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  1. I’ve put aside $350 towards shipping, if that’s something you’d be willing to do. Maybe you have the original shipping boxes?
  2. Does it have a servo motor, and are you able to ship this machine? I believe I recognized a servo motor in one of the photos. What extras does it have?
  3. Adler 69-372 cylinder arm for sale in Massachusetts. $1100 OBO. Plus $100 shipping . Clean machine in great working order. Photo shows 10oz in machine. Contact me Tony at: acoopersaddler@aol.com or call at 978-249-9776
  4. Adler 69 cylinder arm for sale. Forgot to put my name in the post. Tony Cooper and for some reason I couldn't get the photo of the triple layer with stitches to upload!
  5. Durkopp Adler 69-372 cylinder arm for sale in Massachusetts. This machine will sew up to 8-10oz. 10 oz sample in photo and some 3-4oz folded double and triple. Nice clean machine in great working order. $1100 plus $100 shipping. Contact me at: 978-249-9776 or acoopersaddler@aol.com
  6. I have 2 Singer patching machines, 2 Singer post machines. Skivers. 2- 3in one machines. Polishing and burnishing stand with 4 brushes. Adler 20-20 . Other bits and pieces. Located in Royalston Ma. Contact me for photos at: 978-249-9776. Reasonable offers on one machine or all excepted. Thanks, Tony Didnt have the photos on this device! Sorry.
  7. Recently tuned up. Sews 1/2" easily. Very smooth runner. Now $900obo. Located in Massachusetts local pickup preferred.
  8. Adler 20/20 for sale. $1500 OBO. Runs well, but not used much. ( I use my Bull mostly). Also, two Singer patching machines. $350 each.
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