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  1. Thank you for "What the Font". Great Idea !!!
  2. Really nice work. Where did you buy the trees ? Or did you build your own ? Greetings from Germany Lisa
  3. Hello, a few month ago, I bought a new saddle for my Quarter Horse Mare. For the horse, it fits very well. But I have a lot of issues with the saddle. Sometimes when I take my legs a little bit back, the fenders get caught at the tie-strap and/or Off-Billet and it takes some movements with the legs to the side to free them. And that causes my horse to stop immediately. After a while I found a thread here in this forum, that this is a known problem of people with short legs like me. And the experts recommend a inskirt rigging (btw my old saddle has a inskirt rigging). Now I was wondering, if it is possible and make sense to change the existing on-tree rigging of my saddle to a inskirt rigging. It's a Bob's Custom, model Fappani, if this is importent. Or is that so much work, that it is better to sell the saddle and buy a new one ? I had to mention, that it is a problem to sell a used (but like new) western saddle in germany for a acceptable price in an short time. Either you sell it with a serious loss or you need a lot of time. And because I have a lot of problems with the guy, who sold me the saddle (he doesn't sold the two saddles, he took in commision and he damaged one and lost the other), I don't want to make any deal with him about the Bob's ... Thanks in advance for your opinions. Excuse my bad english and Greetings from Germany Lisa
  4. Hi Tim, Thanks for the tutorial, especially for sharing the trick about positioning the letter-stamps. It works wonderful and helped me a lot. Greetings from Germany (and excuse my bad english) Lisa
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