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  1. Start with blue guns for the models you've been making holsters for. Certain models are ubiquitous, 1911, Glock 19, Ruger SR9, etc. Cruise the gun forums for models that are most popular in posts.
  2. I work in an essential industry and I must go to work 5 days per week. No work from home for me. I'm also 62, COPD and a heart condition. I take safety measures as well as I'm able, nevertheless I still come into close proximity with people that have no clue what 6 ft, 2 yards, or 2 meters/metres looks like. A busy spring with plenty to do in the house and the yard, and as I was layed up over winter recovering from a surgery, I have had my fill of isolating at home and I am itching to get my camper out to the deserts of Utah with some PTO. They haven't closed down the desert yet. Plenty of isolation there. I will take my unfinished belt and finish it, and I will make a knife sheath to match. Or at least start it.
  3. That's where the words "Hand Crafted" come in... I don't know about you, but I'm generally willing to pay more for hand crafted goods than factory junk, even if it is double stitched. that's why my favorite Leatherman tool is in a handmade sheath that cost more than the tool and the factory sheath it came with.
  4. I haven't picked up a mallet or knife in months. Recovering from a major shoulder surgery and I'm just now feeling like trying to swing a mallet. Rain in the forecast tomorrow, so it just might be the day. FWIW the nitrile gloves ain't just to keep the Zombie Apocalypse virus off my hands, they can be used to keep the dye off my hands, too. My color shows up in my use of the American dialect So here I am, 'Social Distancing' with fellows perhaps down the street or half a world away.
  5. It's not that loud. Of course, Big Brother insists that you always use safety equipment like safety glasses, gloves, steel toed boots, body armor, etc. just to pour the milk on your cereal in the morning. And the milk is known by the State of California to cause cancer. Don't forget your hardhat to use the restroom.
  6. If using acids like vinegar and lemon juice increased the spotting, using oxalic acid would logically likely increase the spotting as well. If you have a piece of scrap of that same leather try experimenting with neutralizing the acid effect with baking soda or such. There is a thread with recent posts that discusses spotting like this. It seems the consensus was the problem was the quality of the leather. Sorry I can 't find that thread.
  7. The only thing that doesn't carry a Prop 65 label that I'm sure definitely needs one is the border sign when entering the State of California. Your cheapish leather is fine. JUst don't chew on it regularly.
  8. There is truth in what you say here. I can think of many examples. However, the steel is not the only factor. Heat treating is probably just as important as the alloy. Why would an old tool made of 'inferior' steel be better than a modern tool made of 'superior' steel? An experienced craftsman with decades of experience can often harden and temper 'inferior' steel by eye to a better quality than a 20-something newby can treat modern steel by punching the buttons on the automatic forge oven that he was told to punch just yesterday. That's one of the reasons why old, even antique, high quality, hand made tools are so highly prized.
  9. TonyV


    Caribou, maybe? Hollow hairs. I guess any of the northern fur-bearers would work well, though, as long as it blocks the wind.
  10. make friends with the manager of a tire store. He may be willing to set you up with the occasional used bias-ply tire that comes into the shop, especially if you grease him with a lunch, beverage or coin of the realm. An auto recycler might be a source, as well. Old fashioned bias ply tires are still sold for classic cars, and that type tire can be cut easily with a band saw.
  11. Nice old stitching awl.. It would be an honor to use a great grandfather's tools. Heck, I don't even have any of my father's tools. Sorry, the brand stamp I can not read.
  12. yeah, 'bioplastic' was the word I couldn't think of at the moment. As with all things 'green', biplastics and biofuels are not nearly as green as they want us to believe. As to the OP, "vegan leather" is just plastic, or Pleather. A synthetic fabric and not leather at all. "veg tan" leather is animal hide tanned by using vegetable -sourced tannins, such as oak etc. A true leather.
  13. so-called "vegan leather" is plastic, for sure. But not vinyl, nor even from petrochemicals. It is made of plastic derived from vegetable oil. Yes, it's a thing.
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