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  1. Several of my dies are just made from filing down center punches. Others are like these for eyelets.
  2. I have a whole lot of dies for setting rivets, stamps and other tools that I have collected over the years. All of them are hand held. Now I'm thinking of getting a small arbor press for some of that work. I would like to mount the dies I have in the arbor press. Several of the dies are hand made for custom projects and it would be good to use them in the future. Have anyone any idea how to do that? I'm guessing some kind of chuck and somehow attaching that to the press?
  3. I just got some prices back from GSBmachine on a hand operated machine and wanted to include price if anyone else is interested in the future. The HUJI-43-6 is a small machine for sewing and repairing shoe, bags and canvas.
  4. Thank you, that is precisely what I'm looking for! I have contacted Sieck and will see what they say. Shipping for a Cb3200 from Neel's Saddlery and Harness would be around $400-700 to Sweden and that's in addition to the 25% import VAT outside EU. If anyone have a tip of another seller in Europe, I would be very glad to hear it.
  5. That's what I'm afraid of. I'm living in Scandinavia so shipping a Tippmann Boss back and forth is not something I would like to do. Tippmann do not have any sellers here in Europe. The other machine looks a lot like those shoe cobbler machines from China. Seems like a reliable construction but I really dislike when there is no estimate of the price. I just might get a Cowboy Cb-3200 instead and hand stitch the few times I'm away. The cost in not so much more and the machine seems more reliable than the Boss. If I had a seller close by I would really like to try a Boss though.
  6. here is another piece I just finished. 10th century Magyar-style tarsoly. Dyed full grain vegetable tanned leather with simple incised pattern and a center locking mount. The lid is covered with silk and bronze mounts and the inside of the bag is lined with 80 year old handwoven linen. The edges are covered with natural coloured, hand tanned seal leather. I hope you like it! I made this for a customer in the US, here is the completed kit. Tarsoly, belt and knife all in the same style.
  7. Fantastic info! Thank you. Is there some way to check the eyelet size? Would be nice to check if it works. If I would try to sell it, what kind of price could be fair? I wouldn't like to rip someone off.
  8. I have been looking for a hand cranked machine for detailed work and portability and have of course seen the Tippmann Boss. Is there any other machine that is also hand operated? I have a Singer 45K but would like something lighter and more precise. Seems like the Boss is the only option, must be something similar as well or am I wrong?
  9. Hi! I found a weird press on a auction and bought it on a whim. Seems like its a old eyelet machine. Is there anyone out there that knows anything about it? It seems quite old but I think it might work. There is a a brush and some kind of handle and a feeder but I wouldn't know where to start. What is it for and what kinds of eyelets should I try it with?
  10. Thanks ! Glad you like them! Yes, all handstitched. I didn't quite get my Singer 45K25 to work okay and I've been busy with just a spare hour here and there.
  11. The tarsoly plate is made by a fantastic polish craftsman and sent to me by the customer. I'm guessing I wouldn't see the light of day for a couple of years if I wanted to get as good as him. Some of the other fittings are made by me and some are bought from different places. I'm glad you liked them!
  12. That is unfortunately! It must have been some difficulties with my Google Sites preferences, I can't seem to edit my first post. I hope these show up:
  13. I usually spend my days making knifes and sheaths but some time I get an order for a tarsoly. A tarsoly is a kind of small bag or satchel worn by 9-10th century Magyar warriors. It was attached to a richly decorated belt together with sabre, bow and bow case. The tarsoly is usually decorated with metal fittings and expensive cloth. There is several of these bags found in a Scandinavian viking age context, probably imported as signs of wealth and/or as gifts from merchants involved in trade. Here is a original finding from about 900 BC here in Sweden. http://mis.historisk....asp?fid=107042 I have made a couple of these for customers, hope you like them! I hope you like them!
  14. Got a couple of orders for this kind of sheaths so I've been making a few more. Hope you like it! Full grain leather (2,5 mm), waxed linen thread. The pancake sheath is treated with beeswax.
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