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  1. These were a design I came up with to blend Old West Style with popular modern simi auto pistols such as 1911,Glock,M&P, ect. I developed them to work on a regular waist belt or up to a 3 inch gun belt for Wild Bunch category in Cowboy Action Shooting. They are fully lined two layers of leather to around 9-10 oz and then wet molded. I make them in Right or Left hand. Thumb break or open top. Two-tone or solid colors. Thanks for looking. Running Iron Gun Leather.
  2. Thread size is 138 with a 22 needle on the border. 207 with 23 needle on the finished fold over of the holster body. I used 138 on the edge because first its mainly for looks and the holsters are two layers laminated, 5/6 and 3/4. Second because I the bobin on these machines is small and won't hold much of the big thread. Holds about enough to sew two or three holster layered edges. I use the same size on the bottom as I use in top. Usually on edge I just stitch with the hand wheel for better control. Thanks for the complements.
  3. I built this rig for myself a couple of months ago. This is my SASS rig. Also posted in Show Off.
  4. I've been doing small leather projects by hand for years but I had never tackled anything this big before but... My beautiful wife bought me this for Christmas.
  5. Shakey Tate

    Juki Dnu 241H

    Is this machine and stand still for sale?
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