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  1. Just finished up MY FIRST Buscadero rig for a customer, That early Ruger SA w/ real stag grips looks nice in there,,, ​ Details W&C chocolate E B exterior w/ Herman oak lining Ruger SA 22 ​bullet loops done separate and add sewn w/ 277 thread I was Happy as he was very happy with the set up
  2. Is there any plus to double stitching other than LOOKS ? Fancy ? Stronger ?
  3. looking for a Sig 226, Beretta nano consider other compact CC guns looking to trade before selling tell me what you have Ruger 22 5 1/2 barrel here or greystoneleather at gmail.com
  4. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! WOHOO!!! So many members with great information, that share and support the Craft, share thoughts and information so we can do better work and keep this tradition thriving, Great and many thanks David greystoneleather@gmail.com
  5. looking for a Calvary style holster pattern to fit a 1911 and or revolver basic holster with a flap to cover the grip any one have something to share Thanks David
  6. Thanks I was leaning towards the vinigeroon as I've had a couple issues with belt dye rub off or transfer, The drying time should offset the rubbing and cleaning time of the dyes on the blanks. thanks for the input, I've not used vinigeroon enough to determine how and when it should be used best LAST QUESTION? when using vinigeroon on holsters or tooled work do you change the process,,ie? vinigeroon then wet mold or stamp ? or vinigeroon and dry cut out/pattern and build holster normal ? or build holster then vInigeroon ? I've noticed a little less mold ability in the vinigeroon treated leather or am I just ????
  7. I'm making a batch of black belts and trying to decide if I should Dye w/ feibings oil black or usmc or use vinigeroon main concerns are dye transfer to clothes and a consistent color and having to wait for the vinigeroon to dry smell is low on the list thanks David
  8. Thanks this is the third or fourth avenger style I've made form a pattern sold by a member here. I followed the design, and agree the stitching around the trigger needs to be changed. The depth seem to be fine for the grip as my hand are xxl and no issue removing the gun from the holster . Will lengthen the pattern bottom @1/2 " to cover the tip better ,Agreed. My dogs are enjoying the first couple and say thanks for the great new chew toys..
  9. looking for input to improve on my work this was made w 8-9 for both holster and reinforcement finished in mahogany dye 277 thread, when I form the holster I also form the belt pocket and wing hole to conform to a belt to lessen the break in time
  10. NO!!!! NO !!! I'll just watch the post a little more before I say something stupid,,,,,, saran wrap ,,,,foam,,,,,,never assume it can handle it ,,,stretching it ,,,,an award,,,,,,,,,, ,you lose out on the fun of wrapping her.... it does seem like anything molded to breasts should be hand-formed. And you have a permanent souvenir as well! I'll stop with that for now!!!!!!
  11. Greystone

    7/8" Round Spots

    steel w nickle plating ? or brass w nickle plating?
  12. Its a pleasure to see such talent in the sunshine state WELCOME from Gator nation David
  13. Greystone

    Blue Guns

    FYI having some issues w/ payments will solve sooon
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