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  1. Hi Tor I did get my order. I deal with Michael Ko. He has been very good in responding to my emails and getting my order processed and delivered. Keep trying. Yes the Indian site is abit difficult to understand. I emailed them but haven't got a response yet. Marjan
  2. najram2007

    3Rd Party Parts For Pfaff 335?

    Try these guys Don't know much about them except they are in India. Seems like they have a lot of parts for 335. Hope this helps. Let us know how you go.
  3. Kwok Hing are still running Trox. I ordered a few things from them a couple of weeks ago. I also found this Indian sight today go to pfaff 335 parts on the left hand side. Not sure if they are retail or wholesale yet. I emailed them to find out. It says they get their parts from China so hopefully a reasonable price as well. They have over 50 different parts for 335.
  4. I figured pfaff parts were pricey but that's outa control !!! I thought because there are so many 335 clones coming out of china (brands such as TYPICAL , RELIABLE , HIGHLEAD) nowadays the prices would be reasonable. I just stumbled apon this site a few minutes ago they are an Indian company selling Pfaff 335 parts( over 50 different parts). Not sure if they are clone or original parts. Hopefully they are clone parts and reasonably priced. Will contact them to find out. More spare parts than I have seen on any site.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up guys. Do you know if the new pfaff 335 needle plate, feed dog and cylinder cover plate will fit on an older pfaff 335? Thanks. Marjan
  6. Hi Guys Ive been looking at a few used machines lately and wondering if the needle plate, feed dog and cylinder cover plate for the pfaff 335, Seiko LSC and the consew 277 are interchangeable? Thanks. Marjan
  7. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    Thanks for all this priceless information guys! I didn't end up buying the mechanical clicker. I was a bit late in making my mind up on buying it and it was sold to someone else. That's how it goes sometimes. It would've been a great edition to the workshop but my production is low at this stage and didn't really need it. And also I will be moving in the near future and was concerned about moving it around too often. For the time being I will invest in converting a 20ton hydraulic shop press for small runs and use a friends clicker for bigger runs. I did have a look at an Italian made clicker last week that was for sale which was in great working order. I did enquire about getting a converter installed and it will cost more than the machine it self !! and I don't have the experience and know-how to use all this amazing info to do it my self. I someday hope to use it in the near future.
  8. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    Thanks guys. I think I will need luck with this one. BigGun thanks for the info. If its not too much trouble can you please post pictures of your jack motor set up? I would like to learn more about how to convert to single phase.
  9. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    I have decided to jump in and buy this clicking press. My local used sewing machine salesman has offered to bring it back with him on his next trip down to Melbourne in the next couple of weeks. He seems to know some things about these old presses and has been very helpful. It will only set me back $650 AUD all up. Which is in my budget.
  10. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    Can I get some honest opinions on this press? Is it worth investing in? It seems to run OK. All up it will cost about $700 - $800 AUD with delivery. I haven't seen it in person. I have only seen the video. I guess these old machines where made to last but I am worried about major repairs. Should I be? Thanks. Marj
  11. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    There was a nice newer clicking press on ebay last week that looked very similar to yours Trevor that was 3 phase and sold for $1600, Around $2000 with delivery. I was told by many people that the only way I could run it at home was to get 3 phase power hooked up. That would cost around $800? But not sure if I could anyway as our power bill is on the low scale. So it is possible to replace the motor to single phase? Interesting! That would be done by an Electrical engineer right?? What would it roughly cost to get the motor relaced to single phase Trevor? If I had to pick I would go with a newer press no matter how much I love museum pieces :-) And this old press would take up a lot of space im not sure I have at the moment. Or it will be a really tight fit. It would be at least 1.5x2meters. Thanks Tor, Now I see how that linkage blocker switch works. Doesn't seem to difficult to get installed. I was worried that my can might get caught in that belt. Would need a belt cover also. One of my dilemmas is these Machines don't come up very often. So its a matter of should I buy it now when I possibly don't need it or wait till the business is swinging and look for one then. I still am considering a converted 20ton shop press that will cost around $400 and take up a lot less room. I have been using a clicking press for a small fee at a little handbag workshop which is fine but it has been a hassle driving 40 minutes every time I need to use it. Everywhere is a long drive in Australia!
  12. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    Yes a safety routine is a great way to keep your pointers from being squished. It is great to see that people have these great old restored machines and they keep working. Wind Power your linkage block sounds like just what I need to push me to buy this machine. Can you please post pictures of the linkage setup. It would be so much appreciated by me and by anyone in the future who comes across one of these old beauties and is worried about the safety issues. I uploaded the video onto youtube. Please have a look and tell me what you all think?? It does look a really large machine even next to the gentleman operating it. Thanks. Marj
  13. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    Tor that's a great story. No doubt a great conversation starter. Free is always nice. Trevor I get your understanding. I was worried about my free hand too. Boat anchor! haha! it does look like that. Hey I always wanted to be a Pirate! I did get a short low quality video from the seller. It seems to work and sound fine. It was him just clicking it up and down with one hand behind his back. Didn't stamp out any leather though. ( I tried posting the video but don't have the slightest clue how). Putting my nostalgic tendencies aside. I am worried about the safety aspect. I would love to have a restored old press but I do need 2 hands to pull my pants up in the morning. One of the reasons why I was considering this press was because it was a single phase. I don't have 3 phase at my workshop. Well I guess I will go for the converted work shop. A bit hard to take a finger off, unless your a sloth. I was considering a 12ton or 20 ton press. Any thoughts on this? the 20 ton has about 10cm more workspace. Thanks, Marj
  14. najram2007

    Help With Clicking Press!

    Thanks for the info guys. He wants $450 AUD. I would say it will cost about $400 to deliver it. It looks like such a beautiful press and would love to restore it. I sent him an email so he could do a short video of it working but haven't heard from him yet. Tor, That's a great looking press! What does it sound like when you use it? $75 Geneva! wow! nice purchase
  15. Hi All. I have been looking at an old clicking press that is up for sale. Its a Ramsden & Chaplin, Serial No. 31, 1.5hp. Made in Melbourne Australia. I would say it is over 60 years old? The seller has no idea of the ton pressure(my guess would be 5 ton) and said it worked well the last time he used it. By the look of the pictures it seems it has been either left outside for a while or uncovered in the workshop. It will be difficult for me to test it. Im in another state of Australia. It will take a 12 hour drive to get there. Any thought? Is it worth buying? Thanks. Marj