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  1. How much for the entire lot? I'm looking to expand my business.
  2. I dont suppose you still have either of those colt saa revolver dummy guns, do you?

  3. If that thumbnail attachment is a pic of your first attempt at leatherwork....you're way ahead of the curve. That's a really, really good looking piece. Kudos, bro.
  4. Hey man, if they're both .45's the frames should be identical except for length. So yes. I've used a Glock 22 for a Glock 17 order and it was a perfect fit. With Glocks the 9mm, .357 Sig, and .40 cal models share frame dimensions.
  5. Fantastic work. Very impressive tooling and stamping. Your use of the backgrounder as a primary tool is very creative and it looks great.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm new to the site but not to leatherwork. I'm the owner of AM Leatherworks (not very original, I know), I make handmade, hand stitched custom gunleather, outdoor gear and police gear mostly, but I've been known to tool a belt every now and again. I'm excited to be a member of this community...it's well overdue.
  7. gunleather gringo

    our work

    This album showcases some of our work. We're pretty new to this, only about three years experience and its all done on my spare time. All our work is done by hand. no machines are used at all.
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