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    Hav'nt done any leather work since a youth and Tandy kits.Have Grandmother's old Dressmaker,and Dad's Luberto's NO9.Starting as Hobbie and time will tell.

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    Looking for info about Luberto's NO9

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  1. Right now i just work as a hobby.I also have too many hobbies.I want to do several things,leather ,and also after 40 yrs Hand Saws[sharpening]and branch into crosscut saws.As a welder,I also have an interest in repair of Cast Iron;I just want to keep the old arts alive. Be it carving Leather,at the Forge,or filers bench;to be good in fields like these require craftsman in their own right.For now I just hope not to lose money,make things for Relay for Life or other fund raisers [gets your name out there],and reduce stress.Wife notices difference when I'm working on a leather project. So... I'm in the 97% bracket,but I do have a dedicated leather room;all of 6ftx11ft. This has been an interesting topic,worth the time.
  2. I would agree on a cylinder bed w/table attachment.I have a home machine for light material,and a heavy duty cylinder bed,which is very useful. The only machines I watch prices for is a 25-30 in longarm and a post machine.I have room for neither right now,and would have to get rid of numerous toys to fund them. Good luck finding a machine that suits your needs and price range. I would talk with the dealers on here,service is very important when you have problems.
  3. 'm going to get someone to help me,[ other than wife ] so my gifts remain a surprise. I have problems with camera,I have a digital,but need to learn to download and file [ also delete ] to post on lw site. I'll get it one day. Other Family members are wowed by my projects,just have to keep eye for detail and always thing of doing better.
  4. It's the holiday season,and many of us will be making things that we may not sell due to cost and time. I wanted to make my wife a pair of riding gloves for xmas,and bought patterns from slc.I started by making me a pair to see how they go togather. I felt confident enough to go for it! Even with following directions [ well, Kinda ] You are goint to have uh oh or worse in your vocabulary. I hade nerve to cut the tobacco deer hide,and use chocklate brown horse front for cuffs. [ It might be the time to mention that using horse leather can bring you under hot toung cold shoulder] I tried to use machine to sew,maybe with a post [or if you're a lot better than I am ] but I decided to hand sew. RECOMENDATION: USE OSBORN NEEDLES [GLOVERS ] OR YOU WILL BE USING BAD WORDS! I'm not sure where slc glovers come from,but I was busting thru and getting ME,Osborn needles are much better and worth every penny. Basting tape is very useful on fingers,tacking w/thread is also helpful where needed. Stitching: As I worked my way,I found that using a glovers needle to sew around [in sections/fingers,don't go too much at a time] I buck stitched first pass,leave thread long enough to return and sew back using a harness needle;opposite sides just like you would use two harness needles. This way you make holes first pass ,and return ,be sure to lock the end before returning. I started using v69 on glove and cuff,changed to heavier dacron for glove and v69 for cuff. Right? Don't know. Looks good,two tone really stands out;and I doubt I will have anyone ask to make a pair paying for my time to hand sew. This will be a pair of gloves that my Wife will love, high quality,stand out,and can't be bought anywhere I've seen. I did photo ,and will post one day[just as soon as I'm smart enough to] Hand Made gloves are a good gift this time of the year,just takes time, [ like 2 weeks worth of breaks to keep hidden from wife] Good thing She does'nt look at this site!! Dale
  5. Good Luck! It's something many of us hope to achieve but the water always looks cold.I hope to find my nich and have wonderful things said about my work.
  6. Being a "newbie",well away from leather work for 40 yrs,I would be hand stitching everything except My Father bought a Luberto's no9; [ new ones are classics ] and I have it now.They're not commonly sold and Tony is gearing up for production again. They're a needle machine,can sew leather and fabric, and heavy.Dad set this one up w/motor and clutch,and I love using it when I want to Get-er-done on a project.Nothing but straight lock stitch but I'm not complaining.
  7. I purchase leather from Matt at Maverick Leather in Pengrove ca. It's about 4-5 hrs drive if I go down south,but brown is 2 days to ship. I've been to Matt's place of buisness,it's like a warehouse,and all He sells is leather. It works well for me,I'm a hobbiest and will take blems,and use /work around defect and incorporate brands into items.He now carries Herman Oak as well,and if I want to pick out leather,I can go south and back in a day. Hope You find your outlet. I buy most of my other supplies from Springfield Leather,and to give them credit...have no complaints,and I'm treated well by employees on the phone.
  8. Did you intend to sew w seam out? [ Cuff is sewn opposite ] I have no answers,but will be finding out the work involved,as I just got patterns For gloves,mittens and Gauntlets. Most are sewn wrong side out then reversed,and I have an older sewing machine w/metal gears for light work ,and an industrial cylinder arm harness stitcher;[ which can go down to size 19 needle]. Please keep me posted how it goes. oops! maybe cuff is correct.
  9. I hav'nt called them [ Philip Machine ] in several weeks.I was supposed to get a couple of samples,but they have two employees in sales.I guess we could get a group effort,and I hav'nt found anyone else in usa.A private caster,or a foreign market ,I hav'nt given up completly.
  10. I was in fishing mode as well,different knot. I was talking of Pacific Halibut eariler today.
  11. Catskin, I stand chastised. I did try another approach.I found a website in Sonora Ca ,Budget Casting Supply.I sent an E-mail inquireng about a backyard/home caster that would be interested in filling this market. Surprisingly enough,there is quite a bit of info on furnaces and Home Casting.
  12. When I started this quest,I knew I had to work at it;but one would think with building the economy we would have something in the usa. I'm still waiting to hear from philip machine,I could make buckles fron brass rod/wire, since I weld for a living. It would take time,and would add to cost,but it could be done.If I really wanted to antique it,make them from Cast Iron Gas Welding rod;not too many use that process anymore. I have a shipmate whose Dad was a pattern maker/foundry worker,maybe I should call him to see how much of His Dad's stuff He has. I'm not sure if I want to start this kind of buisness,but there seems to be a need;bad part is Kali environmental issues that might arise.
  13. I had someone make a comment that there is someone in Idaho making buckles,anyone know where and who? The Amish are supposed to be casting brass as well. Looks like a small owner ran foundry is in order,maybe they would'nt have all the Red Tape a big company does. Safety should be a big concern if someone attempts this.
  14. I called again about aweek ago,still no samples. [ABC3 maybe you would be a large enough order] I'm willing to buy a gross but that will be a large order for me. Guess they have been flooded with calls,now ,if we can get things rolling.
  15. I talked to Joshua today. I had'nt recieved samples that were to be sent. NOW,FOR WHAT I DID'NT KNOW! Drop center buckles like I want are CAST and NO BRASS CASTING IN USA ,due to regulations. If you want a buckle that has to be cast,it's cast from a Zinc alloy,still very strong according to Joshua. He also commented: I don't know what you did but we have been swamped with calls. Guess there is more going on with this topic than meets the eye. I'll look at the cast buckle and the formed [ brass and steel formed from wire ] buckles and go from there.I find that any buckle that will be around a Horse should be a center bar,it will take more for them to work it free. I would like to get buckles in other sizes,but not more than a couple of dozen.If anyone is going to buy a quantity and can let some go;maybe we can work something out.
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