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  1. beeswax is an old-fashioned solution to lots of these matters, thinned with lanolin if necessary. .
  2. That's impressive.
  3. whichever knife you choose it must be sharp sharp sharp. I suspect the pulling you're experiencing comes from a blade that could be sharper. If you use a utility knife use a new blade each project. If a fixed blade knife, learn to sharpen and hone it. Keep the knife at a low angle to the leather to keep the blade in close contact with the leather.. You don't have to cut through the leather on the first pass. Cutting carefully, 2 or 3 lighter passes with the blade will often give a better result than one heavy-handed cut. This ain't a demonstration of strength. Moving around while you're edging also indicates a dull edge.
  4. I don't see how a holster attaches to a firearm.
  5. Non-Slip Tape, 1" x 4' - Weaver Leathercraft (weaverleathersupply.com) or a google search
  6. to cut straight keep the knife ange low The Leather Element: Cutting Clean Edges - YouTube I used a modified old dinner fork to chisel my first slim Jim holster. Still have it!
  7. If you were using an acrylic floor finish, just Google 'acrylic floor finish' . Lots of varieties, many unscented.
  8. smells like a dirty dog... looks like it got wet at some point... Hmmmm 1+1=?
  9. Sound like great balm recipes. I'll have ti try some. Just a quick nit-pick though, There is no such thing as "organic" beeswax. Nor organic honey, for that matter. Honey bees range 2 miles, and in some cases up to 3 miles to forage. In a circle with a 2 mile radius there is about 18,000 acres. So unless the beekeeper has total control over the organic growing practices of that entire 18,000+ acres, it can't be certified organic. I call my honey 'raw', unfiltered' honey and my beeswax is all natural. But it's not organic. If you're paying extra for wax or honey because of that "organic" label, your supplier has seen coming from a long way off.
  10. for all that, vodka or grain alcohol would work about as well, without the extra ingredients
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