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    I enjoy design, hand and machine stitching of leather items of all types. Can't hand tool anymore but I do alot of custom work. My machines are Singer and Neel's Saddlery 441

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  1. My die holder sets fit many Tandy type presses that take a 3/8" (9.5mm) shank. Watch my website for an amazing new guide rail system I will be offering. Ken harper from Chief's leather works will be making a review video soon. Take care all! Joyce~~ blackriverlaser.com for how to videos!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am so sorry about not being able to answer everyone in a timely manner. I appreciate all my friends and customers and try my best to accommodate everyone. My network crash and then main computer meltdown did not help much in the process. When I started my hobby business, I had no idea it would turn into a 12-16 hour a day job. It's been like that for the last year or so. eBay sales take up most of that time. And running a household at the same time. I had no idea retirement would be so hectic! Please bear with me as I am entering my slow period and will be caught up soon. I always make sure I deliver all paid invoices on or before the date promised in the mean time. I am trying to be a little more selective about my time management and may have to slow down on custom work for a couple more weeks.... If I don't get back with you fast enough, hang in there! I really do apologize. I will be back at full steam very soon. Thanks again all and I hope everyone had a nice and safe summer! Joyce~
  3. Thank you all for your request's! I decided to not offer that particular template set for sale after the research showed that there would need to be too many variations too accommodate all of the options. Thanks again, Joyce~ Owner- Blackriverlaser.com
  4. Hi, I have a new video page on my website that features two great leather craftsmen known to everyone here, Ken Harper and Ian Atkinson. There are two video tutorials on how to make a guitar strap. Their experience and tips will help no matter how you go about designing a fine guitar strap. I hope this helps you. http://www.blackriverlaser.com/videos Take care and have fun! Joyce~
  5. Sometimes I have to Laser engrave to get a logo or photo in some leathers which turns out pretty cool but I honestly believe that stamped looks so much better.
  6. Silverbullet, I do offer over 60 template sets and gauges. I do not sell copyrighted designs. Nor will I sell customer's designs unless given permission first. I do a lot of custom templates for customers. I hope to do business with you sometime! Thank you, Joyce~
  7. Hey Tree Reaper...Are you guys are shipping your weather down here? It's supposed to be -11 F. here today. Brrr. Tee shirt weather for you guys up north eh! Thanks John, I did few hours of CAD work of cleaning up the hand drawing for symmetry. Then I added stitch holes to the pattern and finally cut the templates on my 100 watt CNC laser. Custom acrylic templates are my specialty. I should add that This set of templates were for my own personal use and not for sale. Joyce~ Blackriverlaser.com
  8. I finally got the big winter storm which gave me the time to make the Tandy 1911 Cavalry holster and template set. I bought the pattern set early this summer and put it away for a winter storm. We have had a lot of blowing snow yesterday and today, almost a Blizzard in northern Ohio. So my excuse to hold off on finally getting this project done was gone! It turned out to be a fun and fast project. This one's going to my brother in law who has begging me to make one for him. Thanks for looking! Joyce~ Back River Laser
  9. I found this ad on Craigslist, I can't vouch for them but thought someone may get a good used machine here or maybe not! http://cleveland.cra...4229693288.html Joyce~
  10. Sold! Thanks everyone for your good wishes and for checking this sale out. Joyce~ - B.R.L.
  11. Sam! So nice to hear from you! Keeping busy as usual. I know you are too. Keep up the good work Sam
  12. I've decided to part with my Tandy leather splitter. Just put it in the marketplace..

  13. I've had it for a year now and have only used it 3 or 4 times. It's a Osborne clone I believe. I just don't have the strength to pull the leather through it! I may put it up on Ebay but I thought I'd let my friends here have a chance at it first. If anyone is interested, I am asking $275.00 plus actual shipping. Just send me a message at my Email: blackriverlaser@gmail.com Thank you! Joyce~ It has a wooden handle instead of the cast iron one like in the picture.
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