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  1. Great job! I really like that wolf face! great detail.
  2. Thanks for the advice Murf! Yeah patience is one thing I still sometimes forget to use. I have been letting it sit for about a week since I got busy with work so I think I will try to rub off some more and maybe seal it with the resolene mix. What have you used for sealing and finishing a project?
  3. Thanks for the info thekid77. I will definitely check that out. Right now I am just looking to fix my problem and hopefully save a lot of time put into this project. Dwight, thank you too! I actually used the Fiebings USMC oil dye for this project. I also have resolene but I am not sure what the result would be since I have already put the balsam wax on the pouch. Can I put resolene on top of the wax? Any thoughts?
  4. Hello all, my name is Brandon and I am still a newbie. I have a problem that I would like to have some help with. I was asked to make a black leather skeet pouch. The pouch came out great first of all. I might have done everything wrong though. I cut out all the pieces and punched the stitching holes. I laced it up with a double loop stitch and then I dyed it. The first coat made it look purple and you could still see some of the raw leather peaking through so I decided a second coat would be good. I read somewhere on here that you dye your project after you are done stitching, so thats what I did. Normally I only use brown dyes and have never had to wipe off any excess. I just put on the coat of Carr and Day and Martin Belvoir leather balsam. So this is what I did with the black oil dye. Unfortunately after applying it with the tan sponge it comes with, it was totally black. This worried me since the skeet pouch will be on a belt and rubbing off on this guys pants. So I got out some rags and started buffing the pouch................well I'm about 15 rags in and it is still just coming off. I don't know if it is because the balsam is releasing it or it just has that much extra dye on it. Please give me some advice. Should I just keep buffing and use a different sealer?
  5. Thanks Jimbob, what do you suggest to use to cut the corners? Is there a good rounding tool or just cutting it out manually? Thanks Greene, yeah I used block out on the real light parts then dyed and wiped the whole wallet with acorn brown and then went back and darkened the spots I wanted real dark.
  6. Thanks for the Critique Aaron. I originally was going to use lace to stitch but changed my mind. Now that you point it out, I agree that I need to use a way bigger thread/smaller holes or switch to lace. I still am a newbie to a lot of stuff including stitching. I know I will look at this every time I am finishing a project from now on and question what would look best before I make holes. Brandon
  7. This is a new wallet that I am working on for myself. This is designed and drawn by me. I still need to finish the edges but I think it is coming along nicely. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks guys! I would just use oil/spirit dye so the colors don't fade or smear. The black was an all in one dye and it rubbed into all the colors.
  9. Thankfully this was for an understanding friend. First time using color. I was very happy until about a month later my friend showed me how the black rubbed into the face and the yellow around the face. Very disappointing after all that work. My first mistake was using eco flo water based color dye and then using supersheene to seal it. I didn't know about this forum when I started and didn't and still don't really know what the best sealer would be to finish color pieces. I switched to using Belvoir leather balsam but would appreciate any other suggestions.
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