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  1. It can do up to 1/4 inch maybe 5/16 of an inch… But as stated earlier, that would be pushing it! But for $500 go get it… I called mind my money maker! Because it is used more than any of my other 10 sewing machines…
  2. Anyone have photos of how the safety lockout is set up on one of these please?
  3. I’m sure any Juki setup will fit, I was just wanting to keep it Ferdco...
  4. I don’t want to have to change things every time I switch feet???
  5. I’m sure they’re as rare as a maker of skiver blades! Ely has made several, so I’ll trust his judgement! He was able to contact someone who has this splitter and get measurements from her!
  6. Far left is what was on my machine! The two middle toes matched...
  7. No, still have terrible service! I ordered $477.00 in presser feet for a new to me Juki 2000 Bull and they’re significantly shorter! Been waiting several weeks on a resolution! No calls or replies to emails!
  8. Hi recently acquired an older Centennial number two leather splitter! I need to find an 18 inch blade for it… Anybody have one laying around LOL
  9. Someone may be having the same problem... hahaha
  10. There’s your problem! Way too much needle for that thread!
  11. No call backs for weeks! I felt like I was stalking them, calling every couple days!
  12. My Ferdinand 900b is on a Seiko, and the take up arm is on left face of machine, not like this one... this may be on of the newer imports
  13. +1 (406) 334-1346 Tony Luberto built these! Two different needle sizes can be used... depending on where set pin is!
  14. Call Campbell Randall they’re familiar with these machines! If it’s like mine, it’s based off of a Seiko! Worst costumer service of anyone I’ve ever dealt with...
  15. I picked this up today... need to ID it, so I can find manuals etc! I am the worlds worst videographer lol
  16. That’s not what mine looks like?
  17. Any way of getting these instructions posted here somewhere? Of course with the authors permission!
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