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  1. I can't seem to find anyway to erase this post, but The machine has been sold. Thank you
  2. Hand crank leather cutting or skiving machine. I bought this in Sharidan two years ago. It had been refurbished and new blades added to it, I've only used it few times since then. It works great and is very sharp. Asking $600 and I will ship.
  3. I am selling my King Cobra class 4-25 machine. Due to health reasons I am closing down my shop. I will have more to sell, but I need to go through everything first and that may take a while. This machine is practically brand new it has less than 10 hrs on it and looks and runs great. It comes with everything that came with it. 25" Arm Electronic needle position system Tripple feed mechanism 3-22 stitches per inch Takes thread sizes 69-415 heavy duty speed reducer led light will sew 6oz - 7/8" material comes with needles, thread, bobbins and all the attachments I have. asking $2,800 I can create the machine up and take it to the shipper, but the buyer is responsible for paying shipping or I can meet you within 200 miles of Kalispell Mt. Brand new from Leather Machine Co. The cost is $3,695 plus $300 for shipping. Please email metzler77@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Thank you
  4. Hello fellow leather workers. I have a Ferdco pro 880 that I use for doing chaps and other thin leather projects. Well yesterday I was half way through a repair for a customer and had to change my bobbin. As I was taking the bobbin cover off (the little cover that holds the bobbin in) it came apart in pieces. Now I bought Ferdco machines because I only live 2 hours away from them and I thought they would be around for a while for parts. I also have a Pro 2000. Well now that they are closed I don't know where I can get parts for my Ferdco machines. Does anyone know where I can get a new bobbin cover holder inner thingy? Are they all universal or will only one brand fit one machine? Thank you for your help
  5. I had a customer bring in his old saddle (from the 40's) it used to belong to his grandmother. Someone had stollen it years ago and took almost 30 conchos off of it before he ended up getting the saddle back. He brought the saddle to me to clean up and make it look nice enough for a decor piece in his house. I have spent 20+ hours scouring the internet looking for the same conchos, but can not find them. I contacted two concho makers and they said they could not remake them because of copyright issues. Has anyone had this problem in the past and if so what did you do? I did tell the customer that I might not be able to find the same conchos. Thanks Jeremy
  6. Hello fellow leather workers. I am new to the forum and love what I see so far. I am 32 years old, I own a custom saddle shop in Nine Mile Falls, Wa. I graduated with honors from the Montana Horseman Saddle School and have about 13 years experience working with leather but have only been making saddles since last may. I look forward to posting some pictures of my work for you all to see and I look forward for all the help I will get on here. My website is www.pineridgesaddlery.com
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