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  1. BearMan do not sell out all your mauls I will be around a shopin some time over the weekend.
  2. Wow this is a cool post, lots of people sharing great stories and their experience. Right now I am Inventory control / Quality Manager for a major aftermarket automotive glass distributor. Have worked in the music industry, production manager, stage crew and promotions. Team rope and golf on the side. Downfall of reading all these threads is I am supposed to be setting up the new work area at the new house. But you guys are to dang interesting!!
  3. Shop in a Box, Well its not the whole shop, but it has been a great way for me to move around especially when it turns cold can move in out of the cold garage. Just thought I would share.
  4. UkRay Biggundoctor's suggestion is real good about the HY-Lift it also can be set up to be used as a come-along by using shackles an strategically placed holes. This gives you multiple options. One other option you might consider for your situation is ramps for loading motorcycles, these usually come in aluminum and are light if you rig up some ply wood to them they could help you slide item in to the van. If you get stuck they could be placed under a tire for traction like floor mats and wood that has been suggested. The ramps have given me traction when my 1ton Dually Dodge 4x4 with 3 horse trailer and horses were stuck, after the frost had thawed leaving the ground slick and muddy. Eddie EK Leather and Iron Works.
  5. Bob, Thank you for the response you have confirmed my thinking. EK
  6. Hello all, This may be something that has been addressed in the past but have not had any luck finding a thread discussing this so my apology if I am reopening a topic. Hopefully I can word this right not to spark to many questions. Sometimes when using a carving pattern designed by someone else (i.e Chan, Tandy) I find that when I follow the pattern especially the stems, scrolls seem to look thinner than the original design. Is it something I am missing in the carving by following the lines, do others carve just outside the line to adjust? Or is it something in the reproduction of the original drawing?? Signed The Curious One AKA EK
  7. Check in with Dave at the Tandy store in Nashville. He has been in area for years I am sure he would know. 4740 Nolensville Pike, Unit A <br style="color: rgb(84, 68, 60); font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 13px; text-align: left; "> Nashville, TN 37211
  8. Thank You. Your google search pulled up a lot more results than mine.
  9. Have been asked to do a rifle sling with a turkey on it. Out side of placing my hand on paper and tracing the fingers not really an artist to draw a freehand turkey. Any suggestions or someone willing to share a turkey pattern? Signed, Freehand illiterate.
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