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  1. For sale 13 Old Tandy Leather Work Posters. in good condition except all have some very slight damage to the edges. Posters measure 17" wide and 22.5" tall. The poster "How to use swivel knife" has a piece cut out of it. Asking $120 for the set. To calculate shipping my zip is 70446. The package will weigh no more than 2 lbs and measures 18.5" x 23.5". Email me at joiner2800@bellsouth.net if interested.
  2. For sale: My zip is 70446 to calculate shipping Landis Spitter-it works but needs some repair, the adjuster needs the attachment to pull it out and adjust the setting. I used locking pliers to move it. It weighs about 60 lbs and measures 16" tall, 17" wide with the handle attached.Asking $350 American Long Arm cutter: works and is in decent shape. Weighs about 31 lbs and measures 13" tall and 27.5" wide with handle attached. Asking $50 Rivet Setter CIAC is on the side of it: does not have any attachments to set rivets/eyelets. Can ship flat rate for $17.45 and I will throw in the small rivet setter that is not in good shape. Asking $40 Also have a set of Tandy Leather work posters posted in misc. Contact me at joiner2800@bellsouth.net if interested.
  3. These items are sold: crimper, thread holders, and tote full of cobbler stuff. I also have a post in the used machines forum with some machines and stands I need to sell.
  4. The phone number in this post is incorrect. The correct number is 985-974-8820
  5. This is a list of the items I still have and I reduced the prices. I lost my job and I need to sell these. American long arm leather/sole cutter $50 Ciac bench rivet/eyelet setter $75 Both shoe stands Tall $35 and short $15 and I will throw in the shoe repair sign. I also have an American cast iron rivet setter not in the best shape $5, Crimper that clamps to table, it is frozen and will not turn but I think it can be restored $15 2 thread holders that attach to the table $10 for both and a tote full of cobbler stuff mostly rubber soles and heels.$10 email me with questions or for more pictures. joiner2800@bellsouth.net
  6. Reducing prices on all machines. Need to sell due to job loss and I can't afford a hobby right now. Will also consider offers. Cowboy 4500 $2000 Singer 31-15 $200 Table $100 I also have a Singer 45K58 that I bought in an estate lot. It is an antique from the research I have done. It doesn't work but it is not rusted shut. $50. Singer sewing stand for a patcher machine. It is frozen but I believe it can be restored. I was going to get a patcher but that didn't work out. $75 Email me with questions or for more pics , joiner2800@bellsouth.net
  7. Getting out of the repair business. For sale: Landis 5 in 1. In excellent working condition with sharp blades. $500. American long arm leather/sole cutter. Older model not used much. $75. Older Line finisher with sanding wheel, heel breaster, and brushes. Good working condition. All motors and belts in good condition. Does not have a visible name or model but was told it was a Landis. $300. Bench Rivet/Eyelet setter. Says CIAC on side. Does not have any of the attachments. $100. Naumkeag sander in good, working condition. $400. 2 Shoe repair stands. Cast iron with anvils and shoes. 1 is tall, measures 37 1/2 inches without the shoe on and bottom of this stand reads TRU-FIT MFG PHILA PA. $45. 1 stand is short measuring 22 1/2 inches. $20. Plexiglass sign that says Master Shoe Repair measures 18"x7 3/4"x 12". $5. Not sure about the value of some of these items, so feel free to make an offer. I posted sewing machines in that category. For more info email or call: joiner2800@bellsouth.net or 985-974-8820.
  8. Getting out of the repair business. For sale: Cowboy 4500 sewing machine. Bought new 11/2011. Lightly used. Has all attachments : roller edge guide, left and right harness feet, stirrup plate, holster plate, harness plate. Asking $2200. Singer 31-15. Working condition but I have never used it except to see if it worked. Asking $300. Sewing machine table with working motor, knee control, and light. Never used except to test it out. Located in Louisiana. Not sure about shipping machines but can be discussed with buyer. Call or email if interested: joiner2800@bellsouth.net or 985-974-2800. Listing other equipment in the other machine category.
  9. Rue

    & Symbol Stamp

    This is an excellent idea! And I think if Tandy can make a Treble Clef they should make and ampersand!
  10. Rue

    & Symbol Stamp

    I actually knew that eons ago. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks so much for the offer! But I need one to keep because I am doing custom awards and I know I will need it again.
  11. Rue

    & Symbol Stamp

    Those would work! Where do find them?
  12. Rue

    & Symbol Stamp

    Does anyone know where I can find a "&" symbol stamp? Or how to stamp this symbol? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info. I will check out the places you listed. I have a tax id number and I do get my leather suppplies from weaver, tandy ect. Occasionaly I need rope or nylon halters to make the bronc style award halter. I repaired a bridle the other day and the lady wanted a curb chain. So I am looking for a basic tack supplier. I have checked around the internet and some places require a $500 first order. That's alot of halters! LOL. Before I invest that money in my "hobby" I am hoping to get some recommendations from the experts! Thanks again!
  14. I do saddle and tack repair and some custom leatherwork as a side business/hobby. I need a supplier of tack and horse equipment such as rope halters which I use for custom awards. I don't have a "store" so weaver won't talk to me, even though I do by other supplies from them. Another big company that I called has a dealer of their products in my area so they won't talk to me. Can anyone recommend a wholesale supplier who will talk to me? Thanks for your help!
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