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  1. Coho

    Bible cover

    That is beautiful.
  2. Would be cool to see it with a couple copper looking pipes on it (for gases and such) and a pressure gauge or two.
  3. Thought I'd share as well. Here is my result on my first revolver holster :
  4. Really nice finish on your rifle sling. Good work.
  5. Coho

    Hawk Mask

    THat is fantastic! I like how you used your stamp tool to create a feather effect.
  6. I like the matching wallets, great idea I never thought of for family or friends.
  7. It's a good start, are you going to add more details or is it to be a simple silhouette design ?
  8. Coho

    Stall Name Plate

    Nice swivel knife work, good curves and fine details
  9. Coho

    Custom Spats

    Those are nice, when I am outside hiking/hunting I always have my gaiters on (Gaitors are similar to spats) and those in leather are a fantastic design and idea. Nice work
  10. Thses are just GREAT ! Love em, great imagination and creativity.
  11. Coho

    Leather Bear Series