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  1. Here we have a Western Cut Out Machine Model RMH from Western Supplies Co. in St. Louis, MO. Made in USA. Cuts ends for belts or straps. Works great, comes with dyes. Some dyes need minor sharpening & replacement foam.
  2. Here we have a Nakajima 280L Industrial Sewing Machine for sale. Made in Japan. Comes with table, motor, table light and 3 spool holder. This machine is also equipped with a speed reducer pulley. One Owner. Works great, rarely used, in excellent condition! Buyer pays for shipping from 94954.
  3. Here we have a Juki LU 562 Industrial Sewing Machine for sale. Made in Japan. Comes with table, motor, table light and 2 spool holder. Has been serviced regularly & works great! Buyer pays for shipping from 94954.
  4. Here we have for sale 2 Leather Secrets books for sale by F.O. Baird! These are the First Revised Edition of 1976 by The Leathercraftman Inc. Very Good Condition, some minor marks on the cover. Look at images for details Asking $75 a piece
  5. Here we have some Leather Craft books for sale. How To Carve Leather 1952 Craftool Co. - $15 Ken Griffin's Scrap Book 1952 Craftool Co. - $20 Tandy Leather Black Powder Book by Gene Noland 1978 Tandy - $10 Black Powder Bags & Pouches 1985 Tandy - $10
  6. Here we have some Al Stohlman books for sale. Inverted Leather Carving 1961 Craftool Co. - $20 Craftool Tech Tips 1969 Craftool Co. - $15 How to Make Holsters 1962 Craftool Co. - $15 Belts Galore 1962 Craftool Co. - $15
  7. Here we have the Al Stohlman's Classic Patterns 1, 2, & 3. They are in good condition, a couple have minor staining on the binding. Other than that no issues. The Volume 1 does not have a copyright year, but Volume 2 & 3 have Copyright 1982 on the inside cover. Selling as a set for $80
  8. Hi David, We carry Horween Chromexcel Seconds---if you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact us: Maverick Leather Company 877.845.0080 or at info@maverickleathercompany.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
  9. SALE SALE SALE!! FROM MONDAY MARCH 12 THRU FRIDAY, MARCH 16 Maverick Leather will be having a SALE on the following items: VEG. HORSESTRIPS $10/each OR 6 for $50 MISC. EARTHTONE SIDES 4-6oz 18-22 sft size average Medium-Firm Temper Some Oil-tan Some brands, & scratches with over all GOOD cutting area. $35/side MISC. BLACK SIDES 4-5oz 18-22sft Soft-Temper Some brands, some smooth, some pebble grain Overall good quality for the price! $1.50/SFT **check out our new and improved website : www.maverickleathercompany.com ** **CHECK OUT OUR SPECIALS PAGE! MORE SPECIALS TO COME!!!** CONTACT INFO: MAVERICK LEATHER COMPANY 707.792.2208 877.845.0080 INFO@MAVERICKLEATHERCOMPANY.COM
  10. Seiko - Model # CH8BV - $2700 Head Only refurbished and put on the shelf with the rest of em. serviced and ready to go.taking best offer. email for pics and more infojames.foster12@gmail.com For sewing heavy weight materials such as canvas, vinyl, leather, synthetics and various coated, laminated and rubberized fabrics Suitable for sewing tubular and curved work, etc. Maximum stitch length 25/64" (10mm) Long arm (working space 400mm) makes it easier for sewing works of large sized materials As the machine implieds a large hook, the winding volume of the lower thread is increased. Thus, the working efficiency is remarkably enhanced in the sewing for extra heavy materials and long stitch length Presser lift 20mm by knee lifter suits for the sewing of extra heavy materials Each component parts and mechanisms are planned, selected the materials thoroughly and produced considereing the durability and sewability for the heavy weight materials without any troubles Substantial varieties (with reverse feed respectively) which are installed with needle, upper & lower, needle and lower feed, lower feed, upper and lower feed and upper and lower feed (capable of intermediate shirring) will meet to the various needs Compound feed and walking foot, reverse stitch, vibrating binder Binder is vibrating type and due to this feature, a beautiful tape binding finish for heavy materials or elastic tape can smootly and easily be performed Various kinds of binders are provided with your requirements Complete with table stand and motor.
  11. Pfaff - Model # 335 - $1900 refurbished and shelved. recently serviced and made sure in excellent running condition.please email for pics. taking best offerjames.foster12@gmail.com It’s a single needle, straight stitch machine with a small diameter cylinder bed and a walking foot for top speeds of 2800 stitches per minute. The maximum stitch length is a standard 6mm. And it comes with a large table, power stand and a clutch motor available in 110v or 220v. Unison triple feed keeps layers from slipping. The needle, walking foot and feed dogs work together in unison to move the fabric after each stitch is complete. This makes for even, consistent high-quality stitching, even when using different workpiece materials together like canvas and leather. Nice roomy fabric clearance, 14mm with the presser foot raised. A moving binder attachment holds the tape close to the binding edge producing very neat bindings even on inside and outside curves. It uses 134-35 needles, and they recommend a needle thickness of 80-100 on the SCHMETZ needle system. Recommended thread type is synthetic 40/3. The Pfaff 335-G model has an extra large bobbin and 40% more thread capacity. And who doesn’t love fewer bobbin changes? The builtin winder is right where you can see it–another thing that makes life easier. You can get lots of attachments and extra accessories depending on what operations you need including welting, zippers and special binding. Work aids available include an electro-mechanically controlled thread trimmer, an automatic presser foot lifter, an automatic needle positioner. You can also get a maintenance unit for pneumatically controlled work aids. The belt comes with a finger guard, and the take-up lever has a guard as well. Stitchtype: 301 lockstitch Max. sewing speed: 2,800 s.p.m. Max. stitch length: 6.0 mm Top feed lift: 7.0 mm Fabric clearance: 14.0 mm Thread sizes: synth. up to 30/3 Needle sizes: 80 to 100 Needle system: 134-35 Clear work space: 265 mm Clear work height: 115 mm Cylinder bed diameter: 51 mm Cylinder bed circumphrence: 165 mm Weight: 40 kg (head only in carton)
  12. Juki - Model # LV 563 - $1000 Company downsizing, great machine, runs with no issues. well kept and serviced.email for pics or taking best offerjames.foster12@gmail.com Extra Large Bobbin Single Needle Walking Foot Needle Feed - a good machine for sewing gloves, mitts, chaps, etc.. Will sew up to 3/8 of leather or nylon.
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