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  1. Very informative thread! After pounding my arm into oblivion a few months ago, I went out to my husband's work shed and looked around...and there I saw his drill press! By opening the jaws all the way, I found it was a perfect fit for the 3-D Stamps I have. The stampings came out clearer than hammering them in, but my impressions still weren't coming out as crisp as I wanted. Now, I know why! I had been using a 1" thick piece of wood under the leather! Now I know I should have been using either metal or marble! DUH! Thanks for all the great info!
  2. Sounds good...when we hit Lewiston, it's like a whirlwind getting to all the stores we need to hit. We could meet at Arby's maybe??? Snow's going to be flying soon and hopefully it will put these darn fires out around here. I'm really getting tired of the smoke along the river. Well, I just put some pics up, but I think I put them in the wrong place...it said something about "our album". Didn't know what that was, but it sounded good. I hope I did it right. It kind of cut me off at 27 pics so I'll try again tomorrow. Mostly just got my old stuff up and was starting to put more recent pieces in when I lost the page. I wanted to say thank you to electrathon for saving me. One of the reasons I came here was to find a Masonic craftaid that one of the members had up for sale...didn't get an answer, but this guy stepped in and said if I didn't get a responce, that he had one he could sell me! A real life saver!!! So very helpful! You are all a great bunch!!!
  3. Thank you for the great welcome! I now feel I'm in the right place. It's great to find a place where people can actually help. Everything I've learned about leatherwork was out of books and there are times when I feel that I'm just not doing some things right. I've looked through alot of the topics and I've already found better ways to make it so your leather doesn't get pushed out of shape when you're tooling it. All this time I was using the "cement to posterboard" method which worked fine if you were lining the wallet, but a pain in the posterior if you weren't lining. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a clear 3-D Stamp impression. I used to use a hammer...very poor quality impressions...and I've even gone so far as using my husband's drill press...the stamp end fits perfectly inside a full-open drill chuck! Works alot better, but I think it could be better. Anyway, I'll have to look through more of the help topics to see if there is an even better way that's within my budget. Cyberthrasher - We used to live in Lewiston! And amazingly, my husband is into bikes and trikes! As you know, Lewiston's population is like 50 times the size of us (between Lenore & Orofino). Everything I use has to be done over the internet and it gets pretty pricey after you add in the shipping. We make a once-a-month trip into the Big City of Lewiston. We'll have to find out where you are so hubby can see your bikes. He's suppose to be getting a trike out of CA and he's a Clearwater Member of ABATE. It would be great to meet you! I'll try to get some pics up if I can figure out how to do it. I'm not real tech saavy but I'll try to figure it out. You are all such a great group! I'm so glad I found you!!!!
  4. Yeah...I'm the newbie on the block...and I am in awe! I was going to start an album, but truthfully, after seeing all the amazing work here, the Leatherwork I have done is mediocre at best! I cannot believe how fantastic some of the Leatherwork is that I've viewed so far! All I do is wallets and basically carry-arounds...nothing like what I've seen here. I've been doing Leatherwork for some time now (off and on for 20 years) and I am amazed to see that I apparently have only scratched the surface. Everyone here should be commended on such beautiful workmanship and dedication. I can see I have a lot to learn!
  5. Randy & Claudia ~ I know you said that you were only selling as a lot, but I am in desperate need of Craftaid 2340 (Masonic Billfold). Is there any way possible that I could purchase just the one item? Please let me know because I needed it, like, yesterday. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Thank You
  6. I know this is really late to ask if you still have Craftaid 2340. I have been searching all morning and you popped up in my search. If you still have it, I would be willing to pay double your asking price for it. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your time...
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