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  1. I like it. Cool design. I do alot of those as well for my daughters and friends at work. quick & fun jt
  2. Had an idea to make christmas ornaments from small scap leather accumulating after projects. So i grooved borders, edge beveled and stamped everyone's name in my family and colored with green and red magic marker and lightly stained with saddle tan and then super sheined them. Now I have to make them for wifes family and friends as well
  3. I finished this bag over the weekend for my wife to use when we go hiking. Just to carry sm binoculars, smokes, cell phone & sm handheld gps. She likes it so much she will use it as a outing/weekend purse as well. It's 6-1/2" wide by 4-1/2" ht by 2-1/2" deep. I didn't have any template and just thought up how to make a bag. Then I used manilla folder and made a half size mockup to visualize it all together. Cut that template apart and made the bag out of 1 piece only except the strap. Putting it together was a bit frustrating though. After having it mostly assembled, I saw a similar bag at tandy with stitched sides which looks alot easier to do. Next time. . . . .
  4. I've always wanted a wider leather watchband and just couldn't pass it up the other day at the store. So I bought the kit and tooled, stained and assembled it. I'll make a real one after this wears out. ( it's very thin, so prob won't last long ) Still, it was fun and quick and now I know how to make one jt
  5. Working on a hiking staff in between other projects and did finish the leather grip a couple days ago or so. I am a beginner leatherworker and knifemaker as well and am finding it difficult to break away from the leatherworking to do any knifemaking / forging. Anyhow, I laced this up first using green suade lace and it broke on me about 3/4 of the way and I was extremely upset 'cause I had to squeeze this thing shut the entire time while trying to lace it loosely and then come back to snug it when it broke. Looking through the tandy flyer described that I should be using latigo lace for projects requiring strength. Luckily it was on sale last weekend. Went in there with the intention on getting just a couple items and walked out with a big piece of leather and $158 bucks worth of more tools, books and supplies. I really wished I would have discovered this art when I was a bit younger The staff is not finished, just installed the grip. I plan on adding some embellishment, a medium amythest on top and an attachment for a forged blade at the bottom in case of undesirable wilderness encounters. Haven't decided on the wood stain color yet either, but leaning towards a dark green perhaps. Thankzx.... jt
  6. Thankzx....I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but does one sit on it to hold it in place or does the stitching horse just stand on the work table ? again, much appreciated.... jt
  7. Those are both nice stitching ponies Care to share the horizontal and vertical dimensions ? I think I'd like to make one myself too. Thankzx.... jt
  8. Some really good conversations here regarding skulls..... I like skull and crossbone motifs as well and have one on the back of my motorcycle and a couple pirate skull patches on my jacket. I have a different take on it though. Although I like pirate lore and such I believe the skull and crossbones is a positive symbol. We are all headed to the grave, so live life and enjoy life to your best. The skull reminds us of that. jt
  9. Hello everyone. My name's John Thorpe from Lake Mary, FL, USA. I'm new to the leatherworking scene having only made a few sheaths for the knives I've made, and some small projects in addition to that. I'm happy to be here among all you people and able to learn from such good talent that I've seen so far. Thankzx for sharing your knowledge and skills with us beginners. I've uploaded some few pics of what I've been lucky enough to make that's decent enough to show Thank you for a great site. JT
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