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  1. Quick update folks. I have moved the shop form Greensboro, NC to the NC Mountains in Boone, NC. Shops up!
  2. Hmmm, surprised that no one has any ideas. No worries, did a good bit of hard internet searching and located this site http://tippmannboss.blogspot.com/. Now, before anyone says duh!, even professionals need assist on equipment from time to time. I honestly was surprised that Tippmann did not offer any of the suggestions on the blog listed above. Anyone with a Tippmann Boss needs to bookmark this site. You have to read through it a bit as searching on the blog is a bit tough but most issues are covered in it. My specific problem was that the HS-50 Roller Thread Take Up had shifted about 1/16" to the right on the Needle Bar Shaft. I must have moved it laterally when I adjusted the Thread Lever Take up. All's better now. Keep stitching! Dave
  3. Heh gang, have not been on in a while. Have recently moved the shop from Greensboro, NC to the NC mountains in Boone, NC... beautiful place. Anyway, I've been a Tippmann Boss user for close to 6 years now with narry an issue (Other than the normal learning curve). Have rebuilt it once (again with narry an issue). I broke a cog on the needle shaft gear, ordered the part and replaced it. Other than taking a bit to get the timing back to right it worked fine at that point with both 138 thread/ 130 to 169 needle and 277and 346 thread/230 needle. For some reason recently it lost its timing and the needles occasionally impacted the bobbin shuttle ring. I checked all of the adjustments, made a call to Tippmann customer service and reset the timing. In addition I made sure that the roller thread take-up arm was adjusted properly (it wasn't) and that the tension on the thread take-up lever was as well adjusted properly. So, I've now got the timing back to snuff but I now have to tighten the primary/secondary tension a bit more than normal and loosen the bobbin tension a good bit more than normal. It works, but wonder if any of you have had the same issue? We've got Tippmann stumped so now wonder if some of the parts are just worn. I've used the machine daily for 6 years (with occasional time of for me) and have properly oiled, adjusted and cared for it (with the exception of letting my thread take-up lever get looser than it should). Any ideas?, thoughts?, suggestions? I've got a TechSew 2700 that I use occasionally but it just cant replace the Boss.
  4. Dragonthorn Leatherworks is looking for a “CUSTOM LEATHER WORK APPRENTICE”; OK, I admit it, I am so slammed. Shifted from doing all of this part time to full time. Thought that would give me the time to work on various projects and get them done quicker. Only problem is that I now have even more projects!? I know, good problem to have. Here’s the deal… I am located in the Piedmont Triad Area of North Carolina. The shop is specifically in Greensboro, NC. Need someone interested in learning the art of custom leather craft. Part time, full time let’s talk. One heck of an opportunity for somebody. I’ve even been thinking about how we could do this long distance but have not come up with any decent ideas yet. If you are interested send me an email. You can reach me from the contact page from the menu bar or by clicking here. Lets chat. DH
  5. Good stuff gang! I do like Cybers. Say Cyber, how does it do for bunches of work? Anyone else? Im also thinking that we need the Forum Master to set up a section specifically for "in the shop" stuff like this...
  6. I've got both a good (and bad) challenge and would like to ask those of us that do this professionally "just how do you keep up with your projects"? By that I mean what system do you use to manage all of the various "serious" inquiries that you receive? I've got a good website and am ranked on page one on Google so having customers want my work is not an issue. The issue is simply keeping up with all of it properly and timely. I do have large trays that I keep projects on in variouos stages of completion so anything I am physically working on stays in sight (and the shop cats but thats another challenge). I'd like to hear comments from the group as to what system they use. Right now I am keeping serious enquiries in a note book that moves with me from the shop back to the house (my computer) and I keep all of my emails via IMAP, vs. POP so I can access them from any PC that I happen to be at at the moment. I also keep a white board in the shop which is now not apparently big enough. Good problem to have but definately dont like delaying customers unecessarily. I figure right now Ive got about a 12 week lead time and it looks like its going up! So... what you guys and girls think? Anybody have the "perfect" solution? Dave
  7. Xacto number 11 blade. Keep one sharp and another dulled with emery paper. You'd be amazed at what you can do...
  8. OK, I'll bite. Email pics (out of plastic bags please) to dave@dragonleather.net. Thanks. Looks like a good find...
  9. I keep email records of "everything". Thats why I "always" ask my customers to confirm via email or I do and make sure they respond in the affirmative. I stand by my work as well but some customers do not pay attention or understand the challanges of good leatherwork.
  10. Thanks much, Ill give them a call.
  11. Call Tipmann, they can give you basic starting settings for both thread and bobbin tension. I had the same problem when I got mine new. Had to learn by doing. Once you get the knack it easy to adjust for various leather types and thicknesses. Occasionally I get mine so screwed up that I have to take it back to factory spec and start again. Dont give up, its a great machine. Quick question, in your picture which picture is the top and which is the bottom. Can't quite tell. Let me know and I may be able to offer a suggestion.
  12. I'm loving my Techsew 2700. I use my Tipmann Boss for heavy stuff and the 2700 for most everything else. The 2700 is fast as it is electric. The Boss is like handstitching without killing your hands. (Although I do dare anyone to arm wrestle with a Tipmann owner).
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