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  1. The following link is normally used to open a pop-up information window, from the pages of the Cowboy 441 clones. But, here it is on its own, just because you asked! It details the various feet and cover plates and edge guides for the 441 clones, including Cobra, Cowboy and Techsew Hate to barge in, but quick question for Wiz. Are the accessories interchangeable between all the clones? I really like the paddle feet, thread lube box, and swing away roller arm Cowboy offers.
  2. Very nice!! Where did you get those interior rivets from?
  3. Amazing looking wallet! Very inspiring. You say you do screen printing in the portland area.........seizure palace?
  4. Santo

    Wax Pot

    @billymac if no one else takes that pot ill take it
  5. I agree with wood bleach( oxycylic acid) it does the job. Some guys use it in place of lemon juice to take the stains off their leather projects. Use a small fish tank heater and it speeds the process up.
  6. Looking to set the timing on a used Cobra C17 I picked up. Anyone have a PDF of the manual?
  7. More than half my tools are from Clay. Highly recommended!
  8. I second the recommendation on Clay Miller tools. I have replaced all my bevelers along with some specialty bevelers and some custom stamps. Great customer service and quick turnaround.
  9. Thanks golden night that helps a lot! @Mc jeep I carve all my lettering no stamps
  10. Has anyone had success with spraying it on with an airbrush?
  11. Awesome work ! Where these sprayed using spirit dyes?
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