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  1. I am looking for the vintage Craftool Z952 of a cowboy on a bucking horse. Just wondering if anyone has it for sale in good condition.
  2. Hey, thanks....I appreciate it! That looks great.
  3. I'm looking for a pattern for a shotgun shell box carrier to put on a belt and also and shot shell pouch pattern that has a box carrier attached. I'd appreciate any information.
  4. Really nice purse. I wish I knew how to put a zipper in. Can I see what your purse looks like from the top?
  5. I appreciate all the help and information!!
  6. What type of beveler should I use when doing letters? I have a tough time with them and also am not sure how to shade around them.
  7. Found one of the magazines I was looking for but still would like this one...
  8. I am looking for two editions of The Leather Craftsman magazine. Volume ll No. 3 from 1957-or 1958 and Vol. Vlll No. 1 Please contact me if you have them for sale.
  9. Nope, I didn't paint it, it's embossed leather that I buck stitched on. Going to do one with a ranch brand for a friend next. I wanted to get it done so I just decided to do leather straps with spur rowel conchos.
  10. I wouldn't care if it was a strap for over the shoulder or to just carry. I am also working on a bigger tote and would like to use old slobber straps or hobbles to attach the strap. The photo I took was my inspiration. I appreciate everyones ideas!
  11. Id like to get some suggestions on what type of strap would work on this purse. It's 12" long, 9" tall and about 4" wide. I'm pretty new to leather work and open for ideas. Thanks
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