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  1. Thank you very much, I’ll check in with them I haven’t heard of Maverick before, so I’ll definitely check them out. I spoke with the Eugene store and they gave me one name of a guy who said he was too unhealthy, so I came up short
  2. Hello everyone, I recently moved from Montana to Oregon. Specifically, I moved near Albany, in Linn County. When I lived in Montana, I was being taught how to make a saddle by a great guy. Unfortunately, I had to move short notice and wasn't able to get very far. I would like to find someone local to me that would be willing to teach me. I have the Stohlman books and I could probably find some videos, but I would much rather have someone with experience that I could ask questions to and get to know. I also don't have every tool that a person needs. I'm happy to pay and/or help out with any chores that need done. If anyone knows someone like this I would love to be connected with them! Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you for the info, I've never messed with the stuff but I've thought about it before.
  4. I've seen your work on here before and I've always been a big fan. I'll check out that Facebook page now! Again, I think the patches look great!
  5. As an Airman, thank you for making something this old timer can be proud to show off! I love it.
  6. Thank you everyone for the kind words! I truly appreciate it!
  7. I made this as a Christmas gift for my buddy's wife. he gave it to her early and she loved it so I'm happy there. The leather was about 9/10oz Herman Oak, I lined it with pig skin, colors used was fiebings mahogany, saddle tan and fiebings mahogany antique. I was pretty happy with this one but if you see something I could do to improve by all means let me hear it. I'm always looking to improve! Thanks and have a great day!
  8. I absolutely love this wallet
  9. Looks like you did an excellent job! I look forward to seeing more
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