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  1. Ok, I have been playing around with it some more. I can see there is no way it will lay flat like I had hoped. I think I will try trimming out the fold and sewing it back together from the inside. I've seen it done to repair bullet holes in buckskin. If it doesn't work I will have the other side of the wavy area to work with. Thanks for the reply's, Ken
  2. It's not very thick. Just a little heaver than the pig skin used for interiors about 1/16". I'm no good on the ounce thing. It is also very smooth on the back, not like I have read while doing research. I've been using Barge Contact Cement. I have never seen it turn loose. It would have at least 3 layers of pig skin glued and sewed. Full Liner glues everywhere, then zipper pouch on one side, C Cards on the other glued around the edges = 3 layers glued. I'm just concerned it will be wavy on those corners. It will lay flat if I hold it all down. I know it will work if I use the flatter section behind the legs and it would look cool, but I like all the different patterns in the section forward of the legs.
  3. I am going to make myself a new wallet and want to use this gator hide I just bought. I'd like to use the head area but it will go into the shoulder/leg area of the hide. I may need to use a flatter area, like behind the shoulder. It would make more waste in the long run. Do you think I can glue it flat. I have used rubber cement on a pound-o-board to line things up in the past but I don't know if it will last once it is permanently glued to the backing. What do you guys think. Any and all thoughts welcome. Thanks, Ken
  4. I'm glad amacman replied to such an old thread. I bought some alligator last week and I'm about to do something with it, probably a roper wallet. This is why we search.
  5. Beautiful work. That is a cool technique. Do you go back and glue the inside? Or does it not need anything else to be permanent?
  6. I like the Pig Skin under the rivet head idea.
  7. I think he means a strip on the outside covering the edge, like a wrap. Use glue. They use Barge to glue shoe soles on. I have used the stuff to glue my wife's sandals back together, still holding.
  8. Neatsfoot Oil is "oil". Using it will only put more oil into the leather. I just watched a youtube video on finishing a holster with neatsfoot oil. The guy coated the outside with the oil then sealed it with Super Sheen. I would call Springfield Leather. They will know what you need and likely have it on the shelf. Ken
  9. Very nice. I like the buckle adjustment.
  10. Kydex. It comes in different thicknesses. I would sandwich and glue it on both sides.
  11. If you wanted to you could probably have them powder coated. However I think almost anything will have problems with scratches when you set them.
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