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  1. Using waxed thread on light leather I don't see much difference in sewing effort, so why bother to wax it? I wax when it makes a difference.
  2. Very light leather usually doesn't need waxing, heavy leather is easier to stitch with a coat of beeswax. I buy unwaxed thread and wax it myself when my project needs it. This also leaves me the option of using the thread on a machine. A 1/2 lb of beeswax will last a lifetime.
  3. TonyV

    swivel knife

    Sharpening and stropping a swivel knife, and all the other cutting tools used in leather, is a basic skill inherent to leatherwork you will want to develop. There are plenty of threads on this forum and tons of videos on youtube, reddit and elsewhere. fun bonus; you will have the sharpest pocket knives and kitchen knives in the neighborhood!
  4. Oxalic acid is also sold as 'wood bleach'. Used to lighten similar stains on wood.
  5. I use manila folders. I haven't been able to determine how long they last over 3 or 4 uses so far for my favorite holster. If I find anything that needs to last longer, there are all sorts of plastic sheets to use.
  6. Really, really nice! It will improve the looks of any jeep or saddle you care to strap it to. It would have to be a mule deer and maple leaves in my neck o'the woods, though.
  7. Real nice! I would be proud to haul homebrew to a party with that. And you got the different beer varieties in the correct glasses!
  8. those are so nice I would feel obligated to put a coaster on them to use them!
  9. It would work in a pinch, say, you ran out of NFO and absolutely had to have some oil RIGHT NOW, but..... If it ain't broke, why fix it? NFO is well proven on leather. Lard is well proven in the skillet.
  10. The mushrooming often comes from using too much pressure on the edges while burnishing. The burnishing should come from friction, not pressure. Take some scraps and practice using lighter, faster strokes with your burnishing tool until you can see how it works for you.
  11. beeswax is an old-fashioned solution to lots of these matters, thinned with lanolin if necessary. .
  12. TonyV

    Custom Shelby toolbag

    That's impressive.
  13. whichever knife you choose it must be sharp sharp sharp. I suspect the pulling you're experiencing comes from a blade that could be sharper. If you use a utility knife use a new blade each project. If a fixed blade knife, learn to sharpen and hone it. Keep the knife at a low angle to the leather to keep the blade in close contact with the leather.. You don't have to cut through the leather on the first pass. Cutting carefully, 2 or 3 lighter passes with the blade will often give a better result than one heavy-handed cut. This ain't a demonstration of strength. Moving around while you're edging also indicates a dull edge.
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