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  1. Bruce, thank you! Do you use the overstitch wheel before you go to sew? And do you need several wheel sizes to match the stitch length? My only issue would be is that my stitching may not be as perfect as others... i may or may not get off track at some point or maybe decide to change the path of my sewing and then would not be on the overstitch path. The needle is fairly new. The machine doesnt get used a lot. I would agree with the quality of the leather. Its definitely not top grade. I will start with maybe getting the leather wet to see if that helps with the needle busting through. But what about sewing leather that has already been dyed? I realized there will be sooooome flaw due to the machine stitch, but it dont believe it should be that ugly! Thanks!!
  2. All. I'm having trouble with the backside stitch of my machine. I have a cowboy 4500 but the backside stitch is horrible. Un-dyed leather pushes through and the holes/stitching are just ugly... Anyone know of a fix?
  3. @Boriqua, Sorry to bring up such an old post, but how did you cut your belt slot? That looks very clean!
  4. Anyone have any more advice on this? Im going to try needle size to start with. Im pretty sure i can figure this out.
  5. Just wondering if your work started looking any better on the bottom? I have the same issue with my new machine. I know a little bit about machines and have slightly started messing withe the tensions. If your work is looking any better, please post a picture and what you did! Thanks!
  6. Thanks you two. I like the conduit idea. I can also weld pretty well and have thought about using some flat stock and a stud to create my own.... Anyone else ever tried that ?
  7. Hi everyone. I've been looking all over for explanations or tools to use but I just can't figure it out. I really need to know how everyone makes their belt holes for an outside the waistband holsters. I know that some say they make a hole on each end and then punch the sides with a chisel to connect the holes, but are there any one piece punches that can make a perfect oblong hole to string a belt through the holster. Thanks guys.
  8. Cheryl Thanks! I didnt even think about them having used ones at the shop! I will give that a go! Ive found a few used ones that people are trying to sell but for the most part, ive been too late! Ralph! Thank you a ton! Yes, i absolutely appreciate your opinion and advice. I wont even consider a machine unless it looks/reads to be hardly used or rather new. I would love to order directly from Steve, but lets be honest, if i can save $2-500 im going to try as hard as possible to do so. Who knows, maybe ill end up going with a new one from Steve! Thanks for your help so far guys/gals! Red
  9. Hi guys and gals. I think i have made my decision based on everything that i have read and reviewed. I am looking for a Cobra Class 4 Premium machine for sale if anyone has one. Please let me know if you, or someone you know has one for sale! Thanks everyone! redsleatherco@gmail.com 859-468-5111 text me if possible, im not too good about answering unknown numbers...
  10. Thank you Gringo! What do you make yours out of? Thin Steel? And what, just drill them out wide enough for the rivets and snaps to fit through? Also, what about protective snaps that wont scratch the gun? On my buddies Galco, the outside of the snap has a plasic covering so it doesnt scrape up agains the pistol and scratch it. Thanks again! Red
  11. Im looking for a place to find these. I am making my own holsters and one for my buddy but i need these plates. Something similar to the little plate at the top of the holster with the snaps riveted to it. ' Most are metal, but either way, anyone know where i can find these things? And protective snaps to use as well?
  12. Thanks for replying so quick! That was a mix of Fiebings Alcohol Brown and EcoFlo Antique Gel. But ive used the Resolene with just the alchol and just the antique and had the same result. I did oil it before dying. Let that soak in four about 8 hours (overnight). No i didnt dilute it, didnt really know if that was something i should do or not. Got any ideas why this is happening? Cam
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