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  1. I sometimes pull the needles out through the layers at the last stitch, tie a square knot very close and tuck it in between the layers, then tap the leather to make the knot disappear. It's invisible, there is no glue and square knot is unlikely to come undone. It doesn't work on all projects, but a sheath is a good candidate.
  2. I like your idea of saving the rawhide. That's some tough stuff. Whacking a shader with a 120 y.o. mallet sounds like fun. OTH, if you do decide to replace any rawhide pieces, you could use some rawhide dog treats. Moisten it in water just until it's pliable, but don't soak it too much, you don't want it soggy (sort of like casing leather) then cut to shape, remembering that it will shrink as it dries. You should be able to restore any damaged pieces that way. But either way, I think the rawhide stack might benefit from some glue or shellac.
  3. TonyV

    A New Quiver

    Nice quiver, and a great start. Now comes the bow case, wrist guard, finger tabs or gloves and any decorative or other functional items you heart desires. Leather fletching, perhaps?
  4. Envious Recovering from shoulder surgery, I won't be able to lift a long gun for a few months. I did take a grouse with my .22LR revolver a couple weeks ago tho.
  5. Brands, cuts and bruises all give leather a certain character which some people admire., while others abhor. To each his own, utilize the scars to good effect and you will come closer to pleasing most of them. Chrisash, ear tags have been used in N. America for decades. And branding has not been totally abolished in Europe. Tatooing inside the lip is also used here, as well as RFID chips, especially on high value stock. Ear notching is still used on some stock, as well.
  6. Nice patina! A well-used article was much appreciated by your late MIL. Please accept my condolences as well. I made a similar cup for my daughter for her graduation. The box stitch was a learning experience.
  7. Yes, great option, but handsewn looks so much cleaner and professional. Definitely bespoke.
  8. My thought as well. My 1st idea was vinegarroon, until I read the OP Pro Dye and NFO. Does pro dyed in the use some ferrous compound? So if not that, is there some stray piece of steel embeded in the leather? Anything ferrous in the thread?
  9. Nice quiver Chuck! Happy shooting.
  10. Are you sanding the edges before burnishing?
  11. Quite a unique collection and exquisite work!
  12. The tracing lines will mostly disappear within your tooling, or can be worked into it. I have fouled up tracings before and simply traced in what I wanted over the same piece. My mistakes were only noticeable when I looked for them. Give it a shot. At the very least you'll have a good practice piece.
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