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  1. on say a 10/12oz belt what is the smooth lining i see used most often?....i know its not pig....is it another lining material or a complete 2/4oz side of something? im wanting to make a nice "duty" and "daily" belt...something thats stiff enough where if you need to latch on your gun rig or knife sheath your good to go but wont grind down your hip bone when you just wear it regularly.. what would you suggust??? thanks
  2. what i was wondering was if different manf. had different thicknesses of blade material and/or different bevels....i see people working with lets say a tandy blade that is 3/32" thick and lays a nice groove to some overseas people that are working with what looks like a x-acto knife blade...their tooling is so crisp and clean and im just wondering if its because the blade hasnt moved so much material away that it kinda deforms the area??? to clarify my sharpness..i went to leatherwranglers website and watched his videos on sharpening...all i pretty much do is strop my blade every time i tool...i have never put that kinda edge on my blade...so you do have a very good idea..i will need to get my hands on some of those stones....and i do like those knives...they look alot more comfortable than my beginner tandy... let me know what you think about achieving such crisp very detailed lines...especially when doing small detail work thanks
  3. i would say im still a beginner when it comes to tooling but i have done it now for over 2 years....my question is for those season pros that have had a chace to try various manufactures swivel knives and blades....what have you come across to be what you think a good working set?....and if they are from different manf. let us know.......im interested in upgradeing mine.. thanks for the help
  4. thanks for the ideas...to the big t it is
  5. hey everyone, i've got a new project that i've never taken on and i need some advise..i am wanting to do a chef's roll for three knives and a strop and im not sure of what kind of leather to use?..i started the project with some 3-4oz vegtan but it has ended up just being to thick in my opinion when you try to roll it up..i would like to keep it light and easy to make...any suggustions welcome... thank you...
  6. so dye mixes kinda like acrylic..in the way that red and blue make purple...thats kinda what i was wondering...i think ill use the masking film yall showed me eariler and start mixin up some stuff...i just dont have a large dye selection so i was trying to narrow it down....thank yall so much for the help and ill keep ya posted...it may be awhile me
  7. that is a really cool idea...this may be how i mask things off....now to find the dyes.......angelus dyes from springfield are what your talking about??...i see the standard colors...would i need to mix them or is there a mix chart to achieve the colors?
  8. thought id challenge everyone this morning...im trying to get these bright purples, blues, yellows, oranges that you see...ive tried searching on what to mix up but to no avail.....im pretty new and know very few tricks....but they are good ones....hahaha any help would be appreciated thanks, me
  9. i like the ideas...but....how would i do tooling and then put a vinyl over it to spray?...i dont want it to look like i just painted it on...i really want the depth of swivel knifing it and tooling it a little just to add depth to darker areas????? also what dyes would i use to get such bright purples..blues..oranges..rust???...maybe if i can get the dyes i could try to brush them on after i tool....hahahaha...i crack myself up...i guess i could practise alot... thanks so much for the help, me
  10. hello all, i am working on a project where i want to incorporate a pattern into the background..i will swivel knife the small lines and do a little background tooling but i can not get these colors or the separation between them..all ive done is try to water down some eco-flo stains to no avail..i just cant wrap my head around how i could put this kinda color pattern down without just painting it on..and i really dont want to do that...... thanks for any ideas or help, me
  11. i drill into leather...ive never tried wood.. and to clarify...im talking about holes like 1/8" +
  12. Ok i'm asking it... How do yall do your holes especially in thick leather 3/8"+??? I want to achieve clean holes front and back...i am aligned, the front looks good but its like the back got done with a broom handle...i use a dremel and the little press and it has really helped in getting everything looking straight its just the back..ive used 110degree-135degree-brad point and the pilot point drill bits...i know its probably something like crossing my toes when i pull the handle down...i just need to know which toes...!!!!!!.....help..help... thanks for any help
  13. hello, im looking for a lining leather that is in a fluorescent green color and other bright colors...im not sure if they are dyeing it or buying it already dyed...i just saw it on someones work and i really liked it. thanks for any help
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