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  1. You can call Daniel Uptmor at Uptmor Saddlery in Waco, TX 254-848-9934. They have one that they use a lot. I don't know if he can help or not but it is a start..
  2. try Nevada Rubber stamp. They have a second business where they do laser pictures on leather. http://nrs.utypia.com/UI/en-US is the main website http://kattelman.com/ is the leather site. Clay
  3. Another good source for derlin stamps and embossing plates is a company called Nevada Rubber Stamp. http://nrs.utypia.com/UI/en-US They are quick and very reasonably priced. Clay Miller
  4. Hi All, I was lucky enough to be able to spend the day at Jim's new leather workshop/studio/classroom/leathercraft museum. As Jim said it is a lifetime of love for leathercraft. He has put together a great place to come look at works of leather art by many of the great masters like Al Stohlman, Ken Griffin, Christine Stanley,Robb Barr, and many many more. I believe Jim said he has works from 17 Al Stohlman Award winners. There is, of course, also many of Jim's works to look at. In addition to the leatherwork there is a huge library of books, magazines, patterns, doodle pages and other publications on or about leathercraft. And for those of you who are tool junkies like me, he has a set of stamping tools and swivelknives that is beyond description. Tools from nearly every maker you have ever heard of and some from makers you have never heard of. I am proud to say he even has a couple of my stamps on display. The studio is set up perfectly for people to come and utilize the library with a comfy couch for reading the many books and magazines. It is also set up with a classroom having several two person work stations. I like this because it will be a non comercial setting to learn with out added sales pressure. Jim is planning to have a class soon, check with the LoneStar leather guild or Jim for any info on class dates and subjects. If you find yourself in the area I highly reccomend getting ahold of Jim to set up a tour, or attend a class when they are set.
  5. Clay

    Hey Ya'll!

    Welcome Dave, I am in Temple. If you are interested there is a leather guild in Austin. We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at the Tandy store. There are demos and tips at most meetings and group projects. Tandy also has classes on Saturdays and the guild helps with some of them. Clay Miller
  6. Great Job Bruce! I hope to make it there in person some day! Clay Miller
  7. I used a scissor type knurling tool on the lathe. Clay
  8. I didn't realize you were so young!

  9. Colby, Sorry for not answering sooner, Sam is right, Uptmore Saddlery can help you with the sewing. They are on Hwy 6 west of Waco. Take the Speegleville Road exit and follow the frontage road almoat a mile and you can see their sign and shop. Richard and everyone else, thanks for the complements. Clay
  10. Hey Clay,

    Do you know of anybody around the Temple area that would sew some belts for me? I would definitely pay! Thanks!

  11. Clay

    Lui It was great to meet you and again congratulations on the Billy Wootres Memorial award!

  12. I think it is not about saving time, but rather that if it is tooled all the way to the end the tooling can get distorted and even split when there are swivel knife cuts at the fold. great question, hopefully others will chime in with there thoughts.
  13. A belt I finished today that is goping to California. I felt a little rusty after being away from the tooling bench for several months while I persued other employment. Happy to be back in my own shop!!
  14. so many leather tools, so little time to use them...

    1. Johanna


      You had better make the time. Teach the kids while you're at it. You are too gifted not to carve.

    2. Johanna


      You had better make the time. Teach the kids while you're at it. You are too gifted not to carve.

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