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  1. Andy, thanks that's what I was going to do.
  2. Here is Horween Derby Leather wallet in 5.5OZ lined with thin 3OZ Veg
  3. Thanks guys...yeah I'm thinking of the Hydraulic route too. Maybe better just to have a dedicated machine.
  4. I would like to know as well. Maybe we should all get together and make a run at something big.LOL send me and email at snprstraps@gmail.com
  5. I have a large Arbor Press that I use daily for my stamping/impression needs but I find myself going towards needing a Clicker press too for some new projects. Is there a way to modify the arbor press to do this job. Has anyone tried it? I would be cutting 5oz Horween for wallets using a die I would have made.
  6. Snpr9696


    Does anyone know where to source cracked leather hides? Preferably ones around 5 oz and black. Need some for some vintage style projects.
  7. Word of mouth is everything. Once you have a strong buzz about your product you can build off that. Never compromise your quality or artistic talents and stay true to yourself. Specialize in one thing and know it like gospel. Branch out and try new things in order to learn how to do the one thing you specialize in even better. Be kind and honest In Your dealings and know your customers. Be innovative and tell your customers who you are and where you came from. I have a full time career and make a very decent living however with that said my hobby in leather working has turned into a beautiful part time business that almost equals my full time career. If I retired today and put even more time into it I would probably surpass my full time career. It becomes difficult at times with all the managing orders and shipments, finding new material and coming up with new ideas. Maintaining a presence on social media and posting pictures. The turnaround times become longer and longer. This hurts and helps at the same time. Hurts because as stated above the walmart generation has killed the craftsman or artist. Very few people appreciate bespoke work. It helps because those who know and do respect the craft understand how good you must be if your wait times are lengthy. Joe SNPRStrap.com
  8. What's your feedback on Artisan? Particularly the 3200BT
  9. I just spoke with Jerry from Artisan. He recommends the Toro 3200 BT. It's in the same Price range as the CB3500. I would like to have a third option to add to the mix and weigh all the options. Maybe the Techsew?
  10. I'm so close to pulling the hook but mi just concerned about the feed dogs and the impressions. So it looks like my budget just got bigger. What's the best deal for a walking foot 441 clones for what I'm doing. I would love someone to tell me 1500-1600$ bt I know that's not gonna happen is it. Especially shipped to NJ
  11. Thank you Billy. I just spoke with Bob who went over the specs with me on the CB2500. My main issue was with the feed dogs leaving impressions which Bob advised me they could smooth them out for me to leave less of a indent. Just have to check the sizing of space I have then figure it out.
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