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    oh my! this is amazing
  2. Normally you would case/wet the entire piece you intend to die, not just the stamped area, to avoid the uneven takeup of die. Hope this helps.
  3. Mike, I was wondering what size the Barry King checkered X is?
  4. Beautiful stamping and a combination of stamps I haven't seen before. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Very nice. I particularly like the duffel. About the zippers in the duffel, is it possible that one side gets a little off from the other? I have had that issue with a couple of metal zippers if they are in the middle of the piece rather than on edges, making them almost impossible to get up and down easily. When I checked, it was like they had shifted one half / one tooth and that made them stiff to use. I think there is more play with the metal teeth on the zipper tape. So for the ones I did, I think I had more of an issue getting perfect alignment with an interior insertion. That may not apply in your case at all, but I just mention it as a possibility.
  6. I agree with Rock, that is a great space with lots of natural light. Thanks for sharing with us.
  7. I studied some Spanish there but unfortunately when you don't use it, you lose it...particularly los verbos ( groan). The fabrics there are amazing and I am so glad to finally put some of this one to use. It makes the purse much lighter than an all leather construction would.
  8. I purchased this Fossil purse from Value Village in hopes of resurrecting it. It was badly strained but trying to clean it just made it worse. So I took it apart to use for a pattern. The only items I was able to reuse where the handles, the buckles but not the tabs, and the interior. It was pretty amazing to see all the different sorts of interfacing that were utilized to give the bag its shape. I had some fabric that I had purchased in Guatemala years ago and am glad to finally have a project for it. It ended up a little smaller than the original because of some different construction methods so I had to take a little off the liner to maintain the fit. I find it difficult to get as even a binding as I would like, even though I contact cemented it first. I think the original was done on a binder, are there tricks to achieve that even a result without using a binding attachment?
  9. Very nice and I really like the way the lining fabric both compliments and " pops."
  10. Very impressive. Like others have mentioned, it looks very real. How big is the beetle? And all the little details on the legs....amazing. Made me think of some of the older, out of this world ball gowns that had beetle wings as the iridescent embellishment on the bodice and got me to wondering if a person could achieve a similar effect with leather tooled and painted. Was it a specific brand of paint you used? Thanks for sharing with us.
  11. Thanks Colt. But like most of us, I think, I see all the things I should have done differently. Sometimes we are our own worst critics and if the recipients of your purses love them, the purse made specially for them and taking their interests into account, then you are doing a good job. I used to do some card design and while I really improved with time and practice, some of my initial cards are still my favourites. They were unique and totally unlike anyone else's, partly because I didn't know the "rules". Same with your purses.
  12. This is a purse that I made with some older Tandy leather I had. The top is cut straight across but does that dip when loaded. I didn't realize that was what would happen. I don't mind but it wasn't the look I was planning for . Am I right in thinking I would have to put an outward curve to the top to avoid that another time? I had used the same leathers for an ereader cover a while back and liked the colour and texture combo so thought I would try this. The rolled handles look a bit long for the size of the purse when it is just sitting there, but since I always carry a purse over my shoulder I thought I would accommodate that instead. The only problem I have noticed is that they have a tendency to slide off my shoulder more that a flat strap would. Also, I'm not really happy with the way the zipper goes at the side seam. Should I have designed a wider seam allowance for the part of the seam below the zipper?
  13. Tejas, When you do that, do you do the double wrap right before you get to the problem area, since the tension seems ok for the first part with the single layer?
  14. I've ordered from them a few times with no problems.
  15. Thanks so much for sharing this. I always look forward to your posts. Your work is beautiful, interesting and unique.
  16. Are you buffing before you apply the Resolene ?
  17. Rather than try to remove this, which may or may not be successful ( from my experience the fix sometimes is worse than the problem), I would be tempted to distress i.e. scratch up some other areas with some sandpaper or tools and make is a design element. Kind of like antiquing with a vengeance .Distressing is a pretty free form style, so there really aren't any rights or wrongs. Nobody will know its not in the original plan unless you tell them :-) and if that didn't work, you would still have the option of an overall over dye.
  18. When I use edge paint, I am finding that the bamboo skewers for kabobs work well as an applicator. I find it easier to control the amount of paint and exactly where it is going with them. Best of all, they are really cheap. :-)
  19. You have done a great job with these. I only have one small observation. I find that the style of the name on the last 2 is distracting and taking away from the overall feel of the pieces.
  20. Thanks TT. I am thinking that the table is solid enough ( 1.5 inches plywood) to make the normal size cutout without losing structural strength. There doesn't appear to be anything added to the standard commercial ones to make them stronger after they have made the cutout but maybe there is? Thanks Uwe, for the plans and also the size of the cutout. Your convertible option looks good but for the moment I have to look at altering what I have.
  21. Would someone be able to tell me the standard size of the U shaped cut out on a flat table to accommodate a cylinder arm machine? Thanks.
  22. Thanks, Eric. That's exactly what I needed to know. I had a sneaky suspicion that was the case since I know that although I haven't had the dreaded birds nest jam yet, Murphys law means it will happen at some point. My current machine has the safety clutch but unfortunately the machine I thought I was going to buy does not so I think it has to come off my wish list.
  23. For the sewing machine gurus, how important do you think the safety clutch feature is on a machine for light/medium weight leather sewing?
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