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  1. Here's the link to their Etsy page. http://www.etsy.com/shop/restrictionwear?ref=seller_info_count Restrictionwear out of Poland. Never heard of em', but the work sure looks nice! Thank you to everyone putting their 2 cents in on this post. I appreciate it!
  2. Thank you for the effort. Looks like it's an incomplete link though.
  3. That does look like basically the same thing. Thank you for the link! Now it's just a matter of giving it a try and see how it works out. Wonder if my old Singer machine can handle this?
  4. Thanks for the tip. You shouldn't have to bend them yourself!They have quite a few claw spikes. Looks like virtually the same hardware as in the pic. Here's the link to that page... http://studsandspike...es-c-43_76.html Although, yes, the prices are ridiculously high. Also! I forgot to thank you for the "mopcord" idea. I'll check it out. I also agree that when it come to play gear, strength and function should reign over looks. Of course, slave/posture collars, pretty does count! Haha. Hopefully, no one is going to be so hard on one of my collars that it fails, because your subs neck will most likely fail first.
  5. The spikes in pic 3 can be bought here... http://studsandspikes.com/ I've ordered from them before and they were actually pretty quick about it. You'll definitely pay the mark up, but short of ordering them overseas, that's the only place I know that has a good selection of different stuff. Also, just for comparison, I'm going to throw in a pic of what I'm doing with my pieces right now. It's well received by folks, but I definitely think the padded look of having it stitched together is aesthetically pleasing.
  6. You know, the lining is also rolled, so my other question is, do you guys think that the stitching visible on the outside is actually stitched through the lining as well or is the lining stitched separately and then just held in place by the various rivets and whatnot?
  7. I think the problem was that I was thinking that the two rolled edges were the same piece of leather under the red. Obviously, you can't flip the leather and sew the inside of the roll on both sides, so that's what was getting me. Just now, I zoomed in really close on the photo of the cuffs, I see that the rolls are in fact two separate pieces and they extend past the stitching. Now, I wonder, would it be appropriate to put some kind of spacer or padding in there to keep from creating a "hollow" feel between the red leather and the lining?
  8. I have a "how to" question on stitched trim. I saw the "rolled edges" post (not the same type) and I searched about 10 pages back to make sure this isn't a redundant post. I didn't see anything, so hopefully it's not. I've been staring at these pictures I found on the web, trying to reverse engineer it by sight. I'm usually able to figure most things out, but for some reason this is messing with my head! Haha. I know this is probably not that complicated, but something about how to work out the steps is not clicking. Right now, I've been trying to achieve a similar effect by grooving, burnishing, and then doing a two tone dye job, but to me, actually having a rolled edge with a stitched lining is much more clean and professional looking than my current results. Any info on how to accomplish this magic trick will be greatly appreciated!!! :D Here's a few example photos...
  9. Thank you guys! The belt loop is a separate strip that's held by one rivet. I'm not crazy about using one rivet on anything, but it gives the piece a bit of a swivel, which was a happy accident. I might try making one with a Chicago screw instead to increase the swivel-ability. Basically, it would allow you to sit down, while the weight of your drink keeps the holster level.
  10. This is my first time "showing off" anything, but I thought a few of you might get a kick out of these beer holsters I made this week. I know there are a ton of people making them, and I thought I might be able to put my own spin on it. The way I have them sized they hold cans (short and tallboy), bottles, water bottles, and also my large bottle of contacts solution I carry around. Ha. Constructive criticism is welcome and thank you guys for your time.
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