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    Former Rodeo Clown and Bullfighter! I’ve worked for Eli Rios when he was with Longhorn Boot Company in the early 80’s after my rodeo career I went into making Chaps. Made some and got credited in the movie 8 Seconds as well as All the Pretty Horses! Was one of the first people in the country to design and manufacture a bull riding vest!
    David Mills

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    Saddlemaker (20 years ago)
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  1. turbotexas

    7-34 Motor recommendation ?

    And I still have a treadle that works fine... to each his own... just because some does something different than you do... doesn’t make them any less than you...
  2. turbotexas

    7-34 Motor recommendation ?

    Clutches worked fine for years long before the servo’s showed up...
  3. turbotexas

    Tippmann Aerostitch II still available?

    Well I’ve got an 80 gallon tank in my outside work shop (not inside leather area) and have already run a line into the house to have air pressure available to clean dust and gunk out of machines I’ve recently purchased! So the noise won’t be an issue with me... I was under the impression that the parts for the Boss would also work on these? @CowboyBob yes, I could mount it to my trailer and run it from my truck air supply! I’ve been in contact with this dealer... he’s still in business!
  4. turbotexas

    Tippmann Aerostitch II still available?

    Damn... that’s too bad! The simplicity of it is what I liked! I guess I’ll have to add that to my “wish list”! What’s the story on why they’re no longer in production? No demand? Over priced?
  5. Is this still available/being made? I didn’t see it on their web sight? What do these run? Has anyone had any experience with them? They look stout!
  6. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    Someone here sent me a manual, and from what I gathered it’s supposed to have an electrical conductive cutting material board that “completes” the circuit? I don’t see that here! They show how to “bypass that” but that doesn’t appear to be done! I found some old dies, and this wouldn’t cut through anything with them! I bought some cheap amazon Chinese made dues and they cut fine? But they’re really small! https://www.kempler.com/inventory/presses/hydraulic-press I’ll call these guys and see if they’ll help, or buy it from me lol
  7. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    I’m wondering if this isn’t working correctly because I don’t have a “phase converter” on this? That it’s not getting the proper voltage to make it cycle?
  8. turbotexas

    Landis Splitter Blade

    Campbell Randall in Texas...
  9. turbotexas

    HCM-B USM Hytronic cutting machine Model B

    Its very similar to the one I have, and mine ain’t working properly... how much?
  10. turbotexas

    HCM-B USM Hytronic cutting machine Model B

    You can email the photos to yourself, (via iPhone) and it gives you the option to resize... then open email and save the photos... I see by the area code you’re in California, sonits still early there!
  11. turbotexas

    HCM-B USM Hytronic cutting machine Model B

    I don’t see any video, photos location or asking price?
  12. turbotexas

    Singer 111 153w adjustments

    Yes, that’s what needs to be done! You need to turn AFTER bottoming out, that way the shuttle has already picked up the thread! When you turn prematurely the thread gets “twisted” and is no longer in the proper position for the shuttle hook to pick it up!
  13. turbotexas


    I’ve had to use a drill, and route the thread through a tension disc on another machine! Have you tried Eli at Landis? He makes one for the #3 I have, and I think the bobbin is similar! A long shuttle type?
  14. turbotexas

    Boot vamp and counter dies trade or cash

    the Sierra vamps and plain rounded vamps have been sold!
  15. turbotexas

    Boot vamp and counter dies trade or cash

    im hoping to be able to trade for some different tools or old machinery! Let’s talk!