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  1. Thanx!!! Yes, I got contacted by moderators and they explained... I thought I was saving them web space by uploading on flickr. Honest mistake Cheers, S
  2. I am back... :)) So, last year was too crazy... I made 1100 pieces of gun holsters, all handshaped, vege tanned leather... A year before that I made 700 pieces... Most of the shaping I do myself. But I did have some help. In the end my hands needed 2 months of recovery... The problem is always a timeframe. I had to shape 25-30 holsters a day... I really do not wish this type of job to anyone... So, slowly recovering, doing some smaller orders and riding my bike around... Cheers, S
  3. Something older but still might be cool... Cheers, Silvio
  4. Hi all, sorry for being away for so long. Had a couple floods in my workshop and home, some larger orders to handle, I had put a lot of custom work aside... I am kind of getting back at it... Now I see again most of the pics from this new thread are gone again... any cure for that? any suggestions? What is better, links from flick, fb, or uploading here? Any advice helps, tnx! just a few pics from a simple seat I made yesterday... Cheers!!! Silvio
  5. Thank you If you wonder about snaps and that stuff it is all YKK I really love their quality and durability! So, the screws are made here, local firm. Lower parts for screws are solid brass and we darken them in my workshop. Those also custom made here by our friend... Can't really find that type nowhere... Plastic buckles are from Austrian company CLIX. Plastic triple release buckles, adjusters, all sorts of things... Awesome company, great products, fast and reliable! cheers, S
  6. Thank you :D Ok, i will try to explain but I think photos would work better So, this small piece from the corner to the back is 1,5 cm wide piece of leather. You stitch that in to the corner and the stitches are obviously from the inside... Than you turn it upside down and use a hammer to flatten it a bit... Latter you can use water to reshape it and lacquering for water resistant stuff and so on... Hope I helped cheers, S
  7. Hi all! here is another simple seat. This one was carved and engraved and then painted with acrylic paint. Then I used some sanding paper to make that red painted parts more interesting... cheers, s oh yes, and the wallet, simple but cool combo with the seat...
  8. Madmax22 is right... I printed out the drawing (the pic of the guys tattoo), adjusted it to fit my design and the shape of the seat, and just used the tool that is usually used for background... Simple but effective... here is the previous work I did... Just a teaser for now cheers, s
  9. Just finished this shoulder holster for a GLOCK 19... Simple and nice design... cheers, s
  10. thanx guys here are the pics of the latest bike... still have to take shots of that cafe racer... will do soon cheers, s
  11. Hi I really don't know how to answer this. When I use leather for tooling I go for something 3mm or thicker. But sometimes the shape of the seat demands stretching and then I might thin the leather a bit, just to loosen it slightly... I use only leather produced in Italy and I have noticed that it is not as rigid as what you would usually find in USA... talking about vege tanned... it is nicer for shaping and edges are more easy to work with... I still live and work in Croatia so my geography is what dictates where I will buy... but a year ago I was looking for a new tannery to work with (cause the old one started to deliver something unusable, after more than 15 years of great collaboration) and I really had to dig deep to find the factory that is able to produce leather that would produce 100% what we need... So lucky to have found them... but this was something i needed for a specific product in large quantity... when I work on designs and small projects i go to the local shop and improvise with what's at hand... Back to the question... I really do a lot of improvisation. I don't think to much about technical detail. I really just go to the shop and look and touch the leather until I find what feels like something that might work for me. But I guess it has something to do with experience... But somehow I think I have done it like that since ever... Good thing is to study the seat you are rebuilding. Try copying it all and then adding something of yours. Measure the thickness of the old leather where it is least worn out or stretched, and so... Hope I helped, sorry for not seeing the message before, I am just berried in work... cheers, s
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