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  1. Email me. Richard.wasnock@gmail.com Im interested.
  2. Tippman boss $1300canadian Contact Richard.wasnock@gmail.com
  3. Ends up Steve and I weren't on the same page with what I bought. I had the EPS on mine, needed my belt on a different wheel.
  4. Doesn't seem tight to me (the belt) so that's the issue I'm having.... and there's no way to make it tighter, it's at it's max distance.
  5. I bought a Cobra Class 4 and it won't sew anything, it hits pretty much any material, then the belt slides. I've lowered the disk bellow the table as far down as it will go, and it still seems like it's very easy to put the belt on. Steve is troubleshooting with me through email but I'm wondering if anyone else has any ideas?
  6. Ya, I'm pretty strapped after a Cobra Class 4 purchase, you should hold off for someone who can do the $750-$850 range I'm sure. But if you get to a point where nobody wants to buy it and you no longer care, I certainly have $500, which is way too little for it.
  7. I've got 500 I can afford to throw at this of you ever need to get rid of it. 850 is a fair price, just not what I can afford.
  8. Ya, and on top of that my air compressor I need to run for it to work... runs almost all the time.
  9. Tippmann is usually spot on in solving problems for me.,
  10. I think I've decided on a Cobra. If everything is created equal, at least they're on the west coast like I am.
  11. Looking for anyone that knows of any differences in these machines (probably with their "extras") I'm looking over the various packages and just am waffling on pulling the trigger on one.
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