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  2. Hi all I would like some help on which brand of eyelet to use on sheaths that require them. I work with thickness's ranging from 7/64 which is easy to find eyelets 5/16 or 3/8 thickness which is more difficult though. Whatever I get setup with I would like a hand press to set them with so they are nice and neat. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey Brian I did speak with Marish the other day also actually. Japanese hardware sounds great! I'm send you a pm! Thanks for the Ohio Travel Bag link, I had forgotten about them actually - they have a few I have enquired about, so shall see what I hear back.
  4. Thanks Brian Have you dealt with these guys before? I would really like to know I'm getting the best I can, its hard when I can't find anything else lol Eliza at The Buckle Guy confirmed they are made in Switzerland, hopefully that speaks to their quality...
  5. Thanks Rocky Spoke to Russell at Leffler today - nice guy. Its not something they stock any longer. I will talk to MacLace, they have been going Chinese for a while now though so I'm not sure what luck I will have there. It seems that the brand Amiet is the only one worth looking I'll order some from the buckle guy and check them out - not sure if they are indeed Swiss made or Chinese.
  6. Hey Rocky I will call them today and ask them, I am a business yes so thats no trouble. Thank you so much for your offer to help, thats really nice of you. I'm in Brisbane, where are you located? I will let you know how I get on =-)
  7. Hey Rocky I looked at their website and couldn't find anything (not a great site) and then ordered their catalogue to peruse. Have you got them from Leffler before?
  8. I am searching for well made folio locks, reasonably open to different styles in brass preferably. I have found a few here and there but they do not look of good quality. The ones at appear to be alright, but they have no stock. Example of the locks I'm thinking of are seen on this website: Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  9. G'day I picked up some crust ostrich leg leather on a whim with an order - when it turned up I looked at it and scratched my head... What can I do with this stuff? How should I finish it somehow before using it? Thanks in advance!
  10. Josh33806

    Leatherwork Courses In Australia

    Go on a holiday to the USA mate, reasonable prices are just not available here. A sad but true reality.
  11. Josh33806

    How Do You Install A Hook Stud?

    Spot on camano ridge, thank you very much Thats how I planned on doing it, just thought I would double check Cheers Josh
  12. I was wondering if anyone cared to share their method on how to install a hook stud? I have a few idea's but perhaps there is a 'right' way to do it Thank you in advance Josh
  13. Josh33806

    Work bench

    Love the magnet idea! I need to revamp my workshop, just trying to get the time! I have a 3m x 1.5 cutting bench with 1 piece of HDPE atop of it - picked up 2 tables 1.5m sq for $150 ea at a seconds store and the HDPE was a little pricey but absolutely worth it - a dream to cut on. I was thinking of making a little table with wheels - like some people have in their kitchen, so I could have my most used tools on it and move it around my workshop... Keep the pics coming - fantastic to see what other people are using! Cheers Josh