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  1. Still no responses huh? Did you end up finding someone who had one!? I'm in the same boat but want to try one first Still no responses huh? Did you end up finding someone who had one!? I'm in the same boat but want to try one first
  2. Did you ever make a decision? I'm in the same boat- can't decide between the two
  3. Thanks for the reply! I actually do have the manual, it's just in broken English however I was able to find one online for consew 227r which appears to be the same manual Bob gave me when I bought my machine. I wanted to be clear that I didn't just willy nilly go moving things around - I know better! I was trying to move my shuttle slightly away from my needle and after watching a video online of a similar machine, I thought loosening those sets were correct. But of course in hindsight, it clearly putt my feed out of sink. I see now that they do affect the feed dogs and the timing there. I was able to get feed working better but it's still not feeding "smooth" like I need it too. I'm going to heed hour advice now and take a video- be back shortly.
  4. Hi Joey, did you ever figure out the problem here? I'm having the same/ similar issue with my Cowboy 227r. I replaced the shuttle and adjusted hook timing and doing so I loosened set screws on both the big gear, snd the piece to the left of of it (which I thought would help me move shuttle further from needle). Now I have uneven feeding. I was about to adjust that piece with set screws and rotate the gear for the feed dogs to get it working better but it's not totally right. Anyway, if you were about to fix it, please share how!
  5. Help guys! I'm in a time crunch and after 5 hours of trying to figure out what's wrong, I"m going crazy. Here's what happened: I replaced my hook and shuttle, and while the needle was just barely grazing the hook tip, it worked fine for about a week. I then started breaking needles, and my timing got off. So I opened her up. I loosened the three screws on the main wheel, and adjusted the timing. In the process I took of my bottom feed dog but put it back on. My timing is fine now, but my feed dogs are off. My stitch length is much shorter than normal, and no matter how I adjust the bottom feed dog plate (up and down) it's just not working right.... I fear that while trying to adjust the timing and loosening a few "other screws" (including the cylinder to the left of the big timing gear- altho i tightened it back up), I really messed up my feed. I have a Cowboy 227R (cylinder arm) and while i cant find anything online for it specifically, I've been looking at the Consew 227 which I think is a very similar/same machine? However I still cannot find a solution. My nearest repair option is a few hours away and I'm desperate here. ANY help you can offer is appreciated! Thanks so much everyone- Erin
  6. Hello! Ive run across a group of Zoje brand sewing machines, one of which is a double needle post machine which I've been looking for! I dont know anything about this brand, but I did read that someone found them similar to Adler machines, and considered them a Juki replica- anyone have any advice or information to share? Picture attached. Thanks, Erin
  7. Hey everyone. I feel like I've searched the internet for years looking for suppliers of chrome tanned leather in assorted colors. I use hidehouse now for just about all semi-aniline leathers as they are consistent, but very limiting in colors. I found another fellow bagmaker who uses the most beautiful leathers, but I don't want to be insulting and ask their to divulge their supplier. Of course we have different styles and designs, but ideally we have the same target customer. And I can't say I would give up those secrets myself! I've attached a picture and below is a list of suppliers I've already found. I have a feeling my best option is probably overseas, which I have no experience with. Any additional suppliers in the US or Abroad you guys can think of would be helpful! Hide House Moore & Giles Waterhouse (just ordered samples) Auburn Leather Company The Leather Guy (just ordered samples) and then all the big saddle guys: Tandy (bleh) Springfield Wickett Thouroughbread Weaver etc... Thanks everyone! ...
  8. Any luck? I'm in the same boat! I'm looking for oil tans under $5/sq ft, with not much luck. Which oil tans are you using from hide house? I use HH often for chrome leathers but their oil tan samples looked not that great to me, but the hides sure look good on your bags! ...
  9. Thanks everyone. Toldeo is great, I've bought from them before so I'll probably go there for the 3200. I did just run across this really old Con-Sew, which the author says is " Consew 17-16 very nice old machine. Perfect working order. Serviced 5 months ago. Single needle. Sews heavy duty fabric no problem. Also has reverse. Selling because I've upgraded. Call anytime. Machine is ready to go and can be tested out. " I can't find anything about the 17-16, does anyone know if it's just a simple straight stitch, or walking foot? Of course I need to ask if it has servo motor. Wondering if this is a good deal? If so, I'll snatch it up as a backup machine! http://norfolk.craigslist.org/for/4720656908.html
  10. I've been chatting with the seller who is in North Carolina, so it's not fresh from China from what I can tell? Altho you can never be to sure with ebay. Aren't most machines made in China these days unfortuantely? I'm trying to figure out how well (or not well) the machine performs, so if anyone knows, I'd love to hear .... Here is the listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221574967777?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Thanks for the tip- I have been looking into the Cowboy line as well. Bob is great.
  11. Hi all, I'm in the market for a free arm cylinder for sewing my leather bags. I definitely want a walking foot, and came across the SEW LINE 2603 (or 2605) CYLINDER WALKING FT with REVERSE on ebay for $1300. Ive never heard of the brand, and of course it's less expensive than the juki's and consews, which is ideal for my "starter machine" budget is under $1500. It would be my first free arm- right now I have a Singer 211G. I want to make sure its a decent investment for the price.... thoughts!? Thanks everyone!
  12. Thanks Scott, that helps a lot. I currently have a singer211G which has the smaller bobbin- I think size M? Sounds like the G is even smaller!?... eek.. I'll have to just keep looking! If you know of any retailers or resellers (aside from Bob at Toledo- hes been awesome), please do share the info THanks! Erin
  13. What would be a fair price for a Juki LU-562? I've got a guy with a newer model (within 10 years old probably) asking $1000- seems really high- I'm going to talk him down, but I'd like to know what is fair... Thanks !
  14. 50 Years Leather, thanks for your advice! What brand of "hot press" do you have? Ive actually just ordered my magnesium plate, but have not bought my press yet.... Was looking at the 1 ton arbor but not sure if that's enough pressure or not. And then more research revealed I should look into heal seal or foil stamp presses, but havent had much luck online researching those... Thanks again! Erin
  15. Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me with my dilemma. I have a logo that I want to emboss on my leather bags. I've done a bunch of research and it seems like an arbor press and brass plate are the way to go in veg tanned leather, BUT i use chromium dyed leather! I'm wondering if someone can give me advice here. Will an arbor press work on this soft leather? If so, do I need a 1 ton or 2 ton? And any recommendations on what type of stamp to get- do i need a brass one? or I've seen some people who are making them out of a durable plastic now for cheap... See the attached picture for an example of what I'm looking for! Thanks a bunch everyone! I'm so glad this website exsits, I can't tell ya'll how often I come here for guidance! Erin
  16. I have been wondering the same thing Nyis! Have you heard any suggestions from anyone?
  17. Hi All! So I'm relatively new to my Singer 211G165 and honestly purchased it with only a little research on what I needed (walking foot) , but luckily so far it's been "OK" for me. I use it to sew chromium leather handbags. (sometimes up to 3 or 4 layers thick) Sometimes it works well, other times it does not, and I'd love everyones feedback on the best needles, thread, etc to use. Lately I've been having problems with stitches skipping, bobbin thread breaking, or getting tangled in the bobbin case. While trying to investigate, it appears that the little square tab that sticks off of the side of the bobbin case is not where it should be? I am wondering if that little tab is supposed to be underneath the needle plate? It looks like it was at one point because the needle plate is worn down... I will post a picture this evening! Also my hand wheel is very hard to turn... is that normal? In some videos i've seen, it looks very easy to them.. I also just realized that the "Swing away guide" thing exists and I am SUPER excited to get one of those! I have tons of questions, but that will work for now. I really appreciate everyones responses! best, erin
  18. Well thanks Sylvia! I have actually tried the tearaway paper and stabilizer but it hasn't worked well for me. I find it to be a pain, and it affects the stitching tightness a little. Really, I'm wondering how they avoid this problem in factories when they are working on the same industrial machines I am!? I've never seen this problem on mass produced products? hmmm....
  19. Thanks Ferg but the problem is actually on the bottom side mostly! Any suggestions for that?
  20. Hi all, So I just bought an old industrial Singer211g165 with a compound walking foot. It works great- flies through the leather. But my problem is that the feed dogs are scratching my leather! I do use chromium dyed cow and buck skins, so it is a softer leather than veg tan of course, but wonder if there is anything I can do? Has anyone else figured out a way to fix this? I've tried tissue paper (pain in the butt) and baby powder- which works sometimes- but there has to an easier way! I've tried adjusting the height of the presser/feed dogs too, still not too much luck.... Suggestions/stories welcomed! -Erin themeantambourine.etsy.com
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