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    near San Antonio Texas
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    Former Rodeo Clown and Bullfighter! I’ve worked for Eli Rios when he was with Longhorn Boot Company in the early 80’s after my rodeo career I went into making Chaps. Made some and got credited in the movie 8 Seconds as well as All the Pretty Horses! Was one of the first people in the country to design and manufacture a bull riding vest!
    David Mills

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    Saddlemaker (20 years ago)
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    New technology
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  1. turbotexas

    singer 97-10

    I'm interested as well!
  2. turbotexas

    Adler 69. And Adler 30-7

    Which is the top picture/machine? Where are you at? Willing to ship?
  3. turbotexas

    Weaver 205 Sewing Machine, Complete with Stand and Servo Motor

    And if you’ll be able to put it on a pallet!
  4. turbotexas

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    Thanks! Worth every bit, just not right now for me!
  5. turbotexas

    Junker & Ruh S.D. 28 Sole Stitcher

    That corner stitcher attachment!!! How much?
  6. Sorry it took all day, this being a truck driver sure is getting in the way of my collecting tools! Lmao
  7. Please check your message I’d like the French knives or French scribers the set of knives and possibly a proud Gates! Plough gage
  8. turbotexas

    Landis #3 threading

    might have figured it out?
  9. turbotexas

    Landis #3 threading

    True, and I’ve played with the adjusting of that spring, but then the thread doesn’t come through the leather bottom like it should? This is an older polyester spool (5-6 years old) I got from Campbell. A 207... the 346 never did this?
  10. turbotexas

    Landis #3 threading

    You’re the guy for the Union I have lol
  11. turbotexas

    Landis #3 threading

    surely there’s some Landis Guys here?
  12. turbotexas

    I need clicker help

    I kinda gave up on this thing... or put it on the back burner... speaking of which, I’m thinking of pulling a control knob/assembly from a stove and putting it into the place where this adjuster is and see what happens! What’s the worst that could happen? Lol I found a C model, but it’s trapped inside an old boot shop... they rebuilt the storefront and made it a single door... so they can’t get it out of the building!
  13. turbotexas

    Singer 97-10 help

    The motor on mine is 1/2 HP and 1750 RpM’s! Make sure if getting a new one, that the output shaft fits the large pulley properly lubricated, the built in clutch works great! You can feather even thick leather! T
  14. turbotexas

    Singer 97-10 help

    This has a built in clutch in the base... I’m not sure a servo would move this heavy of a flywheel?