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    near San Antonio Texas
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    Former Rodeo Clown and Bullfighter! I’ve worked for Eli Rios when he was with Longhorn Boot Company in the early 80’s after my rodeo career I went into making Chaps. Made some and got credited in the movie 8 Seconds as well as All the Pretty Horses! Was one of the first people in the country to design and manufacture a bull riding vest!
    David Mills

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    Saddlemaker (20 years ago)
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    New technology
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    Web search

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  1. Where are you located?

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    2. turbotexas


      I bought that 6/6 from you a few months back! I bought this Ferdinand in Dallas last week! Had I have known, I’d have stopped by! 
      I do have a clicker I need help with! But it’ll be a week or two before I could even think about getting into my pickup and brought up there! 


      See where this one is bent? Do you have anything used you could sell? Would need one good screw as well! 

    3. SolarLeatherMachines


      I closed my shop on January 3 of this year.  The Trump tariffs killed us.  But I can privately service your machine.  I still have all the tools required.  :) Just drop me a line when you're headed this way. 

      Also, I don't have that part.  Maybe contact City Sewing in Dallas, or Texas Sewing Machine in Fort Worth.   Or MAYBE Campbell Randall down by you. 


    4. turbotexas


      Ok, yes, I knew you were closing/moving when I picked up the Ferdco 6/6 from you! 

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