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  1. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    I’ve tried both ways... it’s only a split second and it shuts off on its own! In the beginning of the thread, I posted a YouTube video of the exact same machine... it seems the adjustable knob has been removed in that video? So I’m not sure where to go? It does have a “micro switch” below the table near the pump and motor? I’ll start looking at that next! I’m out of town for a few days, so I’ll hope a lightbulb goes off in one of y’all heads! Hopefully someone has a similar unit, and we can compare wiring?
  2. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    Oil has been changed, with no change?
  3. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    Where is the solenoid? What does a spoil valve look like? What I was hoping to see here is this “micro switch” doing something? No movement that I could see?
  4. turbotexas

    Help with UMC Hydralic Clicker Press

    Which fluid did you use?
  5. turbotexas

    Union Lockstitch Fan

    You’re correct! My bad! I’ve changed the YouTube title, and asked/reported to the mods to change the thread title
  6. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    This is what I’m thinking... a “timer” of sorts! Did nothing but ruin the cutting board! That may be why there’s a big label on top of the head that states do not use for 30 seconds after initial start up! It might be giving those capacitors time to charge initially! No I never found anything like a switch on the shaft column! At one time while we were piddling with this, we got it to go full stroke! Which as mentioned above, Did nothing but ruin the cutting board! I have yet to find a drain plug in the tank holding the hydraulic fluid! So I might have to find a means to siphon it out!
  7. turbotexas

    Union Lockstitch Fan

    for your viewing pleasure!
  8. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    Thank you!!!! If your manual is different than the one he linked above, would you mind sharing? Thanks!
  9. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    I’ve yet to find a manual... What the variables do is link then the length of the stroke! I’ll have to post a video on YouTube and put the link here so y’all can see what I’m talking about…