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  1. Just an update. Someone is interested in just the press and edger if someone has interest in the Sewing machine and Strap cutter. Also, The sewing machine came with the kit with extra feet, table, edge guide etc. that adds $400-$500 to the cost of the base machine.
  2. Cowboy 4500 Master tools hand operated strap cutter Bluegrass E-Z edge "economy" edger Heritage foot press with staple attachment $4000 picked up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I also have a few hides, not sure exactly what, most of the leather I bought was Hermann Oak but I think a hide or two might be just generic weaver "Bull hide". The only defects I noticed on anything is that the motor housing on the Cowboy is dented, it is purely cosmetic and I am 99% sure that is how it came when I bought it new. The "fingers" that separate the straps on the strap cutter have mild surface rust, I suspect this is because I kept the metal clean to not contaminate the leather and then it sat up (climate controlled) for a while without use, should be an easy clean up. I would highly advise taking the sewing machine off the stand for transport unless you rent a truck with a lift gate to pick it up.
  3. I have always used double layer HO leather. I didn't like horse hide for holsters or belts when I tried it.
  4. This is the first time I went to order from Weaver since they had started online ordering. I was looking for the place to put my order in and a online shop came up. Is there a way to link your wholesale account with the online shopping or did they move the place where you order for wholesale?
  5. Medicine balls take some abuse, I was given some directions by someone on how to build a dodecahedron ball, so I will try it out. I might use some belly or I might get some pleather or some sort of vynl. I was given a pattern on how to stitch the polygons to have minimal times you had to stitch with the seems curved, well verbal directions, I will have to see how it all lays out.
  6. See, I know the basic Idea. What would help is what order to go in, how deep to put the stitch lines in and what sise pattern makes each sized ball. I can make a polygon pattern with basic geomatry, I just need to know how large to make them and how exactly to stitch them and in what order.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a medicine ball? I have a request for a set, with potential to sell many more. I basically know what to do, I just don't know what size to cut the shapes to get the proper size, and I am not sure when they say to double stitch if it means to throw my cowboy in reverse and stitch again or to have two rows of stitching.
  8. I put the scars on the outside! People love them. If a solid piece has a minor wrinkle I will use it to line the inside, but 99% of the time I am using a piece as good or technically better on the inside. Mostly I choose straps based on length rather than looks, they all look good once assembled, especially with well placed "defects"
  9. I make belts in batches of 30 or so. It saves tons of time as I am able to fill my orders and have belts sitting around to fill orders with. I leave sim just glued up, not cut to length, stiched or punched yet. I couldn't imagine doing one at a time of working without a foot press. It punches perfect holes, saves a ton of time stapling keepers instead of stitching and makes setting snaps and rivets on holsters a breeze.
  10. I am making a small Springfield order also, I can check theirs out. I usually only make stuff to order, but I have an outlet to sell my extras at that already buys bullets we make.
  11. I find two layers of 7/8 Hermann oak good for belts, I have a lot I can use I was just worried about wrinkles on the inside layer. I glue my belts with the leather curved to prevent wrinkles on the inside, I would imagine with a dog collar you would have to have dang near a circle.
  12. I have some 4/5 I can use. Pretty much I just need two rectangles and magnets glued and stitched? Are the weaver magnets GTG?
  13. I have been trying to get wild Louisiana Aligator for about a year now, and I found the best way to do it. BUY the dang gator straight from the hunter. Anyway, I have secured a few hides from this years season and I need to know where to send them. I know there is a place in Lafayette LA that tans them, but I want to send them to the best place I can. I am getting a hometown discount and did some bartering to get the hides, but I have to pay for tanning, any suggestions would be great. Next step is securing my own tags.
  14. I am doing a craft show to benefit down syndrome soon, and I wanted to have more items than my usual double layer belts and holsters. I have never done a show, and I am doing this to help out a friend. I have lots of quality Herman Oak Leather scraps that would be great for just basic money clips and Credit card holders. What is the correct weight leather to line the inside to hold the magnets and have them work properly. I plan to use 7-10oz Herman Oak leather on the outside, a variety of tooling and bridle leathers. I was planning on ordering the magnets from weaver, unless someone had a better place to get magnets or knew of a better magnet. I am also going to add some things I don't normally make, pet collars, leashes, single layer belts. Not really doing anthing fancy, just well put together made in the USA pieces.
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