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  1. Sound like great balm recipes. I'll have ti try some. Just a quick nit-pick though, There is no such thing as "organic" beeswax. Nor organic honey, for that matter. Honey bees range 2 miles, and in some cases up to 3 miles to forage. In a circle with a 2 mile radius there is about 18,000 acres. So unless the beekeeper has total control over the organic growing practices of that entire 18,000+ acres, it can't be certified organic. I call my honey 'raw', unfiltered' honey and my beeswax is all natural. But it's not organic. If you're paying extra for wax or honey because of that "organic" label, your supplier has seen coming from a long way off.
  2. for all that, vodka or grain alcohol would work about as well, without the extra ingredients
  3. I know a couple old cable splicers that still know how to sew cable. The 9-ply is still available but the needles are hard to come by. I hadn't thought of using it to sew leather...
  4. lIn addition to all the above; lining a holster will protect stitching of the loop or the mouth from rubbing against the gun metal, helping to prolong the life of the stitches., or in the case of rivets, the lining protects against the gun from being rubbed against the rivets or chicago screws. On a belt, lining can conceal the stiffener layer, such as a plastic layer, which might help you use thinner leathers.
  5. Carriage Hand Sewing Thread - 0.55 mm 100 yd (91.4 m) — Tandy Leather, Inc.
  6. I've gone the indirect route, licked my finger first to apply the water.
  7. TonyV


    Nice work! Those for your BBQ guns? As much as I love QuickDraw McGraw and Yosemite Sam, I really like that scale work on the mag pouch. What's your secret?
  8. I use a plastic stylus for tracing patterns and folding. 2 different ends lends flexibility. A variable speed dremel has a few uses from sanding to burnishing.
  9. You're excused. That's a hekuva ordeal! Makes my own look like a head cold. Glad you made it through and have my best wishes for future health. PS, don't worry about the language loss. No one here will notice. And I was promised that there is no math in leatherwork. Really, that's what they told me.
  10. heck, the BW stamp confuses me!
  11. dang, I never thought of kitchen leather. but I do have a few blades and some iron worth the effort. hmmmmm I like that hand cut basket weave
  12. TonyV

    Axe Sheath

    That's a nice rig!
  13. Start with blue guns for the models you've been making holsters for. Certain models are ubiquitous, 1911, Glock 19, Ruger SR9, etc. Cruise the gun forums for models that are most popular in posts.
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