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  1. Looks great! I have yet to learn that applique technique.
  2. Gotta buy this, good job on yours. Charlie
  3. YT, nice clean work. Love it. Realm13, good looking case, like your leather choices.
  4. Now that's a nice clean looking kit. Really like it. Looks very well done to me. Charlie
  5. Unfortunately fanninator it isn't glue. I skived the deerskin too far in and that is the roughed up lining showing. Thanks Monica, I didn't have any D rings so I just sewed the strap to the inside. I like the strap attachment after it was done. Thanks for the comments Wild Bill. And cardinal leather, it's nice when it can be saved, stressful though. Forgot to add, I used light brown pro leather paint on the edges,. Probably won't use it all the time, but it works good to cover where the lining and leather meet on the edge, since deerskin won't burnish. Charlie
  6. Got mine done, somewhat. Learned a lot doing this, don't try to dye thread with hi-liter it doesn't soak in. If you have access to a pattern print it off! I just went by the dimensions and made a bunch of mistakes. Wasn't planning on tooling this, but I had L shaped mark on it from marking it wrong, caught it before cutting but was left with marks so got a craft-aid from Tandy and tried tooling. I added the butterfly and the lines to cover marks on the leather. Would have been a lot easier to do it right from the start. Then I riveted the loop on the flap for some odd reason! Have to remember to take my time. I need patience, and need it NOW! So now I have to remove the rivets and put the loop on the case. EccoWeld contact cement is way easier to use than Tanners Bond and the smell is non-existent. Fortunately Tandy let me return a quart of Tanners Bond and buy the EccoWeld, Byron the manager is very easy to deal with. 7-8 oz. leather, copper rivets, antique saddle tan, deerskin lining that I Super Shened, Super Shene and Aussie finish. Seems to stay closed fine. Charlie
  7. Looks great Cardinal, good solid construction, and smooth lines. All the nice work I see on here kinda makes me not want to show what I have cobbled together...
  8. Very nice Monica. You do nice clean work. Wish I could emulate you. Charlie
  9. I don't know if Picasa gives you the option to save pics as jpg or gif format, but you can use Irfanview (a free editor) to change the format of pics to post them. Open the pic with irfranview and under 'file' click on "save as..." then pick jpg or whatever format you need. Picasa may have the same thing. I think posted pics are jpg format. Hope this helps. Charlie
  10. Not much, but got it done. Only 3 oz. I had was some faux print that has been laying around here a long time.
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