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    Former Rodeo Clown and Bullfighter! I’ve worked for Eli Rios when he was with Longhorn Boot Company in the early 80’s after my rodeo career I went into making Chaps. Made some and got credited in the movie 8 Seconds as well as All the Pretty Horses! Was one of the first people in the country to design and manufacture a bull riding vest!
    David Mills

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    Saddlemaker (20 years ago)
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  1. When I had my saddle shop in the mid/late 90’s, all I had was a year of repairs, and the Dusty Johnson Video! Remember, this was pre-Internet! So I was limited to a friend who was 250 miles away, but always a phone call away! mid have to say the Dusty Johnson video was enough to get the ball rolling! My photos are too big to post here... so go to www.Facebook.com/DavidMillsSaddlery and you’ll be able to see some I made 20 years ago! I’ve recently gotten back into leatherwork, but haven’t the room for doing saddles just yet!
  2. Campbell makes a speed reducer kit for this machine! You remove the clutch at the flywheel, install a piece they make, install the speed reducing pillows and a servo motor and you’re going slower! No haven’t had any trouble when I slowed mine down!
  3. I put a speed reducer and a servo motor on mine and that made it more user friendly! You are right though, it’s not a machine for the timid!
  4. You can email yourself the pictures from your phone, and it should ask if you want to resize them! Then save the smaller files!
  5. Have you talked to Eli Slaybaugh at Landis? (217) 543-3464 He might have something there that you could use?
  6. I’m near San Antonio, in Seguine! Keep me posted on what else you might have!
  7. turbotexas

    Singer 29k gearbox

    Autocorrect got me!
  8. turbotexas

    Singer 29k gearbox

    David Mills I wish someone would contact him for me landryland3@gmail.com this guys interested!
  9. According to his profile... somewhere in NC
  10. ^^^What he said... Northern Tool has a motor for $179.00ish? even 110 volt motor should work! What I found was the pully size is really important! Too big, and the flywheel rotates too fast, and you get a double click! i know this because o replaced the whole motor, and had a new pulley size on it!
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