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  1. Hey Shelly great idea is is feasable to send these to an intenational destination (Australia) the price is great but im not sure what the postage would be Cheers Adam
  2. nice ive done a bit of carving in the past when i work out how i will post a photo most of my gear has been dormant for a few years but im just getting back to it now and im the same about work it tends to take up way to much time im just starting on a small project first possibley a set of spur straps or a bridle see how i go i still have a couple of double shoulders about 8oz from a while ago so ill use them before i buy any more leather please for give my grammer go subi Adam
  3. hey cem great to see another west aussie what type of leather craft is your preferance i barack for niether and since fitzroy are no longer in the comp footy takes a back seat i have had a look in the western leather store he has som good stuff i shall have a look at the other one leather direct Cheers Adam
  4. hi all just joined im in perth but this mob is in adelaide http://www.dshorne.com.au and this mob are in perth www.theleathershop.com.au hope to see more aussies in here Cheers Adam
  5. hi my first day in this forum and i find somthing from Australia these are great books ive got lots of them and use them all on a regular basis. Cheers Adam
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