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  1. Another winner Gray! I keep going back to the first picture with the skull, those teeth look amazing!
  2. Score is a nice understatement. That stone has me jealous!
  3. I like the look of that! When I first looked at the lid I was wondering what you had used for a patina on the leather on top "rivets". Nice work.
  4. Well, most weight lifters I've met tend to sweat a bit. With prolonged use, it's going to get more staining. Call it character marks...
  5. Could be a natural dark spot in the leather, or some oil may have gotten on that spot ant one point in time. I've never been successful at getting a spot like that back to a "natural" look. Hopefully someone else will come in with some better info.
  6. Ever had a customer that you wised would just fall into a hole? I have a lady that I sell a couple of bracelets to on a maybe quarterly basis. She pays well, but has become increasingly picky about the pattern, or lack of, on the leather. This last request for a wrap style bracelet almost drove me nuts! Sh wanted it to look distressed and each time I showed an example of what I came up with, she didn't like it. So, I figured I'd get the last laugh... I cut out a 1/2" strip of 7/8 leather, SOAKED it in some water, laid it down on my exposed aggregate drive way, and then knocked the snot out of it several times with a poly hammer. This stuff is a lot tougher than I figured it would be... After doing that, I allowed it to dry, then knocked off the corners and applied some Resolene to the top. About 4 hours later, I hit it with some medium brown antique. She loved it, and I'm now making 2 more for her... To make matters worse, now my bride wants me to make her something with this "new" pattern... Ugh... All of the pics here are of the same piece of leather... If you look close, you can see tiny bits of gravel and sand embedded in the leather...
  7. That is quite the undertaking and I am really looking forward to the finished product!
  8. I like the look of that. Very nice braid work too.
  9. Thanks. I looked into this and talked to a friend in the area that uses it. He gave me a pill bottle full, and after trying it over the last couple of days, I just ordered some from Weaver. I appreciate the recommendation!
  10. I know I sound like a broken record, but your work just amazes me! I'm not a fan of painted leather, but you're quickly showing me that when done properly, it's absolutely beautiful work!
  11. Nick, those look pretty good! I may be calling you soon for another maker's mark. I may have gotten a bit heavy handed with mine.
  12. Looks like you cased the leather well and got some nice and even impressions. When you do the tri-weave, you'll more than likely need to blend in at the bevel line again on the inside border. Looking forward to the rest.
  13. Thanks all. I use the resolene as a resist coat prior to antique, and then resolene finish after. I did a few rest pieces last night that way and will work them over for a day or so. The bracelets are for pictures and to recreate the ones they had in high school
  14. The title is a quote from my bride over the phone. I asked her how she knew I had gotten leather tools, she said the envelope smelled like the Tandy store! i asked if it was from Tandy, she said nope, but it smells like leather, what did you buy? I may have to get a PO box soon! Oh, almost forgot, it's a new swivel knife. She didn't understand that changing blades was a PITA so I ordered a new one. Makes sense to me...
  15. I've been asked to make 4 bracelets for bride and bride's maids. I usually do figure carving and finish them with resolene, typically no sweat or water issues with those. What's the finish of choice for bracelets? No paint, just a resolene resist and then antique. Will resolene hold up or should I use an oil finish?
  16. For patterns, look up silhouettes, or line art and you should get some ideas.
  17. Very functional and also a great advertisement for your work. When people see that you make quality items for tool holders, etc., they realize that you'll do a bang up job for them as well. Great finish work too!
  18. OUTSTANDING tooling, paint, and blending! WOW is all I can say!
  19. I really like how each of your characters has his/her own look and not a copy of the last one you did. That says talent for sure!
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