you all like it.
  12. Thats a pretty good idea about modifying the buckles, but Ill have to wait on that, I dont have the set up for that, bad enough im taking up half my living room with my leather stuff, the wife wouldnt be too happy with metal and such flying around now, lol. Youve been a great help WinterBear, thanks!
  13. Hello All!, Sorry for the late introduction but here it is, Im still fairly new to leather working, but as soon as I saw it I jumped in with both feet without looking back. Ive always been working with my hands since I was a kid. I started working in steel with my dad when I was 13 and have progressed in the trades since then working both as welder and even blacksmith for a few years. From there I trained as a custom goldsmith and wanted to merge both the steel with the jewellery to create something new, but alas I was in a car accident and had to give them up. after a number of years of feeling caged up in my own skin. for some reason I walked into a tandy store, got some info and basic kit and took ti from there. Now I do a lot of different things, have a small workshop in my living room and am starting to do some sales as well. So far I love making things out of the ordinary and working with the exotics, still have a ways to go in carving but in getting there. Im loving this site, and appreciate everyone's info, experience, guidance and skill at this and love how you are all willing to show, help and give info, lets face it, there are those in any trade that dont want to show any secrets. Just want to say a big hello and thanks to everyone on here, see you all and hope to be an active member in this. Here are some examples of what ive done so far. Hope yo all like it.
  14. Hello All, Just posting some of the stuff ive been working on. This is actually my very first project, made to fit an odd size tablet that I have without buying the horrible manufactures' pouch. I was inspired by nature and hopefully got everything to flow. Everything was made out of 10oz veg tan, with black pigskin lining, black hand stitching. I also made the cocobollo button into a leaf to fit with the theme. what do you guys think? Sorry, pics are big 3
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