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  1. It was hard to get the measurements right for the pieces, I would advise cutting them a little long, then when you get toward the end of the stitching, cut them to the right length. Stitch everything up loosely, then go back through with a pick and pull the thread tight one stitch at a time working your way up the piece... then itll all be drawn up tight. I dyed it after it was all stitched up and done, which worked out good for me. I would use a 3/4 oz leather if I did it again, the thickness I used was a little too much for this application I think. I would also work some glue on the wheel somehow just before stitching it just to keep it adhered well and take a little pressure off of all the stitching when you really grab the wheel and get forceful while driving. My car doesnt have power steering so I gotta get ahold of that bad boy sometimes!
  2. No it wasnt a kit. I pre-measured everything out and punched the holes myself prior to stitching them up. It was a load of hard work but it paid off, it feels really good in the hands. -Nate
  3. This is a GT wheel from a 65 mustang fastback. It was in bad shape, so I painted it white then wrapped it in leather. Its got 2 layers of deer hide underneath then cowhide on top, with goat as the caps over the ends where the spokes are. Not fun. Spent 8 hours yesterday doing the project, the stitching was a pain!
  4. that is just absolutely amazing.
  5. no i didnt line it at all, it really doesnt need it. Theres nothing on the rough side of the leather that should be hard enough to scratch the tablet.
  6. That is just awesome tooling my friend! I wish I was that smooth. Someday, with enough practice maybe. -Nate
  7. So I just bought a tablet this week and I am going out of town maybe tomorrow and wanted to make a protective case for it for when I travel. It will always be in this case, inside of a backpack. Now I just need to make a leather pouch for the charger, and something for the keyboard and ill be all set! I know my lines arent perfect, the design has flaws, and it could improve, but honestly, I wouldnt change a thing on it. One thing about hand made crafts is that they arent perfect, and I kind of like how it looks hand made, not like some machines somewhere stamped it out in half an hour. Heres some pics:
  8. Here is a couple coats of arms carvings I did for a friend as christmas presents. I really like the way they came out. Used Tandy medium brown antique gel to finish them off, then some professional creme on top to seal it and finish it. Any and all comments are appreciated! Thanks, Nate
  9. the only way I can do it smoothly is to lay it down rough side up, then cut through it with a razor blade (utility knife). then after that you can glue it to another layer of leather, sand the edges smooth, then burnish it just like anything else. best bet is to use it as an underlayment though to cover up the edges. Its also very hard to sew through evenly without the beads popping off randomly. -Nate
  10. Here's my 3rd carving. A rose I made for my wife. I'm open to critique here you guys! Thanks in advance
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